Winter Root: Sources, Uses, and More

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Do you want to know what the Winter Root (W.R.) in Stardew Valley is? Why is it important, and where can you get the item? Learn everything here in this guide!

Foraging in Winter gives a different feeling: easier to track items, found in various places, and more exotic. There are good reasons why it’s easy to get lost this season, especially with the homestead being inactive. But you’ll see it isn’t bad after all.

Winter Root is among many foraging items during the frosty season (and below the ground). What is the foraged good, where can you get it, and what is it used for?

Important Questions

What is a Winter Root?

As one of the unique items in Stardew Valley, it’s buried under the snow waiting for the player to unearth it. This starchy tuber offers the following Energy and Health regeneration after consumption:


How to Find a Winter Root?

It’s obvious what season this item is available. However, you can still find it sometimes during growing seasons because it’s not that rare. Here’s every location to look for:

  • The Mines – Slaying Blue Slimes on the Mines, floors 40 – 80 (8%), or the Secret Woods.

  • Artifact Spots – Depends on the location (17 – 24%, highest chance)

  • Tillable Soil Anywhere – Use a Hoe and dig any standard tillable dirt outside the farm (4%)

  • Wild Seeds – Planting the crafted Winter Seeds and waiting for seven days. Crop outcomes vary. Wild Winter Root then becomes a standard wild-seed crop.

  • Garbage Cans

Facts and Information

Selling Prices

Since W.R. is a foraged good, you can only get normal selling prices. It may not look worthwhile, but it’s common among most wild loots except for Fiddlehead Fern and Crystal Fruit. Here’s the table of prices:

QualitySelling Prices


This loot is used in one of the most important items during Winter to get extra profit. However, it’s impossible to tell if a Wild Root is a 100% guarantee after planting. Regardless, here’s the item’s recipe:

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Wild Seeds (Wi)Level 7 Foraging• Crocus (1)
• Crystal Fruit (1)
• Snow Yam (1)
W.R. (1)


W.R. is one of two ingredients to make a Roots Platter in Stardew Valley. The other half is abundant underneath the ground, where monsters are lurking behind. Here’s everything about the dish, from ingredients and stats to selling prices and healing effects:

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with Q.S.HealthHealth with QSBuff + DurationBuff + Duration with Q.S.Selling PriceSelling Price with Q.S.Recipe Source
Roots Platter• Cave Carrot (1)
W.R. (1)
+125+225+56+101+3 Attack (5 minutes, 35 seconds)+4 Attack (8 minutes, 22 seconds)100g150g• Level 3 Combat


At the spool of the Sewing Machine, a piece of cloth with W.R. will make an Orange Bow Shirt. It has cute stripes that’ll make you appear more classy. Moreover, you can use the item as an Orange Dye at the Dye Pots.


Harvey, Leah, and Linus are the only townspeople to appreciate this starchy tuber. It’s because the three are notable foragers in Pelican Town, as hinted by their dialogues after marrying them. Giving this gift to the wrong people will make them dislike you.


Used in one quest:

  • Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store. Random delivery request by any NPC and has a 140g and 150 Friendship points reward.


It’s required to have this item in the Winter Foraging Bundle at the Crafts Room (Community Center). Completing the set will please the Junimos, resulting in a cutscene that triggers after sleeping where they fix the Quarry Bridge.

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