Where is Robin’s AXE? A Guide the Lost Axe in Stardew Valley


There are so many quests in the game, including Stardew Valley Robin’s Lost Axe. Completing all of them can be quite difficult sometimes. However, that’s why this guide exists! It will help you with the Robin’s Lost Axe quest. Let’s get right into it.

Who is Robin?

Robin lives on the Mountain at 24 Mountain Road. Her family includes Demetrius who is her husband, Maru who is her daughter and Sebastian who is her son. Moreover, Robin also loves exercising with her friends Emily, Jodi, Caroline and Marnie on Tuesdays. Additionally, if you want to gift her, her favourite foods are Spaghetti, Goat Cheese and Peach.

You may have noticed Robin if you have ever visited the Carpenter’s Shop as she owns it. However, you won’t notice her in the rain apart from when she’s building a farm building. You can receive a recipe from Robin at heart level 7 if you would like to be friends with her.

What is Stardew Valley Robin’s Lost Axe?

It is one of many quests in the game. This will be the first quest you that you will be asked to complete by Robin. On the 11th day of Spring, you will receive a letter from Robin in your mailbox. The letter will will tell you that she’s lost her axe while she was cutting wood south of Marnie’s ranch. In order to complete the quest, you simply need to find the axe and give it back to her. A lovely act of kindness, right? If you’re terrible at finding things like me, don’t worry as we will explain how you can find it.

How to Find Stardew Valley Robin’s Lost Axe

Firstly, you will need to travel south of your farm to Marnie’s Ranch. You can get there by passing through Pelican Town and go near Jodi’s House. Once you are there, you need to loop back west. A faster way of getting there is by travelling south from your farm and cutting through the overgrowth using your axe. If you still can’t find it, you can use the good old map to look at Marnie’s Ranch on the map.

Once you reach Marnie’s Ranch, you will need to walk towards the water and go south to find the bridge. After you cross the bridge, you must head east towards a forest, keep going through the forest until you find a ledge. Trust me, you’re almost there!

Next, when you reach the ledge, you must go south. This should lead you to Robin’s Lost Axe. Once you find it, pick it up and carry it back to Robin’s Carpenter Shop. You will then need to give the axe back to Robin and hurray, you’ve completed the quest!

What do you get by Completing the Quest?

Upon completing the quest, you will receive 250g and 1 Friendship heart. See, being kind makes you friends… and you get money! You can use this gold as you wish, I used mine on more potato seeds. By the way, those are one of my favourite crops. Yummy potatoes.

What Other Quests Does Robin Have?

There are a few quests in the game which Robin asks you to complete. They include “Robin’s Request”, “Robin’s Project” and “Robin’s Resource Rush”. Robin may also ask for help on the “Help Wanted” board. All of these are requests at different seasons in the game, so look out for them as they all give you great rewards.

Let’s learn about the rewards. The “Robin’s Request” quest gives you 500g and 1 Friendship heart. If you really want the recipe for the “Deluxe Red Double Bed” be sure to complete the “Robin’s Project” quest. Moreover, if you want a Stone Chest, look out for “Robin’s Resource Rush”.


In conclusion, Robin is a lovely character in the game. If you’re looking to build a friendship with her, you should definitely complete the Robin’s Lost Axe quest. You can build the friendship even more by gifting her the items she loves which are mentioned at the start and completing the second quest she offers. Moreover, if you want to progress through the game, completing all of her quests would be a great idea.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful!

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