Flute Block: Overview, Secret Mermaid Song, and More!

Do you want to compose music in Stardew Valley? Curious about the mysterious mermaid’s puzzle? This Flute Block guide will talk about the item, how to get one, and where to use it.

A flute block on a Modern End Table.
A piece of Flute Block in Stardew Valley.

Creating custom tunes in Stardew Valley is possible thanks to different pieces of musical furniture. You can now get more creative and make what your ears love with a few clicks and the right timings.

While ConcernedApe’s official game soundtrack is beyond impressive, some players want their version. In this guide, we’ll talk about the musical block and where you can use it.

What is a Flute Block?

This in-game furniture creates a sound after you walk next to it. However, standing on it will play the same note every second. Right-clicking the musical decor will start cycling through 24 possible pitches. These are:

Where to Get One?

Flute Block as reward from Gunther and the recipe from Robin.
These are the ways to get the musical furniture.

An easy way to get this furniture early on in the game is by donating three artifacts to the Museum, including the Bone Flute. Gunther will give you the Flute Block as a reward, but it’s not enough to make any music with it. 

A better method is befriending Robin and reaching a six-heart event to get its crafting recipe. The recipe costs 100g, and you can start crafting one with Wood (10), Copper Ore (2), and Fiber (20).

At that point, it’ll be much easier to create simple nursery rhymes or your favorite country or Stardew Valley soundtrack.

How to Solve the Mermaid Puzzle

Five Flute Blocks near the sand and a view of the Mermaid on the East.
The Mermaid can be creepy, but she’s generous with Golden Walnuts.

There are different locations you can explore after unlocking Ginger Island. One of these is the Island East – home to Pirate Cove and a large rock in the waters.

A Siren will occupy the boulder and give five Golden Walnuts during rainy days. Journal Scrap #9 reveals that rock hints can get as big as pennies and nickels and teaches how you can get the mermaid’s attention. However, you’ll need to solve a simple tone reminiscent of the one heard in the Mermaid Show from Night Market.

In total, you’ll need to place five Flute Blocks right on the pile of rocks. Focus on the count here:

The number of clicks in order is 1-10-8-4-6, and you’ll need to run from left to right to play the tune.

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