Stardew Valley Potluck: What to Bring

The Annual Potluck Soup

It’s no secret that this game has a lot of fascinating events, but the Stardew Valley Potluck during the Luau definitely stands out. This is where you can improve your friendship with the villagers by adding nice ingredients to the soup, so definitely join the event when you can.

This is your Stardew Valley Potluck guide where you can learn everything you need to know!

Where Can You Find The Stardew Valley Potluck?

First things first, if you want to add ingredients to the Potluck, you’ll have to head over to the Luau Festival. It is on the 11th of Summer, so definitely keep that in mind! Once you enter the Beach on that day between 9 am and 2 pm, you’ll be able to participate in various activities. 

What Happens During The Festival?

It’s no surprise that the main part of this festival is the communal soup where people can add ingredients. Once you add something there, you will get different reactions from Lewis. Of course, the reactions purely depend on what you put in there: do you choose the best ingredients or something less appreciated.

P.S if you’re not that interested in the communal soup, you can check what Pierre has in his booth. As always, you can buy a lot of nice items from him for a decent price, so definitely stop by his booth for a minute if you can.

The Best Ingredients for the Potluck

So, what is the best thing to put in the Potluck in Stardew Valley? That’s a good question! You might want to choose something like Hot Pepper Wine, Spook Fish, or something a bit more simple fruit like Apples, Cherries, or even Mead

A lot of common Potluck items will give you either the best or at least a good response from Mayor Lewis. Just think about ingredients that you would also like in your soup!

The Worst Ingredients for the Potluck

There are some items that might make your friendships worse. Keep in mind that the villagers don’t want to see such ingredients as Herring or Anchovy in their soup! It might not make it taste that good, so Mayor Lewis will definitely let you know that it wasn’t the best choice. 

The best rule is to keep it simple. If the ingredients are not that tasty, maybe keep them in your inventory for different times!

The Stardew Valley Potluck Secret: Shorts

Now here’s the fun part. Usually, you can only add edible items to the Stardew Valley Potluck. However, there is one exception. If you have the Mayor’s purple shorts, then you can make the Potluck party more interesting by adding them to the soup.

Mayor Lewis will give you a unique response if you add his shorts to the communal soup. This is definitely an interesting “special ingredient”.

The Luau Festival is one of the nicest days of the game, so definitely take your time to experience everything this event has to offer!

DateThe 11th of Summer
Time9 am to 2 pm
LocationThe Beach
Go home by10 pm

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