How to Get Squid Ink in Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022


What’s a Squid Ink, and where can you get it in Stardew Valley? It’s not the most valuable item, but here are some ways you can use it to extract its benefits effectively!

A player holding a squid ink in Stardew Valley.
Are you planning to bewitch someone? Sike! It isn’t a potion.

The Dangerous Mines isn’t everyone’s go-to location for finding a different kind of fish product in Stardew Valley. Perhaps deep-sea fishing in the ocean or submarine in the Night Market is a wiser choice. But upon encountering deadly mobs, you might’ve obtained a Squid Ink. 

Here’s a spoiler, it’s not a magical potion that’ll turn you immortal for a few minutes. In this guide, you’ll understand further the essence of this loot!

Important Question

What is Squid Ink?

It’s an inedible item commonly used by Squids to distract their predators. You can sell it for 110g gold, but unfortunately, the Adventurer’s Guild wouldn’t purchase it.

Nonetheless, you can still market it to Willy’s Fish Shop by sending it through the Shipping Bin. It’ll help you accomplish the Shipping Collection in Stardew Valley.

How to get Squid Ink?

You don’t have a lot of options to acquire it, but here are some ways that you can try:

  • Killing Monsters. Aside from getting a gold bar, diamond, and other resource materials from mobs. There’s also a 20% chance for Squid Kid (floors 81 to 119) and Blue Squid (floors 11 to 29) to drop this item in the Mines’ dangerous state.
  • Collecting products in the Fish Pond. Unlike other fishes, these creatures won’t just leave you with some hardwood. A Squid (1, 6% to 100%) and Midnight Squid (1, 20% to 72%; 2, 25%)  may produce this ink. Note that the percentage and number of products depend on the pond’s population level.

Facts and Information


A player holding tow different dishes in Stardew Valley.
Start your day with these oddly satisfying meals.

Since this drop doesn’t have the best selling price, making healthy cooked dishes might be worth the trouble of getting it. Unfortunately, you can’t use it in a Keg or Preserves Jar to make beverages or jellies.

However, it does belong to two tasty dishes: the Seafoam Pudding and Squid Ink Ravioli. In preparing the first meal, you’ll need one Squid Ink, a Flounder, and a Midnight Carp. While the other requires a piece of this squid product, a Tomato, and Wheat Flour.

Moreover, adding the Qi Seasoning to these edibles enhances their healing effects by 80%, buff duration, and price by 50%. It also adds one to each buff (except speed). 

Here are the benefits you’ll get from cooking these food items:

ItemEnergy Energy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff + Duration Buff + Duration with QSPrice Price with QSRecipe Source
Seafoam Pudding+175+315+78+141+4 Fishing 
(3m and 30s)
+5 Fishing
(5m and 25s)
300g450gFishing Level 9
Squid Ink Ravioli+125+225+56+101+1 Mining (4m and 39s)

S. I. Ravioli Buff (3m)
+2 Mining (6m and 3s)

S.I Ravioli Buff (6m)
150g225gCombat Level 9


A Midnight Dog Jacket from the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
Going out for a party? Don’t forget to bring this fancy jacket!

You can use this item as a spool of the Sewing Machine to create a Midnight Dog Jacket. It’s also helpful in making a black clothing dye. Sadly, it doesn’t apply to dye pots.


A Squid Ink isn’t the best gift, but NPCs would feel neutral about getting this. Except for Elliott, who adores this product. If you want to deepen your friendship with him, don’t hesitate to give it!


Any villager doesn’t request it. But you can still efficiently use it in cooking and building relationships. Its dishes also make a good backup whenever you visit the dangerous areas in Stardew Valley.


Choosing the remixed Bundles in the Community Center makes this drop an option to complete the Fish Farmer’s Bundle in the Pantry (remixed). Accomplishing this donation gives you a Worm Bin. It’s a crafted item that makes your fishing experience easier as you get more baits!

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