Night Market in Stardew Valley: A Full Guide

Are you tired of regular festivals in Stardew Valley? How about a treat at the Night Market in Winter? In this guide, we’ll walk you through this yearly event in the game that lets you browse different items from dealers!

The night market with different merchant boats and an entertainment with some small vendors near Willy's Shop.
The Night Market from the view above!

Pelican Town celebrates different seasonal festivals, from the zestful Egg Hunt to the quirkiest Spirit’s Eve. Winter is no exception, with the Festival of Ice and Feast of the Winter Star arranged within 28 days. However, one such occasion is so matchless that you won’t feel a better satisfaction after paying a visit to the place.

Enter Night Market – one of Stardew Valley’s attractions introduced in the game’s 1.3.27 version. Since ConcernedApe gives free updates, you can’t miss this unique occasion whether you’re on PC, Windows, or Mac.

This complete Night Market guide will talk about everything from different shops and items to secrets and tips and tricks.

What is the Night Market?

A parchment paper containing a message about inviting the player to the Night Market.
Eventually, you’ll get an invitation to the event.

The Night Market is a festival that occurs from Winter 15 to 17. You’ll receive a mail informing you of the upcoming festivity, and you’ll be invited to visit the Beach every 5 PM. While other fests restrict access to the place, this one’s an exception. Moreover, you can enter shops and homes and time passes by normally.

You’ll see boats that will either offer goods or take you for a ride at the event’s beginning. However, every shop will close at 2 AM – the same time you’ll pass out.

Here are every merchant and vessel you can interact with while at the Night Market:

Fishing Submarine

The player entering the submarine boat.
It’s affordable to ride a boat in Stardew Valley to fish in the depths.

Before grabbing a cup of Coffee, consider underwater fishing first since it’s the most popular among every Stardew Valley player. New fish types give hype to collectors, but it’s also crucial in completing the Master Angler achievement. If you’re a newbie, you’ll need to catch Blobfish, Spook Fish, and Midnight Squid in this area!

However, talk to the captain first and pay 1000g for the deep-sea fishing tour. It’ll take you 30 in-game minutes for descent (same thing to ascent) before he opens a trapdoor for fishing. The Submarine closes at 11 PM, but you can fish until 2 AM.

Here’s every fishing item you can get along with standard and with Curiosity Lure chances as you cast your Iridium Rod:

ItemBase ChanceChance with Curiosity Lure
Midnight Squid21%17%
Sea Cucumber5%4%
Spook Fish16%18%
Super Cucumber4%7%

Magic Bait works inside the Fishing Submarine that attracts all fish types. But the most valuable item you can reel in is a Pearl, selling for 2,500g.

Desert Trader FREE Coffee

The Desert Trader giving the player a cup of Coffee.
The Desert Trader joins the Night Market with free Coffee every night!

Each night the festival is active, you can talk to the Desert Trader for a free cup of Coffee. She can only do this once per day, and her shop in Calico Desert is unavailable. However, you’ll get an excellent movement speed to run faster as usual.

Magic Shop Boat

The player buying goods at the Magic Shop Boat during Night Market.
Magic Shop Boat also sells a unique fireplace and unique hat.

Looking to prepare for the next three seasons while it’s cold? The Magic Shop Boat is your go-to vendor, without additional charges (similar to Pierre’s General Store) versus JojaMart and Traveling Cart. You can find the vessel near Lupini, and you’ll get access to the following items for a price:

Winter 15 (Item)PriceWinter 16 (Item)PriceWinter 17 (Item)Price
Bean Starter60gBlueberry Seeds80gAmaranth Seeds70g
Cauliflower Seeds80gCone Hat2,500gArtichoke Seeds30g
Cone Hat5,000gCorn Seeds150gBok Choy Seeds50g
Garlic Seeds40gHops Starter60gCone Hat10,000g
Grave Stone200gIridium Fireplace15,000gCorn Seeds150g
Iridium Fireplace15,000gMelon Seeds80gCranberry Seeds240g
Jazz Seeds30gPepper Seeds40gEggplant Seeds20g
Kale Seeds70gPoppy Seeds100gFairy Seeds200g
Parsnip Seeds20gRadish Seeds40gGrape Starter60g
Potato Seeds50gRarecrow #75,000gIridium Fireplace15,000g
Rarecrow #75,000gRarecrow #85,000gLog Section200g
Rarecrow #85,000gRed Cabbage Seeds100gPumpkin Seeds100g
Stone Frog500gSpangle Seeds50gRarecrow #75,000g
Tulip Bulb20gStone Parrot500gRarecrow #85,000g
  Suit of Armor Stone Owl500g
  Sunflower Seeds Sunflower Seeds200g
  Tomato Seeds Wheat Seeds10g
  Wheat Seeds Yam Seeds60g

Tip: Rarecrow #7 and #8 will be available for purchase once Gunther gives you the same items as a reward for donating Museum items. In pricing, Gravestone is 150g cheaper than its cost in Spirit’s Eve. The same goes for Log Section versus Carpenter’s Shop. Lastly, buy a Cone Hat at Night for its cheapest value.

Seeds of Artichoke, Garlic, and Red Cabbage will be available in Year 2.

Mermaid Boat

The player entering the Mermaid Boat
Warning: 10/10 tune incoming!

At the far right of Willy’s Docks, you’ll see a Mermaid Boat. It’s open until 12:30 AM, and entering will trigger a Mermaid Show cutscene lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes. However, you may leave anytime, even if the show’s going. 

After the playtime, you can interact with clam shells that’ll produce musical notes. Not sure how it works? Try looking at Secret Note #15 as it hints at the puzzle’s answer. But it’s not a requirement to discover the clue first for completion. The combination is 1-5-4-2-3, and you’ll get a Pearl per saved game!

The tune is reminiscent of Ginger Island’s Flute Block Puzzle and the performance in the same vessel.

Decoration Boat

The player buying furniture and other items at the Decoration Boat.
Fun Fact: The Decoration Boat is the only shop that sells Candy Canes.

The Night Market offers different items, including visually pleasing decorative items, to make your farm stand out. And for the best part, you can make unlimited purchases, and the stock changes every night. 

Some decors are for Winter, and you may also get plants that change alongside seasons. Interact with the indistinguishable blue boat to see what you’ll get:

Big Green Cane200g
Big Red Cane200g
Clouds Banner1,000g
Green Canes200g
Mixed Cane200g
Plain Torch800g
Red Canes200g
Seasonal Decor500g
Seasonal Plant 1500g
Seasonal Plant 2500g
Seasonal Plant 3500g
Seasonal Plant 4500g
Seasonal Plant 5500g
Seasonal Plant 6500g
Stump Torch800g

Famous Painter Lupini

The player buying paintings from Famous Painter Lupini at the Night Market.
Lupini produces tons of beautiful artwork worth buying!

While Stardew Valley is art itself, you can still get multiple artworks through different means. One of them is Famous Painter Lupini – a generous and talented artist selling three paintings throughout the Night Market. However, his inventory rotates every three years, totaling nine items you’ll get!

For 1,200g each, here is every masterpiece you should purchase, along with the years and date it’s available:

TitleDate Sold (Winter)Year Sold (Number)
Red Eagle151
The Serpent153
Portrait of a Mermaid161
1000 Years From Now162
Tropical Fish #173163
Solar Kingdom171
Three Trees172
Land of Clay173

Traveling Cart

The player not buying (some) items at the Traveling Cart.
Just don’t buy here.

There’s little to say about the Traveling Cart, except she has her pig on a lifeboat. Also, her prices are still ridiculously unfair, so there’s no reason to buy from her (except for the Wedding Ring recipe). But if you’re desperate, check here to see each of her inventory.

Shrouded Figure

The Shrouded Player giving a Farm Warp Totem to the player.
Complete your trip with this mysterious-looking figure near Willy’s Shop.

Done exploring the festivity? Returning home would be a great idea, but every minute counts! The mysterious creature in robes can help you teleport back to your farm for only 250g. But if you don’t like paying, craft a Warp Totem: Farm instead.

Tips to Remember

Marnie talking to the player.
Marnie is one of many others who have positive feedback on the event!

This beautiful event will replace your crab pots from Winter 15 to 17. However, it’ll return on the 18th alongside chests and items.

Tilling sand will still give you Clay, Snow Yam, and Winter Root. The same goes for Panning, as shimmering lights may randomly appear on the Ocean.

On the other hand, Robin won’t attend the Night Market if she’s working on one of your farm buildings. But for other NPCs, you could still talk to them about a quest, killing monsters, or delivering items. 

Here’s a table of every villager you can talk to and when they’re available:

Winter 15Winter 16Winter 17

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