How to Feed the Stardew Valley Sand Dragon his Last Meal

Are you working through Mr. Qi’s questline and are stuck trying to figure out how to give a dragon “their final meal”? This is a tricky quest as there are no dragons just hanging around Pelican Town with their mouths wide open. This guide will detail exactly where the Sand Dragon is and what to feed them.

Mr. Qi’s Quest

You will first meet the mysterious Mr. Qi after you enter the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert for the first time. The following day, you will receive the quest “Qi’s Challenge” in the mail. This quest rewards 10,000 gold for reaching level 25 in the Skull Cavern and begins your relationship with Mr. Qi. Afterward, he can be found in the Casino, which he runs, and in Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island.

To enter the Casino, you have to go through the back door of the Oasis, Sandy’s store. And the only way to get past the bouncer that blocks the entrance is to you complete Qi’s second questline: “The Mysterious Qi”. This is why you need to feed the sand dragon!

For a complete guide on how to unlock Mr. Qi’s casino, click here.

The benefits of Qi’s Casino

Casino Layout

So what’s the point of gaining entrance the Casino? Besides normal gambling hijinks using “Qi coins” to play with slot machines and a variant of Blackjack (called CalicoJack), you can buy various things in the Casino store. These include furniture for your house, a top hat, a rarecrow, and warp totem for the farm.

The most profitable thing you can do with Qi coins is buy the warp totems, deconstruct them using a deconstructor, then sell the honey. This converts Qi coins into gold with a ratio of 10 coins to 2 gold. Although, when you’re buying them at the rate of 10 coins for 100 gold, it’s not profitable to buy them just for this purpose.

Alternatively, if you’re not buying Qi coins and gambling, you can find a shady NPC in the Casino who will sell you the Statue of Endless Fortune for 1,000,000 gold. Not a cheap piece of furniture at all, but it is one of the easiest ways to obtain Iridium Bars. The statue has a 25% chance to produce one every single day, unless it’s a villager’s birthday. If it happens to be someone’s birthday, then it will produce one of their loved items.

Statue Of Endless Fortune.png
Statue of Endless Fortune

Becoming a casino superstar and winning all the jackpots is a prestigious endgame activity. If you are looking for more things to do in late-game Stardew Valley, check out our guide.

Where is the Sand Dragon

After placing 10 beets inside Mayor Lewis’ fridge, you will receive a note from Qi with the cryptic instructions of feeding the sand dragon. Despite the quest starting in Pelican Town, the “dragon” cannot be found inside the normal map. True to the name, the sand dragon is located in Calico Desert.

To get to the desert you have to either take the Bus at the Bus Stop, or use either a warp totem or the desert obelisk. Once you arrive, the easiest way to find the sand dragon is to first head to the Oasis in the southwest area. Then travel directly north from the bright pink building, and you will see a hill with huge bleached-white bones sticking out of the sand.

The Sand Dragon

Congratulations, you have now found the elusive sand dragon!

The Final Meal

The biggest hint to what to “feed the dragon” can be found by interacting with the skull of the creature. It will then say, “Its maw gapes at the desert sun. Even in death, it yearns for a taste.” With this hint in mind, you need to place the item in Stardew Valley that is the sun’s essence inside the mouth of the skull. Luckily, solar essences are not hard to find.

They are dropped from many different enemies including ghosts, metal heads, and squid kids that are found throughout the Mines in the Pelican Town map. Also if you have a sunfish fish pond, they are produced once you have a population of 10 fish. If you realize you did not bring any to Calico Desert, you can pop into the Skull Cavern and farm some from iridium bats and mummies.

After placing a solar essence inside the mouth, you will find another note inside the eye of the sand dragon telling you the scavenger hunt has come to an end. Once you return to your farm and inspect the lumber pile beside your farmhouse, you can now find the Club Card. This is the item you need to gain access to the Casino.

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