Coal Farming: The 5 Best Ways to Get Coal in Stardew Valley

Coal – the resource that is seemingly everywhere yet nowhere at once. Somehow, you never seem to have enough of it. Here are some tips for coal farming in Stardew Valley.

Coal farming image description:  player character, whose bag has nothing but coal in it, holds a piece of coal above their head with a question mark. The cat sleeps nearby, unimpressed.
Your cat is unimpressed with your desire for coal.

Why is Coal Important?

Coal is an invaluable resource in Stardew Valley. It’s used in 17 different craft recipes, including bombs, preserve jars, and scarecrows, just to name a few. You also need it to run the furnace, which makes other important resources such as copper, iron, and gold bars. 

What is Coal Farming?

Coal farming is a term used to describe trying to get as much coal as you can in a short amount of time. The following are tips for maximizing your chances of finding coal.

Hitting/Blowing up rocks

Rocks all over the map have a decent chance of dropping coal. Daily Luck (which can be found on the Fortune Teller channel of the television) will affect your chance of finding coal. If you’re looking to get as much coal as possible, then wait for a good luck day. 

Coal farming image description: A farmer named Camille who has level 10 in all of the skills hovers over the prospector profession in mining. It reads "Chance to find coal doubled."
You need to be level 10 to have the Prospector profession.

Additionally, if you have the Prospector profession, your chances of finding coal are doubled. If you’re already at level 10 mining but haven’t chosen Prospector, you can visit the Statue of Uncertainty to change it. The Statue lives in the Sewers to the left of Krobus, and it costs 10,000g to change professions.

Killing Dust Sprites and Other Monsters

Another great way to farm for coal is to kill Dust Sprites, which have a 50% chance of dropping it. The best way is to refresh one of the ice floors, such as 55, over and over until you’re satisfied. Additionally, wearing the burglar’s ring will increase your chance of getting item drops from monsters.

A number of other monsters have a chance of dropping coal as well. You can raise red, purple, or black slimes in a slime hutch, and they have a 10% chance of dropping coal. Additionally, stone golems (found on floors 31-39) and metal heads, shadow shamans, and shadow brutes (found on floors 101-119) also drop coal.

Looking For Mine Carts and Bags

On certain floors in both the regular mines and Skull Cavern, you can find either a minecart or a bag that contains coal. In the Pelican Town mines, each cart will only have coal once. In Skull Cavern, since the floors are randomized, you’re more likely to find carts or bags that are still full. However, they too will deplete after enough visits.

Coal farming image description: Player character is on floor 12 of the regular mines and stands in front of a mine cart full of coal.
There are a number of different layouts that will always have a mine cart in them.

Using the Charcoal Kiln

The charcoal kiln is a recipe you get at level 4 foraging and can be made with 20 wood and 2 copper bars. This machine will turn 10 pieces of wood into 1 piece of coal in 30 in-game minutes. While it is not the most time-efficient way to get coal, it’s a great quick fix if you have an excess of wood. 

Coal farming image description: Player character stands in a shed with a few multicolored chests, 15 furnaces with iron ready to be taken out, and a few other items. They're standing in front of a charcoal kiln with a piece of coal in it.
You might want to make more than one charcoal kiln.

You can also buy wood from Robin for 10g each. With this method, each piece of coal costs 100g, which is less than Clint’s 150g. However, after year 2, wood is 50g each, and therefore turning it into coal costs 500g. At that point, it’s more cost-efficient to buy coal from Clint directly for 250g a piece.

Catching The Train

Some trains will have carts filled with coal and will drop a few pieces as it passes by. When you get the notification “A train is passing through Stardew Valley,” go up to the train tracks north of the mountains. You may have a chance of finding coal there.

Coal farming image description: The player character runs alongside the train. Five carts are visible, and the middle one has coal falling out of it.
Note: the train isn’t accessible until Summer 3.

Luckily, you don’t need to be present as the train passes to collect it. You do, however, need to grab it before going to bed, as it will despawn the next day.

Cracking Open Geodes

All four types of geodes – the geode, frozen geode, magma geode, and omni geode – have a chance to contain coal. If you bring any of these to Clint, he can crack them open for 25g each. Each geode type has a different chance of spawning coal. Regular geodes have the highest chance at 8.33%, while omni and magma geodes have the lowest chance at 5%.

Coal farming image description: Clint cracking open a stack of 19 omni geodes. Five pieces of coal just came out of one.
Depending on how many geodes you bring, make sure your bag isn’t too full. You don’t want it to fill up.

Other Sources

There are a few other ways to get coal in Stardew Valley, though less predictable.

  • Artifact spots in the mountain, backwoods, and farm
  • Trash cans
  • Fishing treasure chests
  • Panning
  • The traveling cart for 100-1,000g
  • A fruit tree after it is struck by lightning


Coal can be one of those tricky resources where you have plenty and then suddenly you have none. However, with patience and determination, you can replenish your stores in no time. Follow these tips, and soon you’ll be swimming in the stuff!

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