Stardew Valley Forest Farm Guide: All You Need to Know!

Forest farm in Stardew Valley is one of the best farms you can have both in early and late games. You can’t go wrong if you decided to build one for your saved file.

You can’t deny the benefits of being able to get a headstart in farming. Especially, if you opt to start with a forest farm. Of course, the standard farm will still be one of your best options if you’re not planning on long-term investments.

For the most part in Stardew Valley, forest farms will net you enough income to subsidize your everyday needs.

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What exactly IS a forest farm and what is it so good?

If you’ve been exploring the game for a while now, you might’ve already encountered the Secret Woods. For veterans, of course, this is well-known information.

Forest farms are filled with bushes, which include abundant berry bushes. Forest farm’s clearings spawn large stumps, especially on the western part of it. Large stumps (or hardwood), seasonal forageable items, and various types of weeds (mixed seeds) are just some of the items you’ll get from owning a forest farm.

Choosing the Forest Farm in Stardew Valley

Is there any real reason why you should choose Stardew Valley over any other types of farms?

Well, if you decided to build one, you always have a 25% chance to get various types of forage items per season:

For example, if you have a forest farm during spring and your plants ripen for harvest, you’ll have a 25% chance be able to get Dandelion, Leek, Morel, and Wild Horseradish. This is pretty neat since additional seeds are always welcome for the soil or the pocket.

During the summer period, you’ll be able to get some Common Mushroom, Grapes, Spice Berries, and Sweet Peas. Winter does the same for Common, Purple, Red Mushroom, and Chantelle. Each season has the same chances to be able to get these forage items.

Another thing to consider is whenever you’re fishing, you’ll be able to catch Woodskip at a 5% chance, and 45% for pond fish.

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Things to Consider If You’re Building a Forest Farm

Although a forest farm is as good as it is now, you can’t deny the fact that forest farms are still inferior to some farms. For example, the Wilderness farm.

It’s important to understand that some profits aren’t always gained through the use of forest farms. One of the best late-game earners is crops, which are always limited by a forest farm. You might as well switch to standard farms instead.

But if you’re looking for a challenge, forest farms are where it’s at. Always remember that if you’re trying to create the community center faster, then it’s better to change your farm type into a forest farm.

But if you ever feel like it’s time to switch for a better alternative, try checking this guide for the way to switch from a forest farm to a farm type that you like.

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