Stardew Valley: Ginger Island Map Guide (UPDATED 2022)

So, Ginger Island is your next destination? Welcome aboard! Read this guide first to familiarize everything about the new area. We’ll include helpful tips for you to have a better gameplay edge!

Ginger Island cutscene in Stardew Valley.
Ginger Island: A beautiful place in the Fern Islands archipelago.

Stardew Valley started as a simple farming game in Pelican Town. For years, ConcernedApe (the game dev) offered great updates that players can download for free!

On its 1.5 release, Stardew Valley introduces Ginger Island. The new area features more storylines, NPCs, and several surprises! It’s also one of the biggest and most significant updates, affecting the Collections and Achievements mechanics.

Take a step below as we guide you to Ginger Island. If you’re a mobile user, we recommend waiting for the release before reading further. Otherwise, continue below to see what Ginger Island has to offer!

How to Reach the Ginger Island

The player interacting and fixing the Old Boat in Willy's Back Room.
Willy’s Boat at the Fish Shop – work in progress for adventure!

Ginger Island is initially unavailable to many players, especially beginners in Stardew Valley. However, the place is later unlockable.

If you’re a newbie, we recommend prioritizing the Community Center or Joja Warehouse first. Complete every bundle or pay hefty sums for Community Repairs – it’s up to you! While it may take time to reach the endgame, it’ll need tons of work.

Upon completing either route, Willy will mail you a letter at the Mailbox. Feel free to go anytime, but bring the necessary materials first, as you’ll need to repair his Old Boat.

Note: It’s in the back room of the Fish Shop

Take this checklist. These are the items you’ll need to gather:

  • Battery Packs (5) – Obtainable by placing a Lightning Rod and waiting for storms to come. You’ll get one Battery Pack per rod. Also available from Solar Panels, but it’ll take seven days.
  • Hardwood (200) – Since Ginger Island is known to grow Mahogany Trees that produce Hardwood, your current best choice is the Secret Woods. Make sure to cut every Stump daily to avoid missing out.
  • Iridium Bars (5) – This rare item is available by placing Iridium Ore (5) and Coal (1) in the Furnace. Good luck gathering the ore at the Skull Cavern!

You can now travel to Ginger Island after donating the materials and fixing the Boat. The ticket costs 1000g, and a bit unfair since you restored Willy’s Boat, but at least traveling becomes possible.

New Currency: Golden Walnuts

After a breathtaking cutscene as you travel to the tropical island, you’ll set foot at the Docks. Initially, you’ll see lots of sand, some sleeping turtles, and other debris. However, you’ll soon run across Golden Walnuts. It’s a new Stardew Valley currency used by the Parrots for constructing or building things on the Island.

The thing about Golden Walnuts is that they’re everywhere. Finding all 130 is also a challenging task. But in a nutshell, they’re obtainable through farming, fishing, mining, doing quests, and exploring.

Speaking of a Golden Walnut’s function, refer to the following table:

RewardGolden Walnut Cost
Build a Farm Obelisk20
Build a Mailbox for the Farmhouse5
Fix the Volcano Bridge, so you don’t have to water every time5
Island Resort Unlocked for NPCs. Also unlocks the Pirate Cove and Island Southeast20
Parrot Express (Fast Travel)10
Unlock Ginger Island Farmhouse20
Unlock Ginger Island North1
Unlock Ginger Island West10
Unlock the Island Dig Site10
Unlock the Island Trader10
Volcano Exit Shortcut for quick Island North access5
Qi Gem (2) for exchanging the remaining Golden Walnuts1

Unlocked Areas

The following is everything you can find on Ginger Island:

Island South

Island South is the first place you’ll set foot upon arriving from Stardew Valley. It has a small pier, a beach that initially has ruins, and four paths to other parts of the area. This place is also the warping zone upon using a Warp Totem: Island or Island Obelisk.

At first, you can only access the right side of the Island South since two turtles are blocking off paths. However, interacting with Leo will help remove the turtle blocking the North passageway. Returning to the Beach, you’ll encounter a Magma Sprite (a later enemy), leading you toward the Volcano Dungeon.

You can also enter the Island Farm (blocked by another turtle) by paying Golden Walnuts (10) to a Parrot.

Beach Resort

The player at the Beach Resort in Ginger Island.
On Sunny days, this place is full of smiling faces from Pelican Town.

Paying Golden Walnuts (20) to a nearby Parrot upon unlocking the Island Farmhouse will restore the Beach Resort. This place is a hub for some villagers who want a one-day vacation from Pelican Town. Note that you can open and close the resort by will, between the two doors of the changing room.

The requirement for the villagers from Stardew Valley to arrive at 11am must be:

  • Non-rainy day
  • Non-festival day

Everyone will leave the place at 6pm through Willy’s Boat (although Willy technically never leaves).

Gus also opens a mini-bar in the tropical paradise. He’ll sell the following items:

Pina Colada600g
Pale Ale1,000g
Cranberry Candy400g
Mango Wine5,000g
Tropical Curry Recipe2,000g

Island Southeast

This area is a part of Ginger Island South, but it’ll unlock upon the construction of the Beach Resort. There are tide pools here (and some secrets) alongside the beach. However, Pirate Cove is the main attraction in this area.

Pirate Cove

The player at the Pirate Cove in Ginger Island.
Everyone, drink your bottles of Mead and play darts!

Going further east will bring you to this secret place, the Pirate Cove. This location is where you can exclusively catch Stingrays and (luckily) get the Gourmand Statue.

The best time to visit the Pirate Cove is after 8pm, on non-rainy and even-numbered days. That’s when Pirates will appear, although the Pirate theme will play outside (muffled), hinting at their arrival.

Once inside, you can play Darts for Golden Walnuts. Interaction is also possible, bringing new stories to discover (some are catchy ones). If you wear a Pirate Hat, Deluxe Pirate Hat, or Eye Patch, you’ll get Mead (1).

Island North

This part of Ginger Island is home to different spots for progression. It also has ample space like the one on the West side.

Island Trader

The player at the Island Trader in Ginger Island.
Meet the friendly Bluebird Merchant.

After paying Golden Walnuts (10) to a nearby Parrot, you’ll unlock the Bluebird Merchant. However, you must build the Island Farmhouse in Stardew Valley before this option becomes available.

The Island Trader has a trading stand that contains several island-themed items. It’s noteworthy that you can only exchange foraged items found on Ginger Island. But perhaps the rarest item you’ll get is the Galaxy Soul.

See the table below for a complete list of the bluebird merchant’s wares:

‘Volcano’ PhotoThursdaysMango (5)
Bluebird MaskWednesdaysTaro Root (30)
Deluxe Cowboy HatFridaysTaro Root (30)
Galaxy SoulFinal Day of the Season (upon killing 50 dangerous monsters)Radioactive Bar (10)
Oceanic RugSaturdaysBlue Discus (3)
Palm Wall OrnamentTuesdaysPineapple (1)
Small CapMondaysTaro Root (30)
Tropical ChairEven daysLionfish (1)
Tropical Double BedSundaysBanana (5)
Banana Pudding RecipeBone Fragment (30)
Banana SaplingDragon Tooth (5)
Deluxe Retaining Soil RecipeCinder Shard (50)
Golden CoconutCoconut (10)
Jungle TorchCinder Shard (5)
Luau SkirtTaro Root (50)
Mahogany SeedStingray (1)
Mango SaplingMussel (75)
Pineapple SeedsMagma Cap (1)
Taro TuberBone Fragment (2)
Tropical BedGinger (20)
Tropical TVTaro Root (30)
Warp Totem: FarmTaro Root (5)
Wild Double BedCinder Shard (100)

Island Field Office

The player at the Island Field Office in Ginger Island.
Great rewards for bones? You better dig in.

The next location you’ll encounter after the Island Trader is the Field Office. It’s run by Professor Snail, who’s initially stuck at the Mushroom Cave.

The Island Field Office acts like the Museum run by Gunther on Stardew Valley, except you’re hunting fossils here. You’ll also have to solve Island Field Reports, which requires additional exploration time before answering. Nonetheless, you’ll get great rewards here upon completion.

Note: Entering the Field Office without Professor Snail won’t play the soundtrack. Moreover, the area will be wiped clean.

Dig Site

The player at the Dig Site in Ginger Island.
Your main source of the finest bones.

On the left side of the Island Field Office is a broken bridge. Paying Golden Walnuts (10) to the Parrot will enable access to the Dig Site.

The Dig Site is similar to the Quarry in the Mountains, but you’ll get Bone Nodes, Clay, and Hardwood instead. Also, Artifact Spots often spawn here, which mainly drops Omni Geodes and Artifact Troves.

Nearby is also a Mushroom Cave where you can free Professor Snail, that’s initially trapped. Placing any bomb or explosive will destroy the boulder blocking the entrance/exit. After releasing the NPC, you’ll unlock the Island Field Office. You can also Forage mushrooms regularly in this zone, which benefits Gatherer or Botanist professions.

Volcano Dungeon

The player at the Volcano Dungeon in Ginger Island.
There’s a cool surprise once you’re on the TOPMOST level.

Going further Northward is where you’ll encounter the Volcano Dungeon. It functions similarly to the Mines and Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley, as stones and ores are present. However, what makes it unique is the inclusion of Cinder Shards for upgrading your Tools and Weapons at the Forge.

Speaking of levels, the Volcano Dungeon has ten. Eight of them are randomly generated, while floors five and ten contain the Dwarf’s Shop and Forge, respectively.

Pouring water (using the Watering Can) at the Lava will make a stone walkway, allowing you to travel. Upon reaching the Volcano Caldera, a Parrot will appear nearby and will offer a permanent bridge. The construction costs Golden Walnuts (2), and you can save time essentially.

Going back to the lowest floor of the Volcano Dungeon is possible by entering an initially locked room. Stepping on the button will unlock the passage permanently. There’s also a secret exit left from the lowest level, which leads to the Dig Site. Two Golden Walnuts are also obtainable.

Island West

The Western part of Ginger Island is the most useful as it features several places (Walnut Room and Island Farm).

The entrance is initially inaccessible because of the sleeping turtle blocking the path. But giving Golden Walnuts (10) to the Parrot will unlock the said area. Note that it’ll only be available after the first Parrot from Leo’s house receives the same currency.

Tropical Farm

The player at the Island Farm in Ginger Island.
A new venue for profiting.

On Ginger Island, like Stardew Valley, farming is the greatest highlight for several reasons. One of them is the ability to plant crops while disregarding the season they typically grow back in Stardew Valley. It’s also a “Tropical Greenhouse” (a little bit), with extra spaces.

Speaking of spaces, there are 757 tillable tiles for planting purposes. However, you can also grow in the following areas with the corresponding number of available spaces:

  • (4) North of the Farm near the Parrot Express.
  • (31) Some patches of land around the pond.
  • (55) West of the river, where a big chunk of land lies.

Like your first arrival in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to clean the overgrown mess in the Island Farm. However, there’s no need to place Scarecrows as Crows won’t terrorize crops in this region.

Placing Sprinklers is also possible, but kindly mind the layout to maximize profitability. 

To access the Island Farmhouse, you’ll need to give Golden Walnuts (20) to the Parrot. Inside contain rooms of four, with an exclusive Tropical Bed. You may also ship items in this area if you wish to profit.

Besides the Island Farmhouse, you can also build the Mailbox and Farm Obelisk, costing 5 and 20 Golden Walnuts, respectively.

Beach Area

The player at the Beach in Ginger Island Stardew Valley.
The vast place has exciting secrets you can discover.

West Island Beach offers several hubs for exploration. 

South of the Farmhouse is a Shipwreck once owned by Birdie’s husband (captain). Going inside (following the secret path) will lead you to a Golden Walnut.

Going Westward is where Birdie resides. 

A bit left from the Shipwreck is a Green Whack-a-Mole mini-game, where you’ll get another Golden Walnut upon completion. Water Can is the best choice, although blocking the holes and hitting with an Axe or Pickaxe works too.

Going a bit further up from the Farm is the Tiger Slime Grove. This place spawns Tiger Slimes (a Slime variant that produces expensive Tiger Slime Eggs). It’s also where you can farm Mahogany Trees that don’t grow in Stardew Valley.

Finally, the Beach itself usually generates Sea Urchins and Corals you can collect. Mussel nodes also appear, which you can gather either for profiting, trading, or pure collecting purposes. You might also get 5 Golden Walnuts, so dig on!

Qi’s Walnut Room

The player at the Qi's Walnut Room in Ginger Island.
The Perfection Tracker is right over there, yes.

There’s a hidden room near Tiger Slime Grove available to visit. Make sure to collect Golden Walnuts (100) first to gain initial entry.

Qi’s Walnut Room is where you can achieve 100% Perfection in Stardew Valley. Moreover, there’s the Special Orders Board here, which offers challenging tasks. On the upside, you’ll earn Qi Gems which you can exchange for items from a nearby vending machine.

Island East

This part of Ginger Island is the first area you’ll need to visit to unlock the remaining locations. It’s also the home of Leo with a talking Parrot.

Foraging Fiddlehead Ferns are best done here, aside from the Secret Woods.

Leo’s Hut

The player at the Leo's Hut in Ginger Island.
If it isn’t for this Parrot, finding most Golden Walnuts will be challenging.

A Hut covered in jungle leaves is where Leo lives. It’s the first Ginger Island cutscene as soon as you unlock the area. There’s also a Parrot you can befriend, which tells how many Golden Walnuts are left.

New NPCs

While interacting with different villagers in Ginger Island is possible, only one can be given gifts to raise a friendship. Nonetheless, you’ll get something in return from them by completing tasks.


The player interacting with Leo in Ginger Island.
What a sweet child!

Leo is the third young NPC in Stardew Valley after Jas and Vincent. He’s an island boy and lives outside of civilization. Leo also owns the Hut he presumably built in the Jungle with the Parrots.

Although Leo resides on Ginger Island, he’ll eventually join Linus while still visiting his “friends” occasionally. Befriending him is also possible by giving gifts, inviting him to the Movie Theater, and offering snacks.


The player interacting with Birdie in Ginger Island.
Birdie has a soft spot for newcomers.

Near the Island Farmhouse is a Shack where Birdie lives. She’s an old fisher (like Willy), although it’s impossible to befriend her. However, you can still talk to her, specifically about the Pirate’s Wife quest.

Finishing the quest will stop the storyline, although Birdie will still talk upon interaction.

Gourmand Frog

The player interacting with Gourmand Frog in Ginger Island.
A crop enthusiast by heart.

After unlocking the Island West and repairing the dilapidated Farmhouse, a cave opening will appear nearby. Inside is the Gourmand Frog, where you can interact to get Golden Walnuts. This NPC will require you to plant specific crops, and you’ll be rewarded thrice handsomely.

Professor Snail

The player interacting with Professor Snail in Ginger Island.
Some ancient remains are meant to be unearthed – by Professor Snail (or you).

Professor Snail runs the Island Field Office, which specializes in rare fossil collection and data around Ginger Island. Interaction is possible, although giving gifts and raising friendships isn’t viable. However, he will offer rewards (like Gunther and the Museum from Stardew Valley) for completing different collections.

Known Puzzles

While venturing on Ginger Island, you may encounter puzzles. Completion always guarantees to drop Golden Walnuts, although solving them is challenging.

Mermaid Flute Puzzle

The player solving the Mermaid Flute Puzzle in Ginger Island.
Not creepy at all!

On rainy days, a Mermaid will appear nearby if you unlock the Island Southeast. There’ll also be stone carvings of the Flute Block with different tunes. Following the instruction will play the Mermaid’s theme, and the initial completion guarantees Golden Walnuts.

Gem Birds

The player solving the Gem Birds Puzzle in Ginger Island.
When it rains, gemstones pour!

From the Jungle, going East will lead you to a shrine with several pedestals. This is where you’ll need to place each gemstone depending on the pedestal (corresponding to the island section). Initially, there’ll be no clue whatsoever. But upon decoding the message in the shrine, you’ll come up with the following:

  • South – northwest of the docks
  • West – east of the pond
  • East – middle of the place (nearby the path)
  • North – exactly Northeast of the Island Trader’s position

Those places are where you’ll need to go to find each Gem Bird. Approaching them will make them fly away and leave a gem behind that you can pick up. Depending on the location, you’ll get Aquamarine, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, or Topaz. Moreover, you’ll need to match the gem depending on where it’s found.

An interesting fact to remember is how each gem is assigned per pedestal at the start of a save file. Even on Day 1 of Spring 1, there’s already a designated combination!

Weather is also different from Ginger Island to Stardew Valley. If the boat to the island is available, the weather report will feature the place’s weather. This fact is vital since gem birds only appear on rainy days. But the good news is it’s possible to force rain the next day with a Rain Totem.

Completing the Shrine puzzle will get you Golden Walnuts (5). You’ll also get unlimited gems during rainy days if you know where to look!

Simon Says Puzzle

The player solving the Simon Says Puzzle in Ginger Island.
Follow the sequence to avoid losing.

At the Northeast of the Tiger Slime Grove is a small cave. Different colored crystals are placed around with a Lion statue in the middle. Interacting with the figure will begin the Simon Says game.

For the mechanic, you’ll need to repeat the sound until the 5th round. However, failing one note will reset your entire process. But every failed attempt significantly decreases the mini-game’s difficulty.

Upon completion, you’ll earn Golden Walnuts (3).


The player collecting all new fish at Ginger Island.
Sorry for the spoiler. Now, prepare your Fishing Rod!

Because Ginger Island is an entirely new location, discover fresh fish in the waters. The tropical place offers exclusive ones you can catch for profit or fish pond farming. Check the table below to know the new additions and where you can catch them:

FishIsland North?Island West?Island South and Southeast?Pirate Cove?
Blue DiscusYesYes  
Flounder YesYesYes
Lionfish YesYes 
Midnight CarpYesYes  
Octopus Yes  
Pufferfish YesYes 
Stingray   Yes
Super Cucumber YesYesYes
Tuna YesYesYes

How to Get to Each Site Fast?

The player riding the Parrot Express in Ginger Island.
Time-saver needed? Ride the Parrot Express!

Ginger Island is a vast area, and running around with a Triple Shot Espresso or Coffee is time-consuming. It’s best to reach one destination from another within a short time. Thankfully, a Parrot Express does the job, taking you around the island.

You’ll need to venture toward the West first to unlock the Parrot Express. It’s exactly North of the Farmhouse, and you can fix it for Golden Walnuts (10). 

The area for traveling covers the following:

  • Farm
  • Docks
  • Jungle
  • Volcano
  • Dig Site


Although the Dig Site is automatically included in the list of fast-travel destinations, it’s unavailable until the bridge is fixed. 

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