How to Use the Stardew Valley Fiber?

Would you like to learn what you can do with Stardew Valley fiber? Do you know which buildings will need this item? Or how do NPCs feel about getting it as a gift? Then read this Stardew Valley guide to learn more about this particular resource that can be obtained in a few different ways.

Stardew Valley fiber (Source: YouTube, Waifu Simulator)

What is stardew valley fiber?

Just to get the most important basics out of the way, Stardew fiber is described as “Raw material sourced from plants“, which already gives us quite a lot of information!

First of all, you can get this resource from a few different ways. For example, you can destroy weeds on your property, you can harvest fiber seeds. Whichever you choose just depends on what seems easier or more convenient for you. For instance, if you go with the first choice, you need to know that destroying weeds only has 1 in 2 chance of giving you 1 fiber.

If you will do that, just grab a scythe, an exe or some other fitting tools when you go outside to get that done.

If these options don’t work for you, you can talk to the Desert Trader. That’s how you can get 1 fiber for 5 stone. Just keep in mind that you can only do that on Tuesdays.

Also, you might want to head down to the mines! The floors 25-29 and 105-109 have a high chance of having fiber in the weeds. If you are looking for a lot of this resource for various recipes or buildings, then note that down!

Stardew Valley Fiber

How to use fiber in stardew valley?

As you can imagine by now, there are plenty of ways to use this resource in the game!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways to make the most out of fiber:


There are two important buildings that will need fiber: Junimo Hut and a Plank Cabin.

If you choose to build the Hut, you will need 20000 gold coins, 200 stone, 9 starfruit, and 100 of fiber. Once you build this, the junimos will harvest all the crops around the building.

Meanwhile, the plank cabin will need only 100 gold, 5 wood, and 10 fiber. This can be used as a house for a friend.

Have you already decided which building would be better for your farm right now? If you have enough resources, then definitely get both for the maximum upgrade of your gameplay!

Should you gift stardew fiber?

Sadly, all NPCs dislike fiber in Stardew Valley! If you would like to get them a safe choice, then some universally liked or loved items might be a better option.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give them this as a gift. Just that there are some way better options out there!

Using in a quest

Did you know that there is one quest where you will need fiber? We are talking about updating your pond capacity from 3 to 5!

If you are planning to focus on your fish farm, then this might be the way to go.

Tailoring clothes in Stardew Valley

You can actually use fiber while making clothes! That’s right, you will need to use fiber as a spool in the sewing machine to make a basic pullover. This works both for male and female versions of the pullover.

Stardew Valley Fiber Recipes

There are so many recipes where you will need the Stardew Valley fiber!

Some of them include:

Grass starter: will need 10 fiber

Loom: will need 30 fiber, 60 wood, and 1 pine tar

Cookout kit: will need 10 fiber, 3 coal, 15 wood

Campfire: will need 10 fiber, 10 stone, and 10 wood

Worm bin: will need 50 fiber, 25 hardwood, 1 gold bar, 1 iron bar

Tree fertilizer: will need 5 fiber, 5 stone

As you can see, most of these recipes are quite easy to complete, so you can get plenty of great items if you just have enough of fiber in the game!

If you ever have any questions about using fiber in Stardew Valley, then just come back to this Stardew guide to refresh your memory and have fun playing!

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