Ancient Seed: Museum Donation, Uses, and More

Have you ever heard of the Ancient Seed in Stardew Valley? You may not know, but it’s not a grain you can cultivate on your farm– it’s a valuable relic! Read further to learn more about it in this guide.

A player holding an ancient seed in Stardew Valley.
Can you see this brown seed?

Artifact Spots are one of the best ways to get valuable items in-game. Upon hunting for mysterious objects around Pelican Town and other maps, you may have found a dry old seed. What is it, and how is it relevant in Stardew Valley?

Old items such as this may seem useless, but you’ll learn how it affects your gameplay and their benefits in this guide! 

Important Questions

What is an Ancient Seed?

It’s one of the 42 relics that add to the total count of Museum donations. Wherein, Gunther rewards you with a pack of plantable Ancient Seeds and its recipe for offering it.

Interestingly, you can also market it for 5g. But its selling price isn’t a great deal-breaker to stop you from donating it. 

How to Get an Ancient Seed?

There are plenty of ways to obtain an Ancient Seed, which include:

  • Artifact Spots. You’ll potentially acquire it by digging these worms at Cindersap Forest (0.7%) and The Mountain, including the Quarry (0.7%).
  • Fishing Treasure Chests. You’ll only get it once you reach Fishing Level 2 and find at least one valuable item in-game (0.7% to 0.8%).
  • Breaking an Artifact Trove. You can only open it with Clint’s help since the Geode Crusher won’t work on it. There’s a 3.7% chance of getting the drop from Artifact Troves.
  • Killing Mobs. Bugs, Cave Flies, Grubs, Mutant Flies, and Mutant Grubs all have a 0.5% chance of dropping this loot.
  • Destroying Foliage. Knocking down this plant from the Prehistoric Floors of Skull Cavern may occasionally give you this item.
  • Deconstructor. Placing a pack of Ancient Seeds yields this loot.

Facts and Information


Excess Ancient Seed Artifact can be viable seeds too!

A piece of it is transformable to Ancient Fruit Seeds. And you’ll get this ancient plant’s recipe after using the first seed as a donation.  

Moreover, you can cultivate these viable seeds on your farm in any season except Winter. But it also grows at any period if placed in a Greenhouse or Ginger Island.  

You’ll even earn a decent amount of gold with this profitable crop as it’s replicable through the Seed Maker.


A Brown suit produced in the Sewing Machine of Stardew Valley.
Best suit for weddings!

Setting it in the spool of the Sewing Machine alongside a piece of cloth makes a Brown Suit. It has an elegant touch, which can be handy once you marry your Marriage Candidate. Unfortunately, you can’t use it as a dye on dyeable clothes or dye pots.


It’s not the best gift in-game since many NPCs dislike it. But, you can give it to the Dwarf and Penny since they both like it. Doing this also increases your friendship points with them!


Like other relics, this item won’t help you in any quests. But given its offered uses, you’ll discover more crops and boost your profit. Its counterpart’s products also make a decent gift.


Despite not being a part of the Missing Bundle, its function as a donation still counts as an accomplishment. It comes with various other uses that enhance your game’s progress. You’ll discover more loot as you creatively use this item!

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