Best Stardew Valley Crops: The Definitive Farming Guide

There are a lot of crops in Stardew Valley. But unfortunately, not all of them are the best to grow. This guide will show you which crops are the best to plant and grow in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Best Crops Per Season

There are many crops in Stardew Valley. And you can profit even from the lowest tiers of them, simply because you don’t necessarily start with full-grown plants when you’re farming.

When you’re looking for easy profit, you need to understand that season changes are one of the primary factors. As a farmer, you always have to look out for each season to determine which crop is the best fit for this season and which crop is the worst.

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Stardew Valley Best Seasonal Crops Cheat Sheet

SpringMaturity in DaysPrice/Profit (per day)
Strawberries4 100g/12g, 21g (whole year)
Green Beans10 100g/99g
Cauliflower12 100g/99g
Strawberries can be bought from Pierre during the Egg Festival (13th) for 100 gold. Rhubarbs are available in the Oasis. And Cauliflowers can be bought from Pierre.
SummerMaturity in DaysPrice/Profit (per day)
Blueberries can be bought on Pierre’s General Store. The same goes for Hops and Corn.
FallMaturityPrice/Profit (per day)
Rare Seed241000g/3000-4500g
Cranberries are available at Pierre’s General Store. The same goes with Eggplants. Rare Seed can only be purchased from the Travelling Cart.

Best Crops for Greenhouse

There are a lot of profitable and the best greenhouse crops that you can plant in Stardew Valley. But it boils down to the overall planning of your greenhouse. Remember, the area is limited for the greenhouse, so it’s important that you know the layout and plans your farm accordingly.

So, for the crops, you’ll really want to get some ancient fruits, hops, and peach trees. The reason for this is that you’ll gain an incredible amount of profit in just a single week. However, it’s very “tasky” and might make your gameplay a little bit rough on the edges. But if you’re looking for more than 400k profit per week, then this is the best setup.

Best Crops to Sell and Take Profit From

There are a lot of crops in Stardew Valley and a lot of them are good in their own ways. But if we’re trying to play the game and operate on loss, then it’s just not worth it. Here are the best crops to sell in Stardew Valley.

  • Cranberries – Definitely one of the top-tier choices. You don’t need to replant these bad boys. You just need 7 days for these crops to yield 130 gold per seed at 240 gold mark price.
  • Red Cabbages – For 100 gold, you can earn up to 260 gold each harvest.
  • Blueberries – Quadruple your 80 gold with these berries than can produce 3 berries worth 80 gold each.
  • Pumpkins – Turn your 100 gold into 320 gold for each pumpkin you produce.
  • Ancient Fruit – Who knew that you can get 550 gold just by digging stuff and planting those old seeds.

And that’s it for this guide. If you wanna see more guides like this one, be sure to check out our latest posts. From guides, mods, tips and tricks, hacks, and everything Stardew Valley, we have it for you. Happy farming.

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