Spice Berry: Cultivation, Selling, Benefits, and More

Are you looking for crops to grow this Summer in Stardew Valley? Perhaps you’re interested in developing a Spice Berry. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a guide that’ll tell you about its uses and benefits!

A player holding a Spice Berry in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what a Spice Berry looks like in Stardew Valley.

It’s a bummer whenever your favorite crop goes out of season, but on the bright side, it means you can discover other plants. If you’re in the mood to cultivate lucrative fruits in Stardew Valley, why don’t you produce some Spice Berries?

Here’s a quick spoiler, you can’t use it in any cooked foods, but you can still make tons of gold with it. In this guide, you’ll learn how to grow and use them on your farm!

What’s a Spice Berry?

A Spice Berry is a seasonal crop that you’ll find during Summer. It’ll only take seven days to grow this crop. You can also consume it and get +25 Energy and +11 Health.

Where to Get It?

You’ll obtain this fruit through foraging and crafting Summer Seeds. The first method is quite limited, but the latter only gives a 50/50 chance of getting Spice Berries.

If you didn’t know, Summer Seeds could produce three crops: Grapes, Spice Berries, and Sweet Peas. They appear randomly, splitting the probability of getting your desired item. 

Nonetheless, you can still get them since crafting its seed won’t cost you a fortune.

How to Grow a Spice Berry?

Like other crops, you’ll need to till the soil before growing this plant. You can also add some fertilizer to help it develop faster and enhance its quality.

If you have the Agriculturist Profession, its growth speeds up by 10%. And pairing it with a Speed-Gro (SG), Deluxe Speed-Gro (DSG), or Hyper Speed-Gro (HSG) doubles this advantage.

Here’s the side-by-side comparison of a Spice Berry applied with fertilizer, profession, or both. 

With FertilizerPercentageNo. of DaysPercentage of crops with Fertilizer and ProfessionNo. of Days


A player holding a wine and jelly in Stardew Valley.
Some Wine and Jelly can make your profit skyrocket!

Once you harvest Spice Berries, you can start selling them for a reasonable price. Its value starts at 80g, but its quality increases if you apply the mentioned fertilizers.

Here’s the price list of Spice Berry with Fertilizers and the enhancement in their healing effect:

Silver Star100g+15+35
Gold Star120g+20+45
Iridium Star160g+29+65

If you’re not pleased with this income, you can also make some wine from it.  

Although it may take some time and effort, your profit will still double with the aid of these goods. Note that having an Artisan Profession makes this more beneficial as it adds +40% to its value.

These are the possible earnings you’ll get per wine with either quality, profession, or both:

Quality without ProfessionPricePrice of Quality with Profession
Silver Star300g420g
Gold Star360g504g

Aside from this, you can also make a Jelly using Spice Berries which has a base selling price of 210g. It’ll turn into 294g if you have the same profession.


Most NPCs in Stardew Valley have mixed feelings about receiving this crop. Some like it, while others feel neutral when getting them. 

However, you should remember not to gift this to Abigail, Haley, Jas, and Vincent. Even Evelyn, Harvey, and Jodi won’t appreciate this fruit since they hate it.


A Green Buttoned Vest completes your Christmas updo!

You can use it to make a dyeable Green Buttoned Vest and even make some orange dyes for your pots.

Bundles and Quest

Spice Berries are also helpful in completing bundles such as the Summer Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room. You may also use it to accomplish quests from Pierre’s “Help Wanted” sign, wherein you’ll receive 240g and 150 Friendship points as a reward.

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