Mining in Stardew Valley: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know you can enhance your Mining Skill after unlocking the Mines? Improving it gives you the chance to get more profit. Check out this guide to learn more about Mining!

A player mining at skull cavern in Stardew Valley.
Beware: these adventures equate to gold and danger!

Once you’ve discovered the dig sites in Stardew Valley, you’ll encounter tons of rocks and gemstones on each floor. But beware of monsters like Slimes. They can deplete your Health in a few seconds. 

It’s a risky task, but it’ll help you get more items and complete quests and bundles. Here’s everything you need to know about this skill and the best ways to enhance it!

Important Questions  

What is Mining?

It’s a skill related to destroying rocks with your Standard Pickaxe in the Mines. Upon earning enough Experience Points (XP), you’ll discover more crafting recipes and profit-increasing professions. You’ll also boost your Combat Skills as you encounter formidable monsters on each floor.

How to Mine?

You must click the rock while holding a Pickaxe to break them successfully. Moreover, you can upgrade your first Pickaxe by visiting Clint’s Blacksmith Shop. You’ll need to collect different resources and have enough money to get these tool enhancements. Here are the specifications of each Pickaxe:

Standard PickaxeNoneNone• Break small rocks anywhere.
• Can destroy tougher rocks from levels 1 to 40 of the Mines in two hits.
• Break a boulder in multiple hits.
• Break Copper Nodes in three hits.
Copper Pickaxe2000gCopper Bars (5)• Destroys all rocks on levels 1 to 40 in one hit.
• Snaps rocks in levels 4 0 to 79 in two hits.
• Breaks Copper Nodes in 2 hits.
Steel Pickaxe5000gIron Bars (5)• Breaks boulders on your Farm.
• Destroy rocks from level 40 to 70 in the Mines with one hit.
• Break rocks from the Quarry Mines in two hits.
• Break Copper Nodes (1 hit), Iron Nodes (2 hits), Gold Nodes (3 hits), Iridium Nodes (6 hits), and large rocks (4 hits).
• Destroys the barrier between you and the Dwarf in the Mines.
Gold Pickaxe10000gGold Bars (5)• Break meteorites.
• Destroy rocks on levels 80 to 120 in the Mines with a single strike.
• Break Copper and Iron Nodes (1 hit), Gold Nodes (2 hits), and Iridium Nodes (4 hits).
Iridium Pickaxe25000gIridium Bars (5)• Destroy rocks in Skull Cavern in one strike.

Aside from getting these upgrades, you can also use Cherry Bombs or other explosives to break them. 

Where Can You Mine?

There are several mining sites in Stardew Valley. In these different in-game sites, you’ll get to find various minerals you can use in making a profit or crafting items. Here are some areas you can visit to improve this skill:

The Mines

A player in the Mines of Stardew Valley.
You’llep can you go in the Mines?

You’ll find it around Pelican Town in the north area of the Mountains.  It gets unlocked on the 5th of Spring, Year 1. You’ll find Marlon from the Adventurer’s Guild upon getting through the entrance. He’ll give you a Rusty Sword to protect yourself from mobs in the higher levels of the Mines.

Moreover, this mining area has 120 floors. You’ll find a ladder leading to the next level, using the elevator lets you revisit some places you’ve unlocked. Aside from getting minerals, you may also break barrels and crates to get random items. 

Every time you reach ten levels, you’ll get certaYou’llards like boots or weapons. You’ll also get a Stardrop on Level 100 and a Skull Key oyou’vel 120. 

Skull Cavern

A player mining resources at Skull Cavern.
Prepare your you’lls, some monsters may try to hurt you!

Once you’ve reached the bottom of the Mines, you’ll unlock this cavern using twon’tull Key from your wallet. Unlike the first mining site, this area is limitless.  Unlike the first mining site, this area is limitless. You won’t find any elevator to track your progress, but you may occasionally discover shafts that’ll help you skip three to 15 floors. 

Nonetheless, you’ll need to find a ladder to descend deeper. Aside from mining minerals, you may also discover treasure rooms with treasure chests. They contain random loots that are useful on your farm.

Finding these areas depends on your Daily Luck (DL) and Luck Buff (LB). You can use this equation to determine the probaYou’ll of uncovering Treasure Rooms: 0.01 + (DL/ 10) + (LB / 100).

Ginger Island Digsite

A player at Ginger Island's Digsite
These are quite limited, but who knows what you’ll find?

You’ll find this at the west of the Island Field Office.  But you need to pay the parrots ten Golden Walnuts to repair the broken bridge to access it. This site contains Bone Nodes, Rocks, Clay Nodes, and Mahogany Tree Seeds.

Volcano Dungeon

A player holding an Omni Geode in the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley.
Make sure to carry enoudon’tshes to save yourself from these brute mobs.

You’ll find the dungeon inside the Volcano at the north end of Ginger Island. You can access it on the south side of the Volcano. Unlike the Skull Cavern and Mines, you don’t need to find ladders to reach the next level. You’ll find a doorway leading to the next floor, and this space has ten levels.

You may commonly find rare and common chests containing unique loots that’ll help you enhance your skills. There are also metal crates containing resources and useful items. At level five, you’ll find a dwarf selling different things that can help you enhance your skills.


A player surrounded by rocks in the Quarry of Stardew Valley.
Seemingly unlimited resources in the Valley!

Unlocking it requires the completion of the Crafts Room Bundle in the Community Center or getting a bridge from the JojaMart Development Form for 25,000g. You may find ores and gems in this area, but you’ll rarely get unique items such as Iridium Ores or Prismatic Shards.

Quarry Mine

A player at the entrance of the Quarry Mines in Stardew Valley.
Are you ready to visit its deepest part?

You’ll locate it on the western side of the Quarry overhead the bridge. It’s not the same as the Mines, but you may find Copper and Iron Nodes here. Be careful as you may also encounter monsters like Haunted Skulls, Copper Slimes, and Iron Slimes. 

What Cooked Dishes Give You a Mining Buff?

You can boost your skills in Mining by consuming these Cooked Dishes in Stardew Valley. Making them requires a few ingredients and a Kitchen or Cookout Kit. But this excludes the Magic Rock Candy since you can only get it by trading Prismatic Shards  (3) with the Desert Trader.

Remember, this activity also depletes your Energy by two. It’s not affected by the type of tool you use. However, consuming anything that increases your Mining Level to 13 temporarily decreases 0.7 points per hit on your Energy. 

While mobs reduce your Health depending on the damage inflicted. It’s best to carry some of these goods to restore them alongside your stamina. Here are some meals that you can try:

RecipeIngredientsBuffsBuff DurationEnergyHealthRecipe SourceSelling Price
Banana Pudding• Banana (1)
• Any Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Mining (+1)
• Luck (+1)
• Defense (+1)
5m and 1s+125+56Trade 30 Bone Fragments with the Island Trader.260g
Egg Parmesan• Eggplant (1)
• Tomato (1)
• Mining (+1)
• Defense (+3)
4m and 39s+175+58Lewis via Mail (7+ Hearts)200g
Cranberry Sauce•Cranberries (1)
• Sugar (1)
Mining (+2)3m and 30s+125+56Gus via Mail (7+ Hearts)120g
Miner’s Treat• Cave Carrot (2)
• Sugar (1)
• Milk (1)
• Mining (+3)
•Magnetism (+32)
5m and 3s+125+56Mining Level 3200g
Maple Bar• Maple Syrup (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Farming (+1)
• Fishing (+1)
• Mining (+1)
16m and 47s+225+101The Queen of Sauce, 14th of Summer Year 2300g
Magic Rock CandyNA• Mining (+2)
•Luck (+5)
• Speed (+1)
• Defense (+5)
• Attack (+5)
8m and 24s+500+225N/A5,000g
Squid Ink Ravioli• Squid Ink (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Tomato (1)
• Mining (+1)
Squid Ink Ravioli Buff
4m and 39s (Mining)
2m and 59s (Squid Ink Ravioli)
+125+56Combat Level 9150g

WhatHere’sou Get by Mining?

Incorporating this skill has many benefits. It includes earning more money, experiences, and professions that’ll give you more gold. Here are the details of each advantage:

Mineral Nodes

A collection of Gems and resources from different mining sites in Stardew Valley.
What are you planning to do with these gems and resources?

These Nodes (N.) contain various gems and resources that you can sell for a reasonable price. Here’s the list of minerals you can get by mining in Stardew Valley:

ItemContentSelling PriceXP XP in Multiple Spawns
Amethyst N.Amethyst100g168
Aquamarine N  Aquamarine180g4020
Copper N. Copper Ore5g5
Diamond N.Diamonds750g150100
Emerald N.Emerald250g8050
Gem Nodes• Amethyst
• Aquamarine
• Diamond
• Emerald
• Jade
• Prismatic Shard
• Ruby
• Topaz
Depends on the Gem Spawned.Depends on the Gem Spawned.
Gold N. Gold Ore25g18
Iridium N. Iridium Ore or 4% chance of getting a Prismatic Shard.100g
2000g (Prismatic Shard)
Iron N.Iron Ore10g12
Jade N.Jade200g4020
Mystic Stones• 1 to 3 Iridium Ore
• 1 to 4 Gold Ore
• 25% chance of acquiring a Prismatic Shard.
Depends on the resource acquired.50
Ruby N. Ruby250g8050
Topaz N. Topaz80g168
Geode N.Geode50g8
Frozen Geode N.Frozen Geodes100g16
Magma Geode N.Magma Geodes150g32
Bone N.Bone Fragments

It May also contain:
• Fossilized Leg
• Fossilized Ribs
• Prehistoric Scapula
• Prehistoric Tibia
• Prehistoric Skull
• Skeletal Hand
• Prehistoric Rib
• Prehistoric Vertebra
• Skeletal Tail
•Nautilus Foyou’llAmphibian Fossil
• Palm Fossil
• Trilobite
Dependwon’tthe fossil obtained.6
Cinder Shard N.Cinder Shard50g12
Clay N. Clay20g
Omni Geode N. Omni Geode0g64
Radioactive N.Radioactive Ore300g18
Mussel N. Mussels5

Moreover, breaking regular stones also gives you XPs. Any rock outside the Mines offers 1 XP, but if it spawns coal, you’ll receive one or six points. While a gray boulder won’t provide points. Breaking stones that aren’t dark gray doesn’t give you points, but it may provide five XP if it spawned an ore or coal.

Crafting Recipes

After earning XPs, your Mining Level increases. You’ll receive different crafting recipes per level. Here are some things that you can get by improving it:

Mining LevelCrafting RecipeIngredients
1Cherry Bomb• Copper Ore (4)
• Coal (1)
2Staircase• Stone (99)
3Miner’s Treat• Cave Carrot (2)
•Sugar (1)
• Milk (1)
4Glow Stone Ring • Iron Bar (5)
• Solar Essence (5)
4Transmute (Fe)• Iron Ore (5)
• Coal (1)
6Bomb• Iron Ore (4)
• Coal (1)
7Transmute (Au)• Coal (1)
• Gold Ore (5)
Mega Bomb• Gold Ore (4)
• Solar Essence (1)
• Void Essence (1)
9Crystalarium• Battery Pack (1)
• Gold Bar (5)
• Iridium Bar (2)
• Stone (99)


Besides accumulating helpful crafting recipes, you’ll also get to choose professions that benefit your Mining Skills. Here are some professions you can choose from:

Mining LevelProfessionsFeatures
5GeologistThere’s a 50% chance of getting pairs of gems per node. It also applies to Geodes.
MinerAdds one ore per vain.
10 (If you picked Geologist)ExcavatorDoubles the chances of getting Geodes. It applies to all kinds.
GemologistAdds 30% to every gem’s value.
10 (If you picked Miner)
BlacksmithAdds 50% to the selling price of bars.
ProspectorDoubles the chances of finding coal.

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