Stardew Valley Statue of Uncertainty

In a lot of games, and honestly just in life, we make a lot of decisions early on that we might come to regret later. Stardew Valley is no different. Where Miner might have been really nice early game, towards the end ore is not a resource in high demand. Plus, having some extra diamonds to give to Villagers on their birthdays is never a bad thing. If you find yourself regretting your early game choices, you are in luck, because you can always change your profession at the Statue of Uncertainty!

The Statue of Uncertainty

Where is the statue of uncertainty

This statue is found inside the Sewers on the opposite end from Krobus, sitting right in between two pots. There are two entrances to the Sewers. One is through the sewer cover in the south area of Pelican Town. The second is through the sewer grates in the southeastern area of Cindersap Forest. Though the entrances are relatively easy to find, you will not be able to access them until you have the Rusty Key.

The only way to obtain the Rusty Key is from Gunther once you have donated 60 items to the Museum. There are 95 items you can donate in total, so to obtain the Rusty Key you are luckily not having to find them all. The items you can donate are divided between artifacts and minerals. Minerals are found mostly through cracking open geodes and inside the different mines.

Artifacts, on the other hand, are not quite as straightforward to find. Primarily, you can find them by digging up artifact spots using your hoe. These artifacts spots are found throughout the world, most commonly in the winter season. They look like little brown worms dancing out of the ground.

An Artifact Spot in the sand

Other ways to obtain artifacts are by killing monsters, solving secret notes, breaking open artifact troves, fishing treasure chests, breaking bone nodes. Lastly, if you are looking to waste some energy, you can just use your hoe on any dirt blocks in the Mines and Skull Cavern.

If you want an in depth look at the artifacts you can donate to the Museum, check out our page on finding and organizing all the Museum items.

How to Change your Profession

Once you interact with the statue, it will bring up a dialogue allowing you to choose to change your profession for 10,000 gold. This can be done as many times as you like, with no penalty. Other than paying 10k of course.

Clicking yes in the dialogue will bring up a menu where you can change any of your unlocked professions. For example, if you have unlocked the leveI 5 fishing profession but not level 10, then you will be able to choose again between Angler or Pirate but not the level 10 options.

Once you make your selection, that night you will get to choose your new Level 5 and Level 10 professions. The following morning is when you will get the bonus for the new profession.

One thing that is important to know is that the profession swap starts immediately as you buy it. Thus, for the rest of the day you will not have the bonus from your old profession. Keeping this in mind, it is best practice to use the Statue of Uncertainty at the end of a day.

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What initially hooked me into Stardew Valley was how much there was to uncover and learn as you played through it. What got me to stay was how rich the characters' stories were! Abigail, Emily, and Shane will always be my favorites.

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