Wilderness Farm In Stardew Valley: Which Farm Is Best?

Which Farm Should I Choose?

The Wilderness Farm is one of seven types of farm players can choose in Stardew Valley. At the beginning of a game, players are given the option to choose one of seven types of farm (Standard, Riverland, Forrest, Hill-Top, Wilderness, Four Corners, and Beach), each with their own unique perks.

This is one of the most important decisions in the entire game. Once a farm type has been chosen, it cannot be changed. How you play and what you focus on will differ from farm-to-farm. Each one focuses on a different aspect of the game.

For example, the Standard Farm provides the most space for growing, whereas the Hill-Top Farm encourages players to mine.

Farm, Fight, Repeat

The Wilderness Farm is for players who want to brave the wild frontier and focus on combat. The Wilderness Farm in Stardew Valley has two unique features not found on any other maps.

More Monsters

After sundown, monsters like those found in the mInes will begin to randomly spawn on and around your farm. This can be a great advantage for players looking to get some more loot or to advance in the Adventurer’s Guild. However, the added need to defend your farm will cut into the amount of time for completing chores and resting.

Additionally, the world will spawn Wilderness Golems from the beginning of the game. These scale in difficulty with your Combat skill and can drop high-value loot. On other farms, these will only spawn once the player has completed certain quests.

More Fish

On the Wilderness Farm, the large pond will occasionally spawn lake fish normally only found in the Mountain Lake. Specifically, the player has a 35% chance of catching a Lake Fish and a 65% chance of catching trash.

However, the Wilderness Farm is also one of the more limited farms in terms of space to grow. The large pond in the middle of the farm and the large cliff on the side occupy a lot of space. Many players find that the drawbacks of the Wilderness farm outweigh any advantages.

How Should I Set Up A Wilderness Farm?

The Wilderness Farm is one of the larger farms available in terms of tiles. However, the specific layout provides unique challenges. The large pond in the middle and the cliffs in the west take up a large amount of space and limit where you can build. It’s important to plan out your farm in advance to maximize your usable space. 

Getting Started on a Wilderness Farm

In the Wilderness Farm, your house is located at the northeast corner. From here is a straight line south until the end of the map, and a straight line west that leads to an abandoned building. Consider beginning by building a path from your house towards the abandoned building. This can later be upgraded to a greenhouse. From here, build another path straight south. Begin planting crops along these paths to make your life easier. In the beginning, you can only water everything by hand. 

Once you’ve got yourself set-up, the way you build your farm will depend on many factors, but the most important thing is that you like it.

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