Winter Festivals in Stardew Valley

Attend a Festival in Stardew Valley

Did you know that there are not one winter festival in Stardew Valley but three? Let’s discuss the Festival of Ice, the Night Market, and the Feast of the Winter Star. We’ll take a look at them in the order of their date, so you know when to go there and what to do at the winter festivals in Stardew Valley.

The Festival of Ice in Stardew Valley

First things first, the Winter Ice Festival starts on the 8th of Winter. Simply enter the Cindersap Forest during the day until 2pm, and you will automatically attend the festival.

Activities During This Festival

If you want to see beautiful igloos and ice sculptures, then this is the event to go to. Once you head over there, you will have the possibility to participate in an Ice Fishing Contest with Pam, Willy, and Elliott.  

Also, if you’d like to buy the Tree of the Winter Star or decorations to fit the Christmas mood, then definitely take a look at the booth by the Traveling Merchant

The Night Market in Stardew Valley

If you want to join this, head over to the Beach between the 15th and 17th of Winter. The beautiful lights will definitely charm you along with pretty boats and friendly merchants. Also, you can see a lot of other people at the Night Market winter festival, such as Jas, Sam, Alex, Demetrius, George, and Emily. Definitely a lot of friendly faces over there!

Activities During This Festival

First of all, there are a lot of boats during the winter festival where various items are sold. Are you looking for some decorations or hats? Either way, you can definitely find it in one of the boats for a rather good price. However, keep in mind that seed prices during the winter festival are the same as in Pierre’s Store.

Also, when it comes to this Stardew Valley festival, don’t forget to visit the Mermaid Boat. As soon as you enter it, you will see a mermaid, and it will be a lovely opportunity to listen to its singing performance.

The Feast of the Winter Star in Stardew Valley

The Feast of the Winter Star is probably the most beautiful winter festival in Stardew Valley! It happens on the 25th of Winter, and it takes place in the Pelican Town.

Activities During This Festival

The main part of this is gift-giving. If you’re wondering how to give gifts or what are the best gifts for the winter festival, continue reading! 

When it comes to you giving a gift, a lot of the items you already have will do because anything will be worth 5 times the amount of friendship points. On the other hand, if you’re receiving a gift, you might get something like a geode, wood, egg, or clay. There are a lot of possibilities, and all the gifts are nice. 

As a reminder in case you want to attend these events:

The Festival of IceCindersap Forest8th of Winter
The Night MarketThe Beach15th-17th of Winter
The Feast of the Winter StarPelican Town25th of Winter

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