Bean Hotpot: Cooking, Gifting, Bundles, Benefits, and More

You might have an endless source of beans and ask, “What can I do with these?” Eating it raw won’t give many advantages, but did you know you can turn them into a Bean Hotpot? Read this guide further to be familiar with the nitty-gritty of the dish.

Bean hotpot in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what a Bean Hotpot looks like in Stardew Valley.

After a long day of working on your farm in Stardew Valley, you must be hungry and running out of energy already. Omelet, fried egg, hash brown – is there something new on the menu? It’s your meal for ages, and freshly-picked greens on your platter would be a perfect change.

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll know everything about the soup, how to cook one, and its uses and benefits.

What is a Bean Hotspot and What are Its Benefits?

With only beans on the bowl, the cuisine wouldn’t be tasty, but it packs multiple benefits for you. For instance, consuming the item will restore 125 energy and 56 health. In terms of appearance, it’s not the most delicious of all cooked items out there. 

Aside from health and energy-restoring properties, you’ll get +30 Max Energy and +32 Magnetism when you consume it. These boosts are significant for your gameplay in Stardew Valley, especially during mining or farming, as you’ll need to keep going for the task. On the other hand, a small magnetism buff can help you pick items far from reach.

Buying Bean Hotpots is possible with Krobus on Saturdays. It’s also a part of Gus’ rotating dishes, so make sure to use the Telephone to avoid missing out!

How to Make a Bean Hotpot

The player holding beans inside the kitchen and outside the Farmhouse to cook a Bean Hotpot.
You can turn beans into a dish via a Cookout Kit or Kitchen.

Although planting and harvesting beans in Stardew Valley is easy, getting the recipe would be tricky. You can only get it by befriending Clint and reaching seven hearts of friendship. If you want the Blacksmith’s good side, giving him Amethyst and Topaz is your best option because it’s available early-game.

The next morning and you’re good buddies, he’ll send you a mail with the recipe. However, there’s one last thing to do so you can start cooking the Bean Hotpot: Farmhouse Upgrade. All you need for Robin to upgrade are 10,000g and 450 pieces of wood. Afterward, wait three days to complete the construction.

But what if you’re short on materials? Enter Cookout Kit – a portable and easy-to-craft campfire that only needs 15 pieces of wood, ten fibers, and three coals. It cooks anything conveniently, but you’ll have to reach Level 9 in Foraging to unlock it. Take note that you can use it until 2 AM, and it’ll be gone the following day.

With the kitchen or cooking kit ready, you’re now ready to make yourself a healthy treat. Don’t worry, two green beans are all you need and growing them isn’t difficult! Here are the ways to get the seeds with their pricing:

  • Pierre’s General Store – 60g
  • JojaMart – 75g
  • Traveling Cart – 100g – 1000g
  • Magic Shop Boat (Night Market) – 60g

Alternatively, you can load a fresh bean into the Seedmaker to get a Bean Starter. If it’s out of season in Stardew Valley, but you have the means for planting, consider buying Pierre’s Missing Stocklist for 50 Qi Gems. You can also find five to 20 seeds in the Skull Cavern if you’re lucky.

Lastly, you can also use this in tailoring a green vest. The hotpot isn’t just a great meal but a dye as well.

Gifting, Selling, and Crafting

The player with the Bean Hotpot giving to Demetrius, wearing with the dye, and selling it for profit.
A single hotpot of beans has different uses in the game.

Selling the food item won’t be lucrative as it only costs 100g each. If you want to increase its quality, the Qi Seasoning should do the trick. This unique ingredient increases your meal’s selling value by 50%.

Additionally, it can recover 80% of your health and energy when eaten and adds +1 on both Max Energy and Magnetism Buff!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the food item with/without the Qi Seasoning:

Bean HotpotWithout Qi SeasoningWith Qi Seasoning
Magnetism (buff)+32+33
Max Energy (buff)+30+31
Selling Price100g150g

Aside from selling it, a Bean Hotpot can be a lovely gift! Many NPCs in Stardew Valley like the meal except Krobus, Leo, and Willy. However, Demetrius will happily eat the healthy greens if you share a bowl for him.

 You’ll also make a Green Vest out of the dish with a sewing machine. Not the fanciest clothing, but still exotic to the eyes.

Are Bean Hotpots Used in Any Bundle?

Some bundles need a specific dish for completion, but Bean Hotpots are not on the list.

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