Complete Breakfast: Cooking, Benefits, and More

Do you want to make a Complete Breakfast (C.B.) in Stardew Valley, or are you always curious about its value? Check this item guide to know everything from pricing to uses.

The player holding a Complete Breakfast in Stardew Valley.
Every breakfast meal on a plate!

There are crazy or creative ways you can start another farming day in Stardew Valley. You can sip a cup of Coffee while receiving a sweet kiss and smooch from your partner. Or you can watch the TV to get valuable everyday tips about the game.

If you don’t eat something before leaving the farmhouse, consider doing it now with a Complete Breakfast. We’ll teach you how to prepare it, the advantages of consuming the dish, and many more!

What is a Complete Breakfast?

A good morning is consuming a nice meal under the sunlight. It’s a combination of different tasty main and side dishes that’ll make you feel you’re ready to take on the world! Here are the consumption benefits with and without Qi Seasoning:

Healing Effect and BuffsWithout SeasoningWith Seasoning
Max Energy+50+51
Buff Duration7 minutes3 minutes and 30 seconds


You’ll need an upgraded Farmhouse or a Cookout Kit to finish cooking the delicacy. Its recipe is free after watching the Queen of Sauce on Year 2, Spring 21. After that, you’ll need each of the following ingredients: Fried Egg, Hashbrowns, Milk, and Pancakes.

However, this dish is also available at the Stardrop Saloon from Gus (rotating stock) for 700g and in Krobus’ shop on random Saturdays.

Selling Price

Normal quality sells for 350g while its Gold counterpart at 525g. Combining all the dishes and comparing the prices will make a minus 10g difference. However, a Farming and Max Energy buffs are the loss bonus compensations.


Sewing Machine and Dye Pots in-game screen.
Back to the nostalgic farming experience.

This delicacy with a Cloth at the spool of the Sewing Machine will make Classic Overalls. Moreover, you may use it as a yellow dye at the Dye Pots.


This dish is the perfect gift for befriending Alex as he’s the only one loving it!


Not used in any quest.


Not used in any bundle.

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