Stardew Valley: How to Change Farm Type Quick Guide

You might’ve already noticed this, but it’s still quite a problem for most players, especially beginners. How do you change your farm type in Stardew Valley? If you have no idea about this trick, we’ll guide you through it!

There ain’t a lot of ways to change your farm type in Stardew Valley. If it’s your first playthrough, you might as well stick with your current farm type, for now, to learn how the game works.

And for this to work, you’ll need to, of course, have the game with you. But if it’s your second, third, hell, or even your 10th playthrough, having the same farm type can be boring. You might as well switch them during the mid-game to have the most optimal money-making scheme possible.

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Restarting a New Game

The most effective yet the most painful way of changing your farm type in this game is to restart your game and create a new one. Forget your old save, whether you have progressed quite far.

This traditional method works best if you have nothing to lose while losing it all as if it’s nothing. I mean, come one. You can still earn them if you enjoy the game in the first place, right?

It’s unfortunate, but you can’t just change the farm type just by squeezing through your old save, hoping that you can at least alter your farm type.

Just make a new game save.

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Change Your Farm Type by Modifying Stardew Valley Files

One Reddit user found a way to change your farm type mid-game. It can be a bit tasky but believe me, it’s worth it.

So here’s how it works:

  1. First, you’ll have to back up your game files. That’s right, friend. You have to back a BACKUP copy of your game files, including the saves in case something screws up.
  2. Navigate through your internal drive and follow this address “C://Users/*Your Username Here*/AppData/Roaming/StardewValley/Saves”.
  3. In the directory, there should be two (2) files with the names of your characters, plus a series of numbers. (e.g. Kennneth342323423 <– something like that)
  4. Use CTRL + F and look for the keyword <whichFarm>
  5. You’ll be directed at the text file configuration code with something like this: <whichFarm>0</whichFarm>; 0 being the Standard Farm
  6. Choose between the following:
    0 = Standard Farm
    1 = River Farm
    2 = Forest Farm
    3 = Hilltop Farm
    4 = Wilderness Farm
  7. Edit both of these files according to the farm type that you want and CTRL + S to save the configuration changes.
  8. Run the game.

If you’re running Mac, just use the Finder and paste this address: ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves and do the same process mentioned above.

Another alternative is to use extracting tools and mods. Some of which can be found here.

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