Void Essence: Uses, Crafting, Quests, and More

Have you encountered a strange-looking item from the Mines? It might look scary for many Stardew Valley players, but it’s the opposite for its use. Read this complete item guide to know everything about Void Essence. 

The player in the mines with a void essence in Stardew Valley.
Void Essence – a curious substance of pure arcane energy (M. Rasmodius).

As you descend deeper into the Mines and Skull Cavern, you’ll run across some of the most dangerous enemies. You’ll unlock new ores, areas, and even monster loots! One of these is the arcane energy-rich essence that the Wizard loves. What is it, and where can you use it in Stardew Valley? 

What is a Void Essence?

You can get this loot by slaying shadow monsters such as Brutes, Shamans, and Snipers. Haunted Skulls, Serpents, and Spiders also drop this rare good upon dying.

Appearance-wise, this monster drop has eight black protrusions from the purple sphere.

How to Get A Void Essence?

The player interacting with Krobus and the Fishing Pond to get a Void Essence.
There are two more ways to get the essence: Krobus’ stock and Fish Pond’s daily loot.

Killing mobs in Stardew Valley isn’t the only way to get the uncommon good. Krobus sells ten of them every day for 100g. You can also gather five to ten pieces of the produce from Void Salmons by placing them in the Fish Pond. 

Although catching the outlandish salmon is challenging, there’s plenty for you in the Witch’s Swamp.

Uses of Void Essence

Arcane Shirt, Mega Bomb, and Void Ghost Pendant in one screen.
Albeit creepy-looking, Void Essences have multiple purposes in Stardew Valley.

Void Essences are great for making mega bombs – the strongest explosive in Stardew Valley. It has six to eight tiles in a radius, making it perfect for speedmining. However, you’ll need to reach Level 8 in Mining to craft one, which isn’t hard.

Bombs aside, it’s also a component for making an Iridium Band. This ring gives a glow, extra magnetism, and 10% attack boost to the wearer. If it’s a combination of Glow, Magnet, and Ruby Ring, this accessory can be convenient.

In terms of clothing, you’ll get an Arcane Shirt for combining cloth and one essence.

The Desert Trader accepts 200 pieces of the item for a Void Ghost Pendant. You can invite Krobus to your farmhouse to be his roommate with the pendant. However, you should start small by befriending the cute monster down the Sewers of Pelican Town.

Selling and Gifting

Shipping is the most convenient way of selling Void Essence, but 50g in Stardew Valley isn’t a great value. However, you can sell Iridium Bands for 1000g by combining the essence with five iridium bars and 50 solar essences.

Everyone in the town dislikes the monster drop except Wizard and Dwarf. However, the item works best if you give it to Rasmodius.

Quests and Bundles

The player interacting with the Wizard and Void Salmon both requesting a void essence.
It turns out there’s a use for Void Essences.

This item is important on the following quests:

  • A Dark Reagent – The Wizard will pay 1000g for bringing him the monster drop. It starts on Winter 12.

  • Fish Pond quest – Void Salmons will request five of the essences, and fulfilling it will expand your pond capacity to five.

  • Adventure’s Bundle Item – You can choose to complete the bundle in the Boiler Room by donating one piece of the monster drop.

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