How to Grow an Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley


Would you like to produce crops that would yield a hefty payout? You might want to grow an Ancient Fruit since they’re very lucrative and makes a great gift for villagers. If you want to learn more about this fruit, here’s a guide to help you!

A player holding an ancient fruit in Stardew Valley.
It’s one of the best fruits to grow in Stardew Valley!

Growing Ancient Fruit is one of the best investments you can make in Stardew Valley. It’s a sustainable money-maker that will also allow you to acquire a lot of Farming XP. If you’re interested in learning how to produce your own, keep reading this guide!

Important Questions

What is an Ancient Fruit?

It’s a fruit crop from Ancient Seeds. Its seed bears fruit after 28 days of planting. Subsequently, it regrows every seven days, giving the same product after maturation. Despite being inedible, it yields up to 38 Farming XP, and you can process them into Ancient Fruit Wine or Jelly.  

How to Grow an Ancient Fruit?

A player growing an ancient fruit in Ginger Island Farm.
You can always visit your farm to get more supplies of it!

Before obtaining these fruits, you’ll need to obtain the Ancient Seed artifact’s viable counterpart. Here are some ways to get it:

  • Traveling Cart. You may occasionally purchase it from the Traveling Merchant for 100g to 1000g. Note that you’ll only find this bazaar every Sunday and Friday.
  • Reward from the Museum. After donating the artifact seed, you may get an Ancient Fruit Seed as a reward from Gunther
  • Seed Maker. You have a 0.5% of spawning a packet of Ancient Seeds from other crops you tried to replicate. Making duplicates of this fruit is the easiest way to obtain them.

You can plant the seeds after obtaining them, but remember that you can only do this during Spring, Summer, or Fall. To keep cultivating them all year, you may place them on your Ginger Island Farm or Greenhouse. Don’t forget to add some scarecrows to prevent crows from destroying your crops.

Moreover, it takes 28 days for them to mature. You can also use fertilizers to speed up their growth time. But remember that they only boost the growth speed on the first harvest. Additionally, it regrows every seven days, which helps you collect its produce before winter. 

The table shows how fast the crop grows and matures using fertilizers. Furthermore, the Agriculturist Profession without fertilizer adheres to the 10% table. Refer to the data provided to know the item’s growth rate based on each fertilizer’s effects.

FertilizerGrowth Percentage (%)No. of DaysGrowth Percentage with Agriculturist (%)No. of Days with Agriculturist
Deluxe Speed-Gro25%2235%19

Hyper-Speed Gro

Facts and Information

Selling Prices

A player using ancient fruits to make wine and jelly.
If you want to get more income, turn them into these goods!

An Ancient Fruit’s value depends on its quality and your profession. You may enhance it by adding fertilizers until it reaches Iridium Quality. While your chosen career also affects their value, Tiller Profession increases a crop’s value by 10%, while Artisan boosts the goods’ prices by 40%. 

Nonetheless, you can make profits by selling its raw product or by turning them into Artisan Goods. Here are the prices of each good depending on their quality:

QualityWithout Profession With Tiller Profession(+10% Sell Price)Wine without ProfessionWith Artisan Profession(+40% Sell Price)Jelly without ProfessionJelly with Artisan Profession(+40% Sell Price


A player using an ancient fruit to make pants Stardew Valley.
Do you want color-changing pants? Here’s a magical item you can use!

You can also use an Ancient Fruit in a spool of a sewing machine to create dyeable Genie Pants. It makes a color-changing outfit making it look magical. Aside from this benefit, you can also use it as a blue dye for dye pots.


Most of the villagers would like this fruit as a gift. However, some NPCs like Demetrius, Elliot, Harvey, and more would love it. Nevertheless, you must avoid giving this to Abigail, Haley, Jas, and Vincent because they dislike it.


With this item, don’t expect to complete any quests. Although this item is valuable in the game, it doesn’t affect mission completion. As a result, you would not gain anything from using it in this case.


Complete the following bundles with this item:

  • Missing Bundle. There are five items needed to finish this bundle in the abandoned JojaMart. The five Gold Quality Ancient Fruits were one of the many items you may choose from to put in one of the five boxes. Completing this Junimo donation opens the Movie Theater.
  • Rare Crops Bundle. Only one item is needed to finish this bundle in the Pantry (Remixed). To complete it, pick either this crop or a Sweet Gem Berry. You’ll receive one Preserves Jar as a reward.

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