HOW to Get Clay in Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022

Are you wondering where and how to get clay in Stardew Valley? Do you happen to need Clay for one of your crafting recipes? You may have difficulty getting it as a newbie. Here’s a guide to help you find these resources easily!

A player holding clay in Stardew Valley.
Are you disappointed with getting this loot?

Getting a piece of Clay may seem insignificant, but did you know it can help construct farm buildings? You can also use it to craft items to help make your farming experience easier. To learn more about this resource, here’s a guide to help you find the best locations to obtain them and their uses!

Important Questions

What is Clay?

It’s a primary resource used in crafting and constructing farm buildings. Surprisingly, you can also market them for 20g. Here’s a tip, you can use a bomb when scavenging these items in different areas in Stardew Valley.

Where to Get Clay?

There are several ways to obtain this loot. It’s best to carry your hoe and pickaxe around since you may spot it anywhere. Here are some methods to get it:

  • Opening Different Types of Geodes (6.25%). You’ll discover these Minerals in the Mines from levels 1 to 39. Upon acquiring them, you can crack it open with a Geode Crusher or pay Clint at the Blacksmith’s shop 25g.
  • Tilling Dirt or Sand. Any location with a dirt floor or dirt patch may contain this loot. You can till the soil by using your hoe and tapping the area with the blotch.
  • Tilling Artifact Spots. These worm-like markings are more abundant in the Winter and have a 24 to 60% chance of this two to three pieces of this item.
  • Mining Clay Nodes. You’ll notice that the dirt areas have a different color and texture than a typical dirt floor in the Mines or Ginger Island Dig Site. Digging these areas may give you some Clay.
  • Feast of the Winter Star. You may receive it as a gift from Jas or Vincent if they’re your secret gift-giver on the 25th of Winter.

Facts and Information


A list of item that uses clay in Stardew Valley.
Look ahead! These things are pretty useful on your farm.

Some of the items you can make from it help grow your crops, while others make its landscape more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll often need small quantities of Clay (C.) to craft these items. Here are some things you can make with the help of this resource:

ItemQuantityRecipe SourceIngredientsSelling Price
Bone Mill1Complete Gunther’s Quest in the Special Orders Board.
• C. (3)
• Bone Fragments (10)
• Stone (20)
Not Sellable.
Brick Floor5Carpenter’s Shop for 500g
• C. (2)
• Stone (5)
1g each.
Deluxe Retaining Soil2Trade 50 Cinder Shards with the Island Trader.
• C. (1)
• Stone (5)
• Fiber (3)
30g each.
Fiber Seeds4Accomplish Linus’ Quest from the Special Orders Board.
• C. (1)
• Mixed Seeds (1)
• Sap (5)
Garden Pot1Acquired after a cutscene with Evelyn at the Green House.
• C. (1)
• Stone (10)
• Refined Quartz (1)
Not Sellable.
Quality Retaining Soil2Farming Level 7
• C. (1)
• Stone (3)
5g each.


A player standing beside a Silo in Stardew Valley.
It’s a very convenient way to store your Farm Animals’ food.

You can create a Silo if you want to add new buildings to your farm. It stores 240 pieces of hay, and it only takes two days to build it. Here are the materials you need to collect to construct it:

BuildingFarmland Tiles OccupiedCost
Silo3 x 3
• Clay (10)
• Copper Bar (5)
Stone (100)
• 100g


An orange shirt in Stardew Valley.
It’s not everyone’s ideal shirt, but at least you have new clothes.

Its usefulness doesn’t end in crafting and constructing buildings. You can also make an orange-brown shirt with it when placed in a spool of the Sewing Machine. It also makes an excellent orange dye if you wish to turn your dye pots into this shade.


It makes one of the worst gifts for an NPC. They may seem useful on your part, but giving them to villagers results in adverse reactions. Note that most of them dislike it, while others hate this item.


You can only use it in Fish Pond Quests in Stardew Valley. Here are the sea creatures who would request it alongside the number of resources needed:

  • Crayfish Snail, Mussel, Cookie Oyster Shrimp, Crab Lobster, and Periwinkle. Five pieces of it get requested once it reaches the population of three.
  • Bullhead, Largemouth Bass, and Midnight Carp. They’ll ask for two to three pieces of Clay once the pond reaches a population of three. 


Unfortunately, you can’t use it in any bundles. However, you can still make tons of fertilizers and other items with it. Selling them is also a great option since you can find them anywhere.

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