Keg Quality Tips and Tricks in Stardew Valley

The keg is one of the best equipment you can have in Stardew Valley. It’s Artisan equipment that will produce the artisan products and goods you’ll need to make money. In short, having a keg will not only increase your yield, but you’ll also get the best profit out of it. Only if you know how to operate it, that is.

There are several things you’ll need to know to have the best profit out of it. Setups, products to mix, and everything you need to about keg will be listed here.

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Keg Stardew Valley Quality Identification: How to Spot the Best Keg Item Production

To maximize your profit with it, you’ll need to know a few things about how the keg operates. Knowing the fundamentals will help you net an incredible amount of income for what you “pay” for.

First, you’ll need to understand that items processed by a keg will sell HIGHER than its base production materials. Items processed by keg are gonna earn you the bag.

Second, items made from iridium materials are cheaper compared to the profitable regular ones. For example, Starfruit with gold quality is one of the best and the “gold” standard for keg farming.

Lastly, you need to take into account the effects of professions in the game. Being able to know how to use your skills to your advantage is important for the best profit returns.

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Stardew Valley Item ID for Keg

There are several items that you can spawn to make it easier for you to brew items to get the maximum returns.

You can check this list for the complete materials that you need for all the items in the game. Also, you can try checking out this Reddit post to more about the product quality and how it can be immersion-breaking.

Keg Blueprint

To get the keg blueprint in Stardew Valley, you’ll need up those numbers in your farming skills and pump it up until you reach the Farming skill of Level 8.

Best Keg Setups

The best keg setups depend on how far you are into the game. You can always look for the best keg setups on YouTube, but for the most profits, you’ll want to look at the higher yields. And to do that you’ll have to take it easy.

One of the best for startups is the pumpkin. With a profit of 36.2 gold per day, you’re on your way to becoming the richest keg farmer in the game.

SharkyGames via YT

But if you want to maximize your profit with the least amount of effort, you’ll have to drop the coffee beans into the keg. With a whopping 1050 gold per day. That is if you can farm for 120 minutes in-game time to harvest in the game. This is a lot of time to farm the items and you’ll get the most out of it.

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