Stardew Valley Mobile is Finally Getting its 1.5 Update!

The unforgettable farming simulator set in Pelican Town is finally getting its 1.5 update!

Stardew Valley 1.5 main menu screen.

After almost six years of release on Windows PC, ConcernedApe ported the first mobile version on March 13, 2019. This year, however, Stardew Valley is getting its 1.5 update on Mobile and iOS. The biggest update the two platforms have received is the 1.4 Night Market update, alongside important bug fixes.

Notably, the 1.5 update was first introduced on December 21, 2020, featuring Ginger Island. While some players in the community might have gotten too excited and spoiled the content, mobile players still show enthusiasm!

Eric Barone, the lone creator of Stardew Valley, first started making rounds of Twitter posts regarding the mobile update:

Earlier this year, Eric Barone also announced some minor fixes for Stardew Valley PC. He also highlighted another upcoming game – The Haunted Chocolatier.

Major Changes

The following are key features included as a part of the 1.5 Mobile update:

  • ‌ for Android was released on 6 January 2023.
  • ‌ New region: Ginger Island in the Fern Islands.
  • ‌Explore new locations, dialogues, events, minigames, puzzles, and a quest line involving multiple NPCs (Leo, Birdie, Gourmand frog, Professor Snail)
  • Discover the ‌Volcano Dungeon 
  • ‌Unlockable resort and Island Farm.
  • ‌Discovery of a lost sailor’s journal to help you navigate the map and its secrets.
  • ‌New currency in Ginger Island – Golden Walnuts.
  • ‌New items that hold treasure (Golden Coconut)
  • ‌Encounter new enemies such  as: Dwarvish Sentry, False Magma Cap, Hot Head, Lava Lurk, Magma Sprite, Magma Sparker, Magma Duggy, Stick Bug, and Tiger Slime.
  • ‌New building: Island Obelisk 

Farm features

‌Added advanced game options, which can be used to customize a new game:

  • set seed value used in randomization;
  • Choose default vs randomized community center bundles;
  • Choose default vs randomized mine chests;
  • Make Red Cabbage Seeds guaranteed to sell at least once at the traveling cart in year one, so it’s always possible to finish the community center in the first year;
  • Change profit margins and cabin-related options that were previously inaccessible when creating a single-player farm.
  • Has a tool and weapon enchanting feature.
  • You may ‌combine two rings as one.
  • ‌New quest selection: Special Orders 
  • ‌Second community upgrade
  • ‌A more challenging version of the mines and skull caves.
  • ‌New enemies in the difficult mines, new crops and trees.
  • ‌New dialogues, shops, and attendees at festivals.
  • ‌Access to shrine of illusions at the wizard’s tower
  • New pieces of furniture, fish, crafted items, trees, weapons, shoes, clothing, hats, fishing equipment, rings, fertilizers, food items, and machines.
  • Lost and found box now accessible at the Mayor’s Manor.

Read the full changelog here:

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