Stardew (SDV) Greenhouse Layout

To survive in Stardew Valley (SDV), you need to learn how to get the most out of farming. Luckily, with the right tips, farming can be super fun. So, let’s help you create Stardew’s best and most efficient greenhouse layout.

What is SDV Greenhouse layout?

First thing’s first, Stardew Valley greenhouse is a building, which protects plants from harmful temperatures and weather. That is why every plant in a greenhouse will flourish for as long as you want and they will not die during the season change.

The greenhouse layout in Stardew features a 10-row by a 12-column plot of land.

On this layout, you are supposed to create a good environment for growing crops and trees. A precisely planned greenhouse setup will provide you with a great daily income.

How to create the best greenhouse layout?

Creating the best greenhouse layout

Use all your free space smartly

So, as we mentioned earlier, the interior of a greenhouse contains a 10-row by a 12-column plot of land. However, only 7×6 are available for growing your crops. It means that the space inside the greenhouse is very limited, so you want to make sure that all the necessary elements are placed correctly.

Water crops every day

On an SDV greenhouse layout, you can plant, grow, and harvest crops at any time of the year. However, you have to water them, even on rainy days.
On the image below, you can see the example of a perfect greenhouse greenhouse layout

Greenhouse sprinkler layout – how to place them properly?

To ensure all your crops are getting enough water, so they can grow well, you should place sprinklers in the same way they are positioned on the image. By doing so, you will save more space for crops which will help you earn more profit. Moreover, you will not have to water plants by yourself.

Most people don’t know, but besides crops, you can grow fruit trees in the greenhouse. Create a fruit tree layout that doesn’t interfere with the crops. That means you should plant trees outside of the crops area.

The most efficient way to grow fruit trees is to plant them on every third block outside the crops area. Here is how it looks.

Ancient fruit tree layout

Ancient fruit in the greenhouse layout is a reliable and steady producer of fruit. Approximately, ancient fruit trees can produce 330g per day. By creating an ancient fruit tree layout, you can profit a lot, and they take up little space of your layout, unlike other fruit trees that require more space or otherwise they won’t grow.

You can use ancient fruit to produce jam and earn 1550g from it, or make wine and earn 2250g. Look at this ancient fruit layout. It contains 30 Fruit Trees, 74 Hops, and 30 Ancient Fruit. If you use Preserve Jars for your Fruit Trees, you’re looking at 54,810g/day. That’s 383,670g/wk or 1,534,680g/season.

However, even if you only focus on growing ancient fruit you still can have amazing income. For example, you can get your Staff of Traveling in a half a year, only by working one day a week.

On the other hand, if you decide to invest a bit more micromanagement, you can reach 6 million annual income. So, when we talk about the best money-making setup, we talk about ancient fruit tree layout.

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