Can You Move Buildings in Stardew Valley

Have you excitedly placed down a new farm building only to realize it is now right in the way of your cropland? Do not worry, the ability to move your farm buildings in Stardew Valley is incredibly easy and costs you nothing.

Where do you go?

paradise shop stardew valley

The only person who can help you move buildings in Stardew Valley is Robin. Pelican Town’s resident carpenter lives and works in the Carpenter’s Shop. She lives there with her husband (Demetrius), daughter (Maru), and son (Sebastian). This building is located in the upper righthand corner of Pelican Town, right below Linus’ camp and the Spa.

The easiest path to take to the Carpenter’s Shop is the path northwest of your farmhouse. Taking this small path will lead you north over Pelican town. It takes you directly to Robin’s house with the added bonus of foraging along the way.

The Carpenter’s Shop is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day except Tuesday (closed) and Friday (closes early at 4 PM). If you have hired Robin to construct or upgrade a farm building, then she will be on your farm completing the construction. Thus, she will not be at her shop and not available to help you to move your buildings.

Furthermore, if you hire her to construct a farm building, then additional dialogue that day will immediately bring up the shop menu. You will not have the chance to move any buildings if you do this. Therefore, it is best to first move farm buildings and then hire her to construct other ones.

How to move Your farm buildings

Once you enter the building, Robin is straight ahead behind a wooden counter. Just walk up to her and start a dialogue, then select Construct Farm Buildings.

It seems counterintuitive to construct more buildings, but once you enter the construction menu, there is a move buildings option at the bottom of your screen. This button is located underneath the main text box and looks like four arrows pointing out to the corners of the button. Once you click it, it will bring you to an overview of your farm.

Two images showing you what to select to move your buildings.

From there you can click on any of your previously constructed farm buildings. Clicking on a building, turns it into a block of green squares the size of the building. Moving the mouse will move the block of squares and you can put your building anywhere as long as all the squares are green. If they are red, that means that there is something obstructing the square(s).

Various different things can obstruct your buildings, including farm animals. Keeping this in mind, it is a good idea to keep your critters inside the barns and coops until after you move your buildings so they do not get in the way.

Two images showing you how to move your building.

Once you have chosen your perfect new spot for your building, just click again to place it and then exit out of the move buildings screen! Your buildings are moved automatically, so you do not have to wait a couple of days for Robin to sit on your farm reconstructing them. Also, you do not have to pay anything at all for the interaction. Once you leave the Move buildings screen, you can leave the Carpenter’s shop freely.

Moving Buildings in Stardew Valley is really just that simple. Now you can optimize your farm to be as beautiful and productive as it can possibly be!

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