Stardew Valley Clint | Schedule, Location, and More

Clint is the resident Blacksmith of the Stardew Valley. He lives in Pelican Town, along with the other NPCs in the game.

His schedule as a Blacksmith isn’t as complicated in Stardew Valley. You can easily track his schedules by referring to his schedules down below. One of the good things about Clint is his Copper Ore quests in Stardew Valley, but we’ll talk about that later.

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Stardew Valley Clint Schedule

Here is Clint’s schedule in Stardew Valley. It’s not that complicated given the fact that he works pretty much all the time as the local Blacksmith.

TimeRegularWinter 15Winter 16Community Center Restored (Friday)Raining
8:50 AMCounter, BlacksmithBoiler Room, Community Center
9:00 AMCounter, BlacksmithCounter, BlacksmithBlacksmith’s Counter
10:30 AMWaiting Room, Clinic
1:30 PMExamination Room, Clinic
4:00 PMThe Saloon
5:00 PMAnvil, BlacksmithNight MarketAnvil, Blacksmith
7:00 PMThe SaloonHeads to The SaloonThe Saloon
12:00 AMSleepingHome – SleepingSleepingSleep at homeSleeping at his home

Stardew Valley Clint Copper Ore Quest

There’s a bug/glitch regarding Clint’s Copper Ore Quest. Several discussions were made on Reddit threads before and it seems like the only turnaround for this glitch is to gather more than 30 copper ores while the quest is active.

The problem is that Clint hates copper ores and you don’t want to make your relationship with him go sour. This copper ore quest problem hasn’t been addressed in the several patches that Stardew Valley underwent through.

Redditors posted several threads to keep tabs on this unsolved problem, but it seems like ConcernedApe ain’t concerned about this problem. So the players themselves worked their way through the unfixable bugs by using either item spawner mods or just literally using their brains.

Something like this should be immediately fixed, otherwise, the players would just go monkey brain on this.

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Clint and Emily’s Relationship

Emily is one of the romantic interests in the game that you can marry. However, there’s one problem. Clint has feelings for Emily.

You see, Clint is a shy person. He can’t openly admit that Emily is his crush, however, there’s a note that you can find in his bedroom confirming his feelings for her. It’s just a bad thing if you decided to marry Emily without trying to consult and ask about Clint himself.

Where is Clint’s Shop in Stardew Valley?

If you’re looking for Clint’s location or shop, you’ll have to check the northern area of the Museum, just about the eastern part of the town, across a small river.

You can refer to your map to refer to the actual location. Keep in mind that there are certain times that Clint won’t be in his shop. Refer to his schedules and timetables in the table above.

That’s about it for Clint. If you want to see more, check out our latest posts for the best Stardew Valley guides, mods, and everything about the game.

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