Stardew Valley Purple Shorts: Where Are They?

Are you currently trying to find the Stardew Valley purple shorts? Then you will find all the answers you need right here!

Completing for the Purple Shorts Quest

One of the best ways to make Stardew Valley even more interesting is by completing various quests. However, there are some that are slightly more complicated than others. For example, when it comes to the purple shorts quest, players tend to run into some problems finding their location. 

So, if you find yourself asking, “where do I find the purple shorts in Stardew Valley” and “what can I do with the purple shorts”, keep on reading and you’ll find all the answers you need.

Where are Lewis’ Purple Shorts in Stardew Valley?

Purple Shorts Location

Let’s get the main location straight. The purple shorts are in Marnie’s bedroom. However, it’s not that easy to get there if you’re not good friends with her yet. If you want to find her farm, simply head over to the northeast area of Cindersap Forest.

How to befriend Marnie

Now, let’s talk about how you can gain access to her room. Well, you’ll need to befriend Marnie (until you have 2 hearts), and one of the ways is simply by giving her gifts. This might take a while, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to finish this quest. 

Once Marnie lets you into her room, you can simply pick up the shorts and receive your award. However, if you want to fully enjoy the games, there are a few additional things you can do with the shorts.

Stardew Valley Purple Shorts Uses

Did you know that the purple shorts have multiple uses and secrets? Here’s what you can do with them in the game:

Stardew Valley Fair

If you head over to the fair, you can actually get some star tokens. If you want to receive 750 star tokens, just place the purple shorts in the grange display, and Mayor Lewis will give you those tokens to keep this a secret. 

Luau Festival

If you’re planning to attend the Luau festival, then don’t forget to bring the Stardew Valley purple shorts with you! One of the main aspects of Luau is the potluck soup, where you can add ingredients. Once the Governor tastes the soup, the festival will end. 

If you want to improve your relationship with the villagers, you might want to add such items as apples or red cabbage to the soup, but you can also choose a different route for more mystery. If you want to achieve the secret response from the Governor, just add Lewis’ purple shorts to the Luau soup. 

Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts

If you’re looking for even more fun things to do with the shorts, then how about some tailoring? Also, if you want to get yourself some Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts, then tailoring them with a gold bar will do that for you! If you want to receive some interesting reactions from Marnie and Lewis, just put them on and enjoy.

To sum up:

LocationMarnie’s bedroom.
How to get the shorts:1. Find Marnie’s ranch on the northeast area of Cindersap Forest
2. Befriend Marnie by giving her gifts
3. Find the shorts in her bedroom
Additional uses:1. Place them in the grange display at the Fair to receive 750 star tokens
2. Add them to the soup at the Luau festival
3. Trim them to get some Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts

Now you have all the information you need to find Lewis’ purple shorts and enjoy the game to the fullest! This quests can definitely improve the gaming experience, so don’t forget to finish them all.

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