How to get the best overall profit in Stardew Valley

There are a lot of ways to make money and take profit in the game. But the best way to take profit in Stardew Valley is always hampered by a lot of factors.

Stardew Valley isn’t just your ordinary RPG. I mean, in way, it kinda is. You’re gonna be grinding a lot of stuff in order to level up and grind even more stuff. Repeat the process and bam, that’s the tl;dr of Stardew Valley as a whole.

Profitting off of a various sources of income can be challenging if you’re a newbie. But once you get the gist of what’s happening in the game, you should be able to do well in it.

If you’re looking for the best farming guide, you can check out this guide we’ve made just for you.

Stardew Valley Best Profit Crops

There could be a lot of contenders for the best and the most profitable things to do in Stardew Valley. The thing you should be focusing on is choosing your careers.

There’s a lot of things you can do in Stardew Valley. Choosing a career path and using what you’ve learned from your farming skills can definitely improve your end game.

But the problem is, some classes or professions are comparatively better than the others. For example, if you take a look at the overall stats of Forest vs. Gatherer, you’ll see that the Gatherer dominates the game.

Another example would ranking the Rancher vs. Tiller. The Rancher takes the spot for both early and mid game, whilst the Tiller for the long term game, or end game.

When it comes to crops, you have a variety of options to choose from. This farming guide ranks Strawberry as the best overall crop to farm.

You can also choose to get Ancient Fruits. If you aped enough time in Stardew Valley, you’ll be able to generate just enough money to get 400k per week.

As such, Ancient Fruit stored into kegs with Artisan skills makes it possible for you to turn 550g worth of seed into 2475g of wine.

Here’s a cheat sheet for the best crops for all season.

Best Profit Margin

In terms of profit margin, it’s always best to aim for 50% up to 75%. Although for beginners, it’s recommended to use the Normal or the standard Stardew Valley amount.

Decrease the profit margin makes the game grindy and realistic in some sense. While it doesn’t necessarily mean it reflects the real world counterpart, it’s best to keep you grinding.

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