How to Add Mods Easily to Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley for years, you must’ve been looking for something to spice up your gameplay. Luckily, you can add mods that’ll expand the game’s story and more. Here’s the complete guide to adding them to your device! 

A player standing beside a modded farmhouse in Stardew Valley.
Here’s a modded sample of Stardew Valley!

Game development is one of the industry’s most challenging but essential parts. It takes time, patience, and hard work before creators release and earns money. However, you’ll either get your effort back or lose everything – unless your game is a major hit.

Stardew Valley has become one of the most massive successes because of the gameplay, unique soundtrack, and enticing pixel graphics. Despite the farming experience, most players fell in love with other features, including the option to interact with NPCs. But according to multiple Steam reviews, major factors include free updates, endless gameplay, and mod support. 

ConcernedApe – the game developer – is cool with people altering, expanding, and even giving solutions to many players’ demands. Not that Eric Barone relies on others’ work: he’s also improving the Vanilla version. But since the game’s already closed opportunities for further versions, will everything become boring and repetitive? Not exactly.

The game’s indie creator supports mods since the community will benefit from them. Aside from the Vanilla version’s excitement, you can add more spice to your gameplay! Most have useful features, offer better visuals, and even add more storylines!

If you’re a huge fan of new content and here for extra enjoyment, we’ll help. Read below our simple instructions on how to add mods to Stardew Valley!

Important Questions

How to Add Mods in Stardew Valley 2022

Stardew Valley mods list
Mod creators are really creative in doing these modifications.

In simple terms, a “mod” is a package of custom-made files. The package’s content depends on each mod. It may include additional files like a Content Patcher, but you can check your desired mods’ requirements info on Nexus Mods website.

Moreover, you may encounter these common but helpful functionalities when installing these add-ons:

  • Contribute to the game with useful features (ex. NPC Map Locations mod, it shows any characters’ whereabouts).
  • Create cosmetic changes (ex., fully customized pets according to your preferences),
  • Alter in-game mechanics (ex. Fences preserve looks for longer durability, receive more gifts from NPCs, and get birthday reminders).
  • Add items under a specific category (ex., more types of animal products, new recipes, crops, or minerals).
  • Add new NPCs, Maps, and Character Events.

Every mod’s feature offers endless surprises that make the game thrilling. If you find these changes promising, modding it is the perfect solution. Make sure to install the game as we discuss the process of modding it on PC, Android, and Mac in easy steps!

How to Add Mods to Stardew Valley PC on Steam

Stardew Valley on Steam.
If you’re using Steam, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Before adding extras to the game, it’s important to realize why PC is the best platform.

Playing it on a different device doesn’t change the game’s story, but the gaming experience is quite different. For example, Android lets you zoom widely by pinching the screen. However, there are more bugs and issues since mobile porting has new problems.

Not to mention the multiple delays of 1.5 on mobile because of issues. Although ConcernedApe’s taking over the porting process, it’ll still take a while before everything becomes stable. This ordeal makes the PC more ideal for playing, and the transparency with how many daily active users makes Multiplayer easier to access.

Having it on PC is on the frontline to getting updates, fixes, and announcements. So, adding mods here would make sense as the version and platform are both stable.

Here’s how you do it step-by-step (Steam version):

1. Access the Steam Store on your desktop or website. 

2. Select “Library.”

3. Press the right-click mouse on “Stardew Valley.”

4. Hover the cursor over “Manage.”

5. Pick “Browse Local Files.”

6. Select your Mods folder.

7. Paste the desired mod’s zip file.

8. Extract files, and you can delete the zipped file.

It’s important to remember that you’ll need the Stardew Modding API (SMAPI) before starting. Download the latest version here, select the batch file “install on Windows,” and a command prompt will launch. 

You’ll need to wait before a text appears asking where you should put the files (directory path). Choosing between the default or custom path depends on your preference. After picking, you can install the software by pressing 1. Kindly wait until a green text appears. After waiting, copy the text from the “symbol until “%.”

Go back to the Steam Store, right-click the game, and press “Properties.” Check the “Launch Options” below and paste the green text.

How to Add Mods to Stardew Valley Android

If you’re doing gameplay on Android, SMAPI won’t be compatible. While the process will be slightly different, you can still play any mods as long as you follow this guide:

1. Download the “SMAPI Android Installer for FREE.

2. Install the software on your device.

3. Run the app.

4. Remove the installer file after finishing.

5. Add Mods as you wish.

The downside of modding its mobile versions is the availability of some nice creations. Not all mods work on Android, which is accessible through PC. But don’t worry, there are countless choices you can make since it’s always updated!

How to Add Mods to Stardew Valley Mac

Even on MAC, playing your favorite mods is still possible despite being an Apple product (less common in the market). But Stardew Valley is also available, and most creators make some of the biggest names compatible! 

Ready to explore outside of the Vanilla version? Here are our instructions if you want to add mods to Mac:

1. Download and install Mono (select “macOS”).

2. Download and install SMAPI.

3. Extract files on your desired path.

4. Expand the SMAPI folder on your Mac.

5. Right-click with your mouse button.

6. Install on Mac Command.

7. Choose “Open.”

8. Select “Open in Dialogue Box.”

9. Follow the simple on-screen instructions.


Why won’t my Stardew mods work?

If you’ve just added Stardew Valley Expanded or any other mod, but they don’t work, there might be issues with the version or missing files. Launching the game on Steam provides a more precise detail from the command prompt. Feel free to take a look there to solve your mod-specific issues.

Where do I put Stardew Valley Mod files?

It depends on your liking. It won’t matter whether it’s on the Downloads folder, original path, or customed one. However, place it in the most convenient directory so it’ll be easier to find them.

How do you run modded Stardew Valley through Steam?

Assuming you’re done with the basic instructions, simply launch the game. You’ll have to wait a few seconds before it boots. Otherwise, repeat the process above to install mods. You’ll also see on the loading screen if you’ve successfully modded your PC.

Can you add Stardew mods to an existing game?

Since the game supports mods, yes, you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing in the middle of the game or creating a save file. But be wary of some files that may give bugs to your device.

How do you get SMAPI to work?

SMAPI isn’t demanding to your device’s specifications. It’s a tiny but impressive software that you can access anytime. Follow our instructions above to install the API for the first time.

Is it safe to use mods?

Of course! However, safety isn’t always 100% guaranteed. It may depend on the mod or website. We recommend downloading straight from– all files are pre-scanned for potential malware, keeping your device away from harm.

Do I need mods for Stardew Valley?

Playing the Vanilla version is fun. But some players feel the inadequacy of the base game, which led to mods’ existence. The answer depends if you’re a mod-lover or prefer to play the original experience. 

Do mods affect Stardew Valley multiplayer?

Are you trying to share your mod with your party or team? It’s possible to do just that, but it’ll always depend on the installed file. Some may need bits of changes, but others are good to go.

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