How to Craft a Geode Crusher in Stardew Valley?

Are you tired of frequently visiting the Blacksmith to crack a Geode? If so, you should make a Geode Crusher! In this guide, you’ll learn how to craft and use it in Stardew Valley.

A Geode Crusher placed in the middle of a room in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what a Geode Crusher looks like in Stardew Valley.

After collecting mineral deposits from The Mines, you have to visit Clint to open it. Although having it crazed only costs 25g, going back and forth to his shop can be a tiresome task.

If you don’t like continuously visiting him, getting a Geode Crusher would greatly favor you. This guide will help you make one and teach you how to use it.

What’s a Geode Crusher?

A Geode Crusher is a piece of refining equipment in Stardew Valley that efficiently breaks different mineral deposits, including Regular, Frozen, Mantle, and Omni Geodes. This machine is like a furnace since all you need is coal and Geode for it to work. And it’ll only take an hour to crack them.

However, it can’t crush items like Artifact Troves and Golden Coconuts. To open them, you still have to visit Clint’s shop. If you try placing a non-crushable item in it, nothing will happen. And if you operate it without any coal, the system will flash: “Require one coal.

How to Get Its Recipe?

A man with light brown hair talking to a player in Stardew Valley.
Meet Clint- Stardew Valley’s Blacksmith.

Before crafting this item, you must obtain its recipe from Clint by completing his Special Order “Cave Patrol.” You’re required to slay 50 of one of the listed monsters: Bats, Dust Sprites, Skeletons, or Grubs.

Upon completing this task, you’ll receive a 6,000g and the recipe as a reward. Note that you have only seven days to finish this task.

How to Craft It?

You’ll need two Gold Bars, 50 Stones, and one Diamond to make this equipment. 

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