What is the Best Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Route?

If you haven’t mastered the Egg Festival yet, then this is your Stardew Valley Egg Hunt route guide where you will learn everything you need to know, not only about this festival in general, but also the best route to win the egg hunt!

Festivals are truly great ways to experience all that this game has to offer, so don’t miss out on this one!

In the guide below, you can learn more about the Egg Festival, the first event of this type in the year! If you have heard about such festivals as the Night Market or the Fair, then you’re in for the same amount of excitement with this one!

When is the Egg Festival?

Before we jump to the best Stardew Valley egg hunt route, let’s take a look at what this event is actually all about and when you can even attend it.

DateSpring 13
Time9 am – 2 pm
Return Time10 pm
LocationPelican Town

These are all the basics you need to know to attend in the first place. If you’re afraid that you will forget the day of the event, feel free to note it down! This is the type of festival that you don’t want to miss!

Now, let’s dive deeper into the main details of the biggest entertainment of the festival – the Egg Hunt.

How Does the Egg Hunt Work?

So, how does this whole work in the game? After talking to Mayor Lewis, you will enter an egg hunt against other villagers. You have 50 seconds to search for hidden eggs around town. In order to beat Abigail in single-player, you need to collect 9 eggs. If you are in a multiplayer game, you need 6 eggs with two players, 5 eggs for three players, and 4 eggs for four players.

If you win the egg hunt, you will receive a Straw Hat on your first win. Every win after that you will get a prize ticket. You can exchange the prize tickets you get for prizes using the prize machine in Mayor Lewis’s house. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?

If you’re interested in the hunt itself, keep in mind that it will start in the middle of the square. Once you account for that, you can start creating your own strategy to win this egg hunt. But if you are like me and prefer to use already proven routes, then I suggest using this route below.

Also, as of update 1.6, there is a new egg hunt map! Starting on year two and then continuing on every other year from there. I will also cover this new map and route later in this article!

A Route for the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Map One

Let’s get right to the main part of this guide – the route itself. Of course, this is just a suggestion by other players, but you can absolutely take a lot of notes on this route option.

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Route: Map 1
Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Route by thatdenverguy

As you can see, everything starts in the square with the player moving to the north-west part of the map. Follow the fence line to grab the first three eggs before moving south. There is an egg right at the entrance of the gate before entering the backyard. After you enter the back yard, take an immediate left to grab the egg in the corner.

Continue heading south and grab the egg all the way in the far west corner. Once you reach the water you can start going east, head back to the two houses, and walk up in between them grabbing an egg on the way. Walk around the house and head to the graveyard. Grab the egg along the fence line and head North.

Grab the next egg in front of the Stardrop Saloon, then head back down to the graveyard where the bushes are up top. Now head to the eastern corner of Mayor Lewis’s house. U-turn and go into the graveyard where there are two eggs waiting for you. Your last egg is waiting for you far south next to a tree on the river.

Many players have said that this map helped them to finally win against Abigail for the first time in forever.

I hope that this helps! Try to follow this map during the upcoming Egg Festival and see if it will be your lucky day!

A Route for the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Map two

The second map is pretty similar to the first but with more well-hidden eggs and well-placed baskets.

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Route: Map 2
Thank you to redditers Duckyreadsit and Obsidian Gator who provided their maps/routes

Again, you begin right in the center. If you head north of where you stand, you will find your first egg. From there you proceed very much like the previous map. You head west and enter the gated area, head south while simultaneously grabbing the three eggs along the way.

Once you reach the next fence opening, enter and take an immediate left. Take the one egg behind the house, then exit the same way you entered. Take a right and follow the fence farther south until you run into your next egg.

Once gathered, do a U-turn and proceed to go around the house heading east. There is an egg hiding right along the edge of the roof, grab it. Head southeast to the tree next to the graveyard. There is an egg hiding behind its leaves. Now head northeast to the bushes next to the benches in front of the Stardrop Saloon. There are two eggs here hiding among the shrubbery. One on the left side, and one at the top fully covered. I had to run into it to know of its presence.

Continue towards Mayor Lewis’s house to the southeast of your location and grab the egg in his yard. From there, go into the graveyard and grab the egg to the right of the entrance. Turn and leave to go behind the shrub next to the bridge to the south. Now sprint to the last egg next to the sewer entrance! By now you are out of time and have 14 eggs in total!

Other Stardew Valley Events You Should Attend

Now that you know more about this festival, why not give yourself a small reminder about other amazing events that you shouldn’t miss out on while playing Stardew Valley?

Whether you’re more interested in attending the Festival of Ice or the Night Market, wintertime can be great for all types of events! Go out to the city and enjoy Stardew Valley’s version of Christmas and more!

  • Luau festival

Get ready for the Luau festival and its main attraction – the Potluck! Bring some items to put in the communal soup and have fun! Also, if you happen to have Mayor Lewis’ shorts in your inventory, you can also put them into the soup! Just be prepared for a special reaction from the mayor himself!

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