The Best Guide for Stardew Valley Greenhouse Layout

Let’s be honest, we’re not giving enough credit for our effective greenhouse layout in Stardew Valley.

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The Greenhouse is one of the most effective money-maker in the early game to mid-game and one of the best sources for multiple crops and fruits. One of the good things about a greenhouse building is any kind of plant can be planted and harvested regardless of the season. You don’t even need scarecrows since the building itself acts as a shelter for your plants.

Also, they don’t get hit by lightning, which is pretty neat.

At the start of your game, you can’t use this building as it is currently, well, unfit for use. Don’t worry, though. You can use this beautiful building once you’re done with the Pantry bundles in the Community Center. You can also purchase it for 35,000g from the Joja Community Development Projects.

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If you’re confused about how to use this building, simply repair it by completing the actions above and ask for Robin’s help. You can check this guide for a better explanation of moving buildings.

If you haven’t decided on what your farm type should be, you can check this guide for more information about wilderness and forest farms.

What is a Greenhouse Layout in Stardew Valley?

Well, a greenhouse layout is the DESIGN of the greenhouse in which you’ll be able to fully maximize its spaces without losing your initial investments for long-term gains.

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It’s important to understand that the Greenhouse can only offer a 10×12 overall area. The way you decide your layout is one of the deciding factors in whether you’re getting more or less from your harvest.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to maximize your overall gains from using the interior efficiently. But it does take an idiot to get more losses than what they can profit from.

If you’re wondering how to repair the bridge, simply follow this link that will guide you step by step.

How Should I Plan My Greenhouse Layout?

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So, first things first. You’ll have to know that, again, the greenhouse operates on a 10×12 tileset area. You need to remember this setup, or don’t. You can count on the tiles that are available in the area.

Second, you need to have a priority list of the plants that need to be planted in the limited slots you have. Of course, having a greenhouse means you’ll have one of the best sources of income early on, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have everything from the get-go. You need to look into your inventory and plan out which plants go to the house, and which one will be out in the open.

Third, you’ll need to plan how will your plants grow without you having to tend to them now and then. One of the good things about a greenhouse is that whatever crop is planted inside it will continue to grow and will not die, even after you harvest it (regardless of season). Another good example can also be found here.

Want to spice up your character portraits? Check this out. 😉

The Greenhouse Interior

The greenhouse contains a 10×12 area of land. From the east side, refilling your watering cans is possible. Fruit trees can be planted in between the wood border and the building’s walls, which isn’t possible for crops. Speaking of wood borders, you can place auto sprinklers to water plants and crops within its radius.

Fruit trees are that they should be built with 1 space in between them and items such as sprinklers.

A little info about the sprinklers.

Automated sprinklers make your life easier, but you’ll have replaced possible crop slots with them. Iridium sprinklers are a lot better than quality sprinklers in terms of area occupancy.

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Always remember that you’ll need the fruit trees in the exterior region. A total of 18 of these fruit trees will be a huge benefit if you plan them out correctly.

Alright, that’s it for now. If you like what you see, be sure to check out our blog. We always have the best guides, tips and tricks, and mods that will help make your farming life a little bit easier and enjoyable.

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