How to Get Sugar in Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022

The secret to every sweet treat in Stardew Valley is no other than Sugar! It may not be the most lucrative product, but it belongs to several recipes. Here’s a guide to help you learn more about producing it on your Farm.

A player standing beside a Mill with Sugar in Stardew Valley.
Prepare for a sugar rush once you obtain this ingredient!

The sweetness of desserts such as pastries and candies may send volts of excitement to any player. Each of them has a common element which is Sugar. It sells for a low price, but it surely adds more dishes to your refrigerator for it’s helpful in various cooking recipes in-game.

Here’s a guide to walk you through everything you can do with it!

Important Questions

What is Sugar?

It’s a cooking ingredient used in different recipes. Consuming it gives 25 Energy and 11 Health. You can even market it for 50g each, which is quite lower than the prices from local stores. However, its value isn’t worth much, wait until you see the dishes it belongs to.

How to Get Sugar?

A player beside Pierre's General Store and JojaMart.
Visit these local stores to get it.

Unlike other ingredients, you’d neither find it in the Oasis nor the Traveling Cart. But you may get it from the following places:

●     Pierre’s General Store. They have it all season for 100g.

●     JojaMart. You’ll find it in their permanent stock costing 125g.

●     Supply Crates. If you chose the Beach Farm option and had a house upgrade at least once. You’ll occasionally find four to seven pieces of this loot in this area.

Facts and Information


You can make sugar by placing a Beet in the Mill of your farmhouse. Wherein it’ll spawn three parts of this ingredient. You’ll find it in the box beside the farm building the next day.

If you don’t have this infrastructure yet, you may purchase it from Robin’s Carpenter Shop for 2,500g.


A list of desserts made with sugar in Stardew Valley.
Don’t they look appetizing?

The great news about producing Sugar (S.) is that you won’t need to visit the Stardrop Saloon or Krobus’ Shop every Saturday to purchase desserts! Upon getting this ingredient, you’ll get to prepare different food items on your stove or cookout kit and boost your profit.

Moreover, adding a Qi Seasoning would increase their prices and buff duration by 50%. It also adds 80% to their healing effect and a +1 to each buff aside from Speed.

Here’s the list of meals that uses this good:

ItemIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff and DurationBuff and Duration with QSRecipe SourceSelling PriceSelling Price with QS
Banana Pudding• Banana (1) 
• Any Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
+125+225+56+101+1 Mining 
+1 Luck 
+1 Defense(5m and 1s)
+2 Mining
+2 Luck
+2 Defense
(7m and 30s)
• Island Trader for 30 pieces of Bone Fragment.260g390g
Blackberry Cobbler• Blackberry (2) 
• S. (1) 
• Wheat Flour (W.F) (1)
+175+315+78+141None• Viewing The Queen of Sauce on the 14th of Fall, Year 2260g390g
Blueberry Tart• Blueberry (1) 
• W. F. (1) 
• S.  (1) 
• Egg (1)
+125+225+56+101None• After reaching three hearts with Pierre.150g225g
Chocolate Cake• W. F. (1) 
• S.  (1) 
• Egg (1)
+150+270+67+121None• Checking out The Queen of Sauce Chanel on the 14th Winter, Year 1200g300g
Cookie• W. F.  (1) 
• S.  (1) 
• Egg (1)
+90+162+40+72None• 4-Hearts event with Evelyn.140g210g
Cranberry Candy• Cranberries (1) 
• Apple (1)
• S.(1)
+125+225+56+101None• Acquired by watching The Queen of Sauce on the 28th of Winter, Year 1175g262g
Cranberry Sauce• Cranberries (1) 
• S. (1)
+125+225+56+101+2 Mining  (3m the 30s)+3 Mining(5m)• Received via mail after reaching seven hearts with Gus.120g180g
Ginger Ale• Ginger (3)  
• S. (1)
+63+113+28+50+1 Luck (5m)+2 Luck (7m and 30s)• Dwarf Shop in Volcano on Ginger Island for 1,000g200g300g
Glazed Yams• Yam (1) 
• S.  (1)
+200+360+90+162NoneThe Queen of Sauce21 Fall, Year 1.200g300g
Ice Cream• Milk (1) 
• S.  (1)
+100+180+45+81NoneReach seven hearts with Jodi.120g180g
Maple Bar• Maple Syrup (1)
• S. (1)
• W. F.(1)
+225+405+101+182+1  Fishing

+1 Mining (16m 47s)
+2 Fishing 

+2 Mining (25m and 17s)
Watching the Queen of Sauce on the 14th Summer, Year 2.300g450g
Miner’s Treat• Cave Carrot (2) 
• S. (1) 
• Milk (1)
+125+225+56+101+3 Mining   

+32 Magnetism (5m and 35s)

+4 Mining

+33 Magnetism (8m and 14s)
• Mining Level 3.200g300g
Pink Cake• Melon (1) 
• W. F.(1) 
• S.  (1)
• Egg (1)
+250+450112+202None• Viewing the Queen of Sauce on the 21st of Summer, Year 2480g720g
Plum Pudding• Wild Plum (2) 
• W. F. (1) 
• S. (1)
+175+315+78+141None• Watching The Queen of Sauce on the 7th of Winter, Year 1260g390g
Poppyseed Muffin• Poppy (1) 
• W. F. (1) 
• S. (1)
+150+270+67+121NoneChecking out the Queen of Sauce on the 7th of Winter, Year 2250g375g
Pumpkin Pie• Pumpkin (1) 
• W. F. (1) 
• Milk (1) 
• S. (1)
+225+405+101+182None• Checking The Queen of Sauce on the 21st of Winter, Year 1385g577g
Rhubarb Pie• Rhubarb (1) 
• W. F. (1) 
• S. (1)
+215+387+96+174None• After achieving seven hearts with Marnie.400g600g
Rice Pudding• Milk (1) 
• S. (1)
• Rice (1)
+115+207+51+93None• After reaching seven hearts with Evelyn.260g390g


A sugar shirt made in the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
It’s cute to wear pink once in a while.

Alongside a piece of cloth, you can use this item in the spool of the Sewing Machine to make a Sugar Shirt. It’s a cute carnation shirt with a small smiley face on it. However, you can’t use Sugar in dyeing shirts and dye pots.


The popular demand for sweets doesn’t apply to their common element. Villagers generally hate it. But Abigail is an exemption since she only dislikes it.


You can’t Sugar in any tasks. But it helps complete cooking recipes and boost your profits in-game. Apart from these advantages, you can gift its dishes to NPCs.


This ingredient isn’t used in any bundles. Nonetheless, you can use its offered healing effects to regain your stamina. But to effectively extract its benefits, we’d suggest turning it into tasty dishes.

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