How to use the Lightning Rod in Stardew Valley

The lightning rod is typically the easiest way of getting Battery Packs in Stardew Valley. Once they get hit by lightning, they’ll be able to generate these items. Storms in Stardew Valley ain’t really that frequent, but when they come, it’s good to have at least a few of these structures to make sure you’ll get those packs.

If you’re wondering where to place this building, then don’t worry, it doesn’t really matter. Since the lightning rods aren’t necessarily a lightning protection against lightning, where they’re placed isn’t an issue.

If you get up to level 6 in Foraging, you’ll be able to craft these sick shock absorbers. You only need 1x of Iron Bar, Refined Quartz, and 5x of Bat Wings.

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Stardew Valley Lightning Rod Placement

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the ORDER of the PLACEMENT doesn’t matter at all. Lightning strikes aren’t specific, just like its irl counterpart.

You will NOT always get battery packs if they rods aren’t getting hit by lightning strikes. Although you don’t really need to spam your farm with lightning to get battery packs.

If you’re itching to farm batter packs, you can always hit the caves and the mines and start hitting those Iridium bats.

But the easiest way is to get yourself a Solar Panel, a Lightning Rod (or more) or both in Stardew Valley.

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Lightning Rod Grass Hack

There are times when your animals go out to eat the grass all over the place. That’s a good thing, sure. But it’s important to note that your animals eating grass can actually harm your farm.

People recommended putting in some fences. But the problem arise when there’s too many fences when you could’ve put in something better, like a lightning rod.

Using lightning rods eliminates the need for fences as a substitute to bar the animals from entering. It’s pretty effective too since you’ll able to farm battery packs whenever it’s raining.

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