Everything you need to know about Daffodils in Stardew Valley!

Daffodils are the little yellow flowers that start to grow in Pelican Town during the spring!  You can easily pick them up and use them for all sorts of things.  Just like in real life foraging is a useful skill in Stardew Valley that helps you find great flowers, berries and shells all throughout the year.  This is a complete guide on all the ways you can include foraging daffodils into your gameplay!

Where do daffodils grow?

Daffodils can grow almost everywhere.  I’ve found that the best place to find them is on the path to the mountain and mines, Cindersap forest, and the path between your farm and the town.  But you can find them on any grassy area around Pelican Town.  They can even grow on your farm if you choose the forest farm.  And even if you haven’t, you can grow them with spring seeds!  You can also buy up to ten at the Flower Dance.

Who likes daffodils as a gift?

Daffodils can be a great gift for the right person!  Especially in the spring, when you can pick one up in a pinch.  Much easier than getting anything on the universal loves list, like golden pumpkins, prismatic shards, magic rock candy, a pearl or a rabbit’s foot.  However, reception of daffodils is a little conflicted so I’ll give you a helpful guide for gift giving!  Here’s a quick hint: Kent, Vincent, Haley, Pam, Pierre and Emily all have spring birthdays and enjoy daffodils!

Loves Sandy
LikesCaroline, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Haley, Harvey, Jas, Kent, Leah, Linus, Pam, Pierre, Vincent
NeutralAbigail, Alex, Clint, Demetrius, Lewis, Marnie, Maru, Penny,
DislikesDwarf, Elliott, Krobus, Leo, Sam, Sebastian, Shane, Willy,
Hates Jodi

What are the uses of daffodils?

Daffodils have many uses in game!  First of all, they’re needed in the spring foraging bundle in the Community Center Craft Room.  You need a wild horseradish, a daffodil, a leek and a dandelion!  Once completed you’ll get 30 spring seeds.  Completing the whole craft room unlocks the quarry which is incredibly helpful!  If you’re looking for more seeds, you can craft wild seeds will one of all the forgeable goods I just mentioned!  

If you’re looking for information about clothes, daffodils can help you too!  If placed in the spool of the sewing machine, daffodils can make a yellow shirt with blue overalls (a little bit of a minion look, great if you’re looking for your next costume!).  In the dying pots in Emily and Haley’s house daffodils can be used as yellow dye.  

Daffodils can also be requested on the quest board in front of Pierre’s general store during spring.   If you see this request definitely take it because daffodils are very easy to get, and you’ll get 90g and 150 friendship points!

Daffodils can be eaten but they don’t provide any health or energy.  If you need to get more space in your innovatory you can eat them but I wouldn’t recommend it if you can help it!   

Can I sell daffodils?

Absolutely!  Selling things you forage is a great way to make money because it costs you nothing to get!  An average daffodil sells for 30g, with the price going up to 60g for iridium quality.  Foraging in general is a great way to make extra money if you’re heading out to Pelican Town during the day.  

What else can I forage? 

During the spring you can find wild horseradish, daffodil, dandelion and leeks, as well as many more!  But there are lots of other things you can foraging seasonally and all year long!  If you like to hang out on the beach look out for clams, shells, oysters, urchins and seaweed.  If you can find the elusive rainbow shell you can sell it for 300g!  And if you spend lots of time in the mines, keep space in your inventory for mushrooms and cave carrots!  Here is a table for the seasonal foraging so you can plan ahead for the seasons!  Keep a special eye out for the winter forages because you won’t be able to grow crops when it’s that cold so you may find yourself relying more on other methods of making money.

SeasonForaged Goods
Springwild horseradish, daffodil, dandelion, leek, common mushroom,
morel, salmonberryspring onion
Summerfiddlehead fern, grape, red mushroom, spice berry, sweet pea
Fallblackberries, chanterelle, common mushroom, hazelnut, wild plum
Wintercrocus, crystal fruit, holly, snow yam, winter root

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