How to Cook in Stardew Valley- Full Guide 2022

Needing to purchase each meal can be costly. If you want to save up to get that Farmhouse or tool upgrade, it’s best to start making your Cooked Dishes. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to cook in Stardew Valley!

A player in cooking stations in Stardew Valley.
You have options to cook freely in Stardew Valley!

Cooking isn’t an intimidating task once you get some recipes. Instead of frequently spending your gold on cooked dishes, you could make it on your Cookout Kit or Kitchen. If you haven’t heard of these two, this guide will help you understand the step-by-step process of the cooking mechanic in Stardew Valley.

Important Questions

What is Cooking?

It’s a game mechanic that gets unlocked once you have a Cookout Kit or Kitchen from your first Farmhouse upgrade. It helps produce cooked dishes that rejuvenate your Health and Energy after running some errands on your farm or completing tasks. They also offer buffs to enhance your skills. 

Moreover, adding Qi Seasoning to each product boosts their value by 50% and their restoration effects by 80%. It increases your buff by one and its duration by 50%, but this doesn’t apply to Speed.

How to Cook in Stardew Valley?

#1 Get a Kitchen or Cookout Kit

Before gathering any ingredients, you’ll need something or somewhere to prepare these meals. You have two choices: Cookout Kit or Kitchen. These two can produce cooked dishes, but the first one has its limitations. 

Cookout Kit

Crafting a cookout kit in Stardew Valley.
See? You only need a few items to make it.

It’s a great starter pack for beginners who immediately want to cook dishes. You can only use it outside your Farmhouse, and make sure to use a pickaxe, axe, or hoe when removing it. If you forget to do this, your kit will disappear the next day.

Moreover, its crafting recipe becomes available once you reach Foraging Level 9. You’ll also need to gather some Wood (15), Fiber (10), and Coal (3). But you can also get two of them for free upon accomplishing the Wild Medicine Bundle in the Craftsroom of the Community Center.


A dialogue with Robin about the first farmhouse upgrade in Stardew Valley,
You might need to strive harder to get it, but it’s worth it!

It’s a more stable cooking place compared to the latter. However, you’ll only get it in your first Farmhouse Upgrade from Robin. It costs 10,000g and Wood (450). After obtaining this advancement, you won’t just find a Kitchen with a countertop, but you’ll also get a fridge to store your excess ingredients.

#2 Get Recipes

Despite having the first necessity, you’d also need to know the recipe of the dish you want to cook. You may obtain them from the following:

  • The Queen of Sauce. You may watch this show on your television every Wednesday. It offers free but random cooking recipes that you may like.
  • Stardrop Saloon. If you missed an episode last Wednesday, you might sometimes find some of the recipes from Gus’ store. Its price ranges from 50g to 5,000g, depending on the formula you’re purchasing.
  • Villagers. Aside from gifts from your generous townsmen, they may occasionally send you the recipe for their most adored meals.
  • The Island Trader. You may trade some bone fragments and a few foraged items with its owner for some recipes.
  • Dwarf Shop in Volcano on Ginger Island. You’ll find this shop upon reaching the fifth level of the dungeon.
  • First Farmhouse Upgrade. After getting this upgrade from Robin, you’ll get a simple recipe as a reward.
  • Ginger Island Resort. Gus runs this store, you’ll find various dishes and recipes in this shop.
  • Skill Enhancement. Improving your skills in Stardew Valley gives you crafting and cooking recipes and a reward.

#3 Gather the Ingredients.

Collecting ingredients for a platter can be done in several ways. You may incorporate your Farming and Foraging skills or use your Farm buildings. Some items are also purchasable from shops in Stardew Valley. Here are some stores you can visit:

Facts and Information

Cooked Dishes

After getting all the necessities, you’ll find your Kitchen or Cookout Kit’s inventory showing the available dish you can make. Here are some meals that you can cook in Stardew Valley:

NameIngredientsEnergyHealthBuff(s)Buff DurationRecipe Source(s)Sell Price
Fried Egg• Egg (1)5022N/AN/AUpgraded farmhouse35g
Omelet• Egg (1)
• Milk (1)
10045N/AN/AThe Queen of Sauce, 28th of Spring, Year 1.

Stardrop Saloon for 100g
Salad• Leek (1)
• Dandelion (1)
• Vinegar (1)
11350N/AN/AReceive this recipe from Emily via Mail upon earning three hearts with her.110g
Cheese Cauliflower• Cauliflower (1)
• Cheese (1)
13862N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Pam.300g
Baked Fish• Sunfish (1)
• Bream (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
7533N/AN/AThe Queen of Sauce (TQOS) on Summer 7, Year 1.100g
Parsnip Soup• Parsnip (1)
• Milk (1)
• Vinegar (1)
8538N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Caroline.120g
Vegetable Medley• Tomato (1)
• Beet (1)
16574N/AN/A7+ Hearts with Caroline.120g
Complete Breakfast• Fried Egg (1)
• Milk (1)
• Hashbrowns (1)
• Pancakes (1)
200 90Farming (+2)
Max Energy (+50)
7mTQOS. Spring 21, Year 2.

Fried Calamari• Squid (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Oil (1)
8036N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Jodi via Mail.150g
Strange Bun• Wheat Flour (1)
• Periwinkle (1)
• Void Mayonnaise (1)
10045N/AN/A7+ Hearts with Shane.225g
Lucky Lunch• Sea Cucumber (1)
• Tortilla (1)
• Blue Jazz (1)
10045Luck (+3)11m 11sTQOS. Spring 28, Year 2.250g
Fried Mushroom• Common Mushroom (1)
• Morel (1)
Oil (1)
13560Attack (+2)7m3+ Hearts with Demetrius.200g
Pizza• Wheat Flour (1)
• Tomato (1)
• Cheese (1)
15067N/AN/ATQOS, Spring 7 Year 2.

Purchasable at Stardrop Saloon for 150g.

Bean Hotpot• Green Bean (2)12556Max Energy (+30)
Magnetism (+32)
7m7+ Hearts with Clint. 100g
Glazed Yams• Yam (1)
• Sugar (1)
20090N/AN/ATQOS. Fall 21, Year 1.200g
Carp Surprise• Carp (4)9040N/AN/ATQOS. Summer 7, Year 2.

Hash Browns• Potato (1)
• Oil (1)
9040Farming (+1)5m 35sTQOS. Spring 14, Year 2.

Stardrop Saloon for 50g.
Pancakes• Wheat Flour (1)
• Egg (1)
9040Foraging (+2)11m 11sTQOS. Summer 14, Year 1. 

Stardrop Saloon for 100g.
Salmon Dinner• Salmon (1)
• Amaranth (1)
• Kale (1)
12556N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Gus.300g
Fish Taco• Tuna (1)
• Tortilla (1)
• Red Cabbage (1)
•Mayonnaise (1)
16574Fishing (+2)7m7+ Hearts with Linus.500g
Crispy Bass•Largemouth Bass (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Oil (1)
9040Magnetism (+64)7m3+ Hearts with Kent.150g
Pepper Poppers• Hot Pepper (1)
• Cheese (1)
13058Farming (+2)
Speed (+1)
7m3+ Hearts with Shane.200g
Bread• Wheat Flour (1)5022N/AN/ATQOS. Summer 28, Year 1.

Sold at Stardrop Saloon for 100g.
Tom Kha Soup• Coconut (1)
• Shrimp (1)
• Common Mushroom (1)
17578Farming (+2)
Max Energy (+30)
7m7+ Hearts with Sandy.250g
Trout Soup• Rainbow
• Trout (1)
• Green Algae (1)
10045Fishing (+1)4m 39sTQOS. Fall 14, Year 1.100g
Chocolate Cake• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Egg (1)
15067N/AN/ATQOS. Winter 14, Year 1.200g
Pink Cake• Melon (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Egg (1)
250112N/AN/ATQOS. Summer 21, Year 2.480g
Rhubarb Pie• Rhubarb (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
21596N/AN/AMarnie  (Mail – 7+)400g
Cookie• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Egg (1)
9040N/AN/AEvelyn  (4-heart event)140g
Spaghetti• Wheat Flour (1)
• Tomato (1)
7533N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Lewis.120g
Fried Eel• Eel (1)
• Oil (1)
7533Luck (+1)7m3+ Hearts with George.120g
Spicy Eel• Eel (1)
• Hot Pepper (1)
11551Luck (+1)
Speed (+1)
7m7+ Hearts with George.175g
Sashimi• Any Fish (1)7533N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Linus.75g
Maki Roll• Any Fish (1)
• Seaweed (1)
• Rice (1)
10045N/AN/ATQOS. Summer 21, Year 1.

Stardrop Saloon- 300g.
Tortilla• Corn (1)5022N/AN/ATQOS. Fall 7, Year 1.
Stardrop Saloon- 100g.
Red Plate• Red Cabbage (1)
• Radish (1)
240108Max Energy (+50)3m and 30s7+ Hearts with Emily.400g
Eggplant Parmesan•Eggplant (1)
• Tomato (1)
17578Mining (+1)
Defense (+3)
4m 39s7+ Hearts with Lewis.200g
Rice Pudding• Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Rice (1)
11551N/AN/A7+ Hearts with Evelyn.260g
Ice Cream•Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
10045N/AN/A7+ Hearts with Jodi.120g
Blueberry Tart•Blueberry (1)
•Wheat Flour (1)
•Sugar (1)
•Egg (1)
12556N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Pierre.150g
Autumn’s Bounty•Yam (1)
•Pumpkin (1)
22099Foraging (+2)
 Defense (+2)
7m and 41s7+ Hearts with Demetrius.350g
Pumpkin Soup•Pumpkin (1) 
•Milk (1)
20090Defense (+2)
 Luck (+2)
7m and 41s7+ Hearts with Robin.300g
Super Meal•Bok Choy (1)
•Cranberries (1)
•Artichoke (1)
160 72Max Energy (+40) 
Speed (+1)
3m and 30s7+ Hearts with Kent.220g
Cranberry Sauce•Cranberries (1)
•Sugar (1)
125 56Mining (+2)3m and 30s7+ Hearts with Gus.120g
Stuffing•Bread (1) 
•Cranberries (1)
•Hazelnut (1)
17076Defense (+2)5m and 35s7+ Hearts with Pam.165g
Farmer’s Lunch•Omelet (1)
•Parsnip (1)
200 90Farming (+3)5m and 35s Farming Level 3150g
Survival Burger•Bread (1)
•Cave Carrot (1)
•Eggplant (1)
12556Foraging (+35m and 35sForaging Level 2180g
Dish O’ The Sea•Sardine (2)
•Hash Browns (1)
125 56Fishing (+3)5m and 35sFishing Level 3220g
Miner’s Treat•Cave Carrot (2)
•Sugar (1)
•Milk (1)
125 56Mining (+3)
Magnetism (+32)
5m and 35sMining Level 3200g
Roots Platter•Cave Carrot (1)
•Winter Root (1)
12556Attack (+3)5m and 35sCombat Level 3100g
Triple Shot Espresso•Coffee (3)83Speed (+1)4m and 12sStardrop Saloon for 5,000g450g
Seafoam Pudding•Flounder (1)
•Midnight Carp (1)
•Squid Ink (1)
17578Fishing (+4)3m and 30sFishing (Level 9)300g
Algae Soup•Green Algae (4)7533N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Clint100g
Pale Broth•White Algae (2)125 56N/AN/A.3+ Hearts with Marnie.150g
Plum Pudding•Wild Plum (2)
•Wheat Flour (1)
•Sugar (1)
17578N/AN/ATQOS. Winter 7, Year 1.260g
Artichoke Dip•Artichoke (1)
•Milk (1)
100 45N/AN/ATQOS. Fall 28, Year 1.210g
Stir Fry•Cave Carrot (1)
•Common Mushroom (1)
•Kale (1)
•Oil (1)
20090N/AN/ATQOS. Spring 7, Year 1.335g
Roasted Hazelnuts•Hazelnut (3)17578N/AN/A.TQOS. Summer 28, Year 2.270g
Pumpkin Pie•Pumpkin (1)
•Wheat Flour (1)
•Milk (1)
•Sugar (1)
225101N/AN/ATQOS. Winter 21, Year 1.385g
Radish Salad•Oil (1)
•Vinegar (1)
•Radish (1)
20090N/AN/ATQOS. Spring 21, Year 1300g
Fruit Salad•Blueberry (1)
•Melon (1)
•Apricot (1)
263118N/AN/ATQOS. Fall 7, Year 2.450g
Blackberry Cobbler•Blackberry (2)
•Sugar (1)
•Wheat Flour (1)
17578N/AN/ATQOS. Fall 14, Year 2.260g
Cranberry Candy•Cranberries (1)
•Apple (1)
•Sugar (1)
12556N/AN/ATQOS. Winter 28, Year 1.175g
Bruschetta•Bread (1)
•Oil (1)
•Tomato (1)
11350N/AN/ATQOS. Winter 21, Year 2.210g
Coleslaw•Red Cabbage (1)
•Vinegar (1)
•Mayonnaise (1)
21395N/AN/ATQOS. Spring 14, Year 1.345g
Fiddlehead Risotto•Oil (1)
•Fiddlehead •Fern (1)
•Garlic (1)
225101N/AN/ATQOS. Fall 28, Year 2.350g
Poppyseed Muffin•Poppy (1)
•Wheat Flour (1)
•Sugar (1)
15067N/AN/ATQOS. Winter 7, Year 1.250g
Chowder•Clam (1)
•Milk (1)
225101Fishing (+1)16m and 47s3+ Hearts with WIlly,135g
Fish Stew•Crayfish (1)
•Mussel (1)
•Periwinkle (1)
•Tomato (1)
225101Fishing (+3)16m and 47sGet 7+ Hearts with Willy,175g
Escargot•Snail (1)
•Garlic (1)
225101Fishing (+2)16m and 47s5+ Hearts with Willy.125g
Lobster Bisque• Lobster (1)
• Milk (1)
225101Fishing (+3)
Max Energy (+50)
16m and 47sTQOS. Winter 14, Year 2.

9+ Hearts event with Willy.
Maple Bar• Maple Syrup (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
225101Farming (+1)
Fishing (+1)
Mining (+1)
16m and 47sTQOS. Summer 14, Year 2.300g
Crab Cakes•Crab (1)
•Wheat Flour (1)
•Egg (1)
•Oil (1)
225101Speed (+1)
Defense (+1)
16m and 47sTQOS. Fall 21, Year 2.275g
Shrimp Cocktail•Tomato (1)
•Shrimp (1)
•Wild Horseradish (1)
225101Fishing (+1)
Luck (+1)
10m and 2sTQOS. Winter 28, Year 2.160g
Ginger Ale•Ginger (3)
•Sugar (1)
6328Luck (+1)5mDwarf Shop in Volcano on Ginger Island (1,000g)200g
Banana Pudding•Banana (1)
•Milk (1) (Any)
•Sugar (1)
12556Mining (+1)
Luck (+1)
Defense (+1)
5m and 1sIsland Trader for Bone Fragment (30)260g
Mango Sticky Rice•Mango (1)
•Coconut (1)
•Rice (1)
11350Defense (+3)5m and 1s7+ Hearts with Leo.250g
Poi•Taro Root (4)7533N/AN/A3+ Hearts with Leo.400g
Tropical Curry•Coconut (1)
•Pineapple (1)
•Hot Pepper (1)
15067Foraging (+4)5m and 1sGinger Island Resort for 2,000g500g
Squid Ink Ravioli•Squid Ink (1)
•Wheat Flour (1)
•Tomato (1)
12556Mining (+1)
Squid Ink Ravioli Buff
4m and 39s for Mining.

2m and 59s for Squid Ink Ravioli Buff.
Combat Level 9150g

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