What are the Stardew Valley Mixed Seeds?


Do you have some mixed seeds in your Stardew Valley inventory and you don’t know what to do with it? Or are you just looking for more ways to find the mixed seeds? Either way, this Stardew Valley guide will give you all the information you need to have about the mixed seeds!

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What are stardew valley mixed seeds?

If this is the first time you are hearing about the Stardew Valley mixed seeds, there are a few things you need to know about them.

First of all, they are considered to be random seeds that can produce specific crops. Meaning, you won’t always know what you get out of your harvest! However, you can determine a smaller group of possible crops by choosing when you plant the mixed seeds (you will learn more about that below).

Just keep in mind that if you want to plant the mixed seeds in the Winter, then there will have to be some special conditions. For example, the seeds can only be planted in the greenhouse or inside in a garden pot.

Where can you find stardew valley mixed seeds?

Now that you know what these items are, let’s take a look at some of the main ways to find them and add to your collection.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. You can try harvesting weeds with a scytheaxepickaxe, or a hoe tool.
  2. Tilling dirt or sand in Stardew Valley
  3. Fishing treasure chests in the game
  4. You can also buy it from Krobus on Thursdays. Just keep in mind that it will be for 30g each
  5. There is a 1/5 chance of mixed seeds being sold at the shop at the Stardew Valley Fair
  6. Wilderness Golems on the Wilderness Farm map have a 1/2 chance of dropping this item
  7. You can use Crayfish, periwinkle, or Snail Fish Ponds for mixed seeds
  8. Use the Seed Maker. There is a small chance that you will be able to get the Stardew Valley mixed seeds
  9. 3-5 Mixed Seeds might be found in Supply Crates if you are playing on the beach farm.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to find the Stardew mixed seeds in the game. It just depends on what sounds the best for you. Just choose whichever way seems the easiest and start looking for mixed seeds!

What seeds can you get?

The Stardew Valley mixed seeds can be planted and then turn into various plants. Let’s take a look at all the options you can get in the game:

SeasonSeeds type
SpringCauliflower Seeds, Parsnip Seeds, Potato Seeds
SummerCorn Seeds, Pepper Seeds, Radish Seeds, Wheat Seeds
FallArtichoke Seeds, Corn Seeds, Eggplant Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds
WinterAny of the above is possible
Ginger IslandBlueberry Seeds, Melon Seeds, Pineapple Seeds, Rhubarb Seeds

As you can see, most things depend on the season, but there are also some special seeds for the Ginger Island.

Fun fact, some of you might already know that you can only get the Artichoke seeds once year 2 starts. However, with this way, you can already get them in the 1st year.

If you are playing on the Ginger Island, you will always get the same 4 different crops. There will be a little bit less mystery with these mixed seeds in Stardew Valley.

What can you do with stardew mixed seeds?

Like with most things in Stardew Valley, there are a few different things you can do with the Stardew Valley mixed seeds.

First of all, you can use it in one specific recipe. We are talking about the Fiber Seeds recipe that requires mixed seeds, sap, and clay. This is one of the requests for the community cleanup quest.

Other than that, we actually wouldn’t recommend using it as a gift for other NPCs! Sadly, all of them will truly dislike it as a gift and it won’t do anything good for your friendship.

That’s why you would have a better chance if you gave them some universally liked or loved items. Also, you can learn more about what particular NPCs like as a gift.

Are you ready to start planting your mixed seeds? It’s actually quite interesting! You will never know what you will get out of it, so have fun!

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