Omni Geodes: Uses, Contents, Currency, Quests, and More

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In Stardew Valley, getting Omni Geodes can be a significant advantage for many reasons. This guide will talk everything about the elusive rock, from gifting to uses, and so much more!

An Omni Geode in the Frozen Mines in Stardew Valley.
Omni Geode – Stardew Valley.

Aside from ores and monsters, most cave parts are covered with stones. It takes time to break every piece with a pickaxe, but placing bombs help. However, there’s a tiny chance for rocks to produce a rare mineral deposit – Omni Geodes.

This item guide will talk about everything about the geode. From the mineral and artifact contents to quests and uses, you’ll know the basics once you encounter the rare geode.

What is an Omni Geode

Omni Geodes combines its Normal, Frozen, and Magma counterparts. That’s because every piece of artifacts and minerals you’ll get is inside this rare rock. There are no worries about traveling to a range of mine floors as long as you have a handful of this elusive mineral deposit.

In terms of appearance, it’s an ugly rock topped with earthly sprinkles. Not the most attractive, but benefits beat form.

Where to Get Omni Geodes?

Crane Game, Volcano Dungeon, and Krobus offering Omni Geodes to the player.
Crane Game, Volcano Dungeon, and Krobus’ Shop – these are some places to get Omni Geodes.

There are multiple ways to get this particular item in Stardew Valley, even if you hate mining. However, your odds will depend on your mining skills and luck, but eating Miner’s Treat or Lucky Lunch helps.

Here are the different means to get the unique geode:

  • Starting at the 21st floor in the Mines

  • Crane Game reward

  • Slaying Carbon Ghosts in Skull Cavern

  • Available for purchase during Wednesdays on Oasis (1000g each)

  • Nodes inside Volcano Dungeon

  • Panning

  • Available during Wednesdays from Krobus (300g each)

  • Octopus produce from Fish Ponds (nine population required)

  • Artifact Spots from Ginger Island

  • Supply Crates (needs Level 2 Farmhouse Upgrade)

  • Reward for completing the Geologist’s Bundle in the Boiler Room.

What Minerals and Artifacts Can You Get From an Omni Geode?

Clint the Blacksmith breaking open an Omni Geode in Stardew Valley
Clint the Blacksmith can open geodes for you.

Cracking open this geode in Stardew Valley costs 25g. Clint will do the job for you, and your task is finding the rare mineral deposit.

Loots vary from basic resources to valuable minerals or artifacts. However, the most common drops you’ll get aren’t that expensive. Unlike normal, frozen, and magma geodes, luck boosts won’t help increase your odds of getting a good return.

Ores, stone, clay, and coal are the worst items you’ll get for paying 25g to Clint. However, you can also get these treasures whenever you break the geode:


Fairy Stone250g
Fire Opal350g
Ghost Crystal200g
Lemon Stone200g
Lime Stone15g
Ocean Stone220g
Opal 150g
Petrified Slime120g
Star Shards500g
Thunder Egg100g
Earth Crystal50g
Frozen Tear75g
Fire Quartz100g
Ancient Drum100g
Dwarvish Helm100g
Dwarf Gadget200g

Omni Geodes as Currency

The player shopping at the Desert Trader.
The Desert Trader offers mysterious goods for Omni Geodes.

The rare geode earns its value since the Desert Trader started parading his exotic goods in Calico Desert. Most items need a hefty amount of the mineral deposit, however, farming them is not easy. But if you have all it takes to gather tons of the geode, consider browsing this list of exciting items from the Desert Trader:


ItemCost (in Omni Geodes)
Artifact Trove5
Green Turban50
Hay (x3)1
Magic Turban333
Magic Cowboy Hat333
Warp Totem: Desert3

Tailoring and Quests

The player wearing Omni Shirt after placing Omni Geodes in the Sewing Machine.
Omni Shirt – a wearable clothing in Stardew Valley.

There are two uses for an Omni Geode in Stardew Valley: Sewing and Fish Pond items.

You’ll also get an Omni Shirt by combining the geode with a cloth in the Sewing Machine.

Meanwhile, expanding the fish pond into five to seven spaces will need two to three pieces of the rare rock. Octopus, Rainbow Trout, Spook Fish, Sturgeon, or Super Cucumber will make the requests at any time.


Given its rarity and potential value, Clint and Dwarf love the item. It’s not surprising as these two NPCs love to talk or chill in the mines. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same with the rest of the villagers in Stardew Valley.

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