Stardew Valley Gunther: Schedule, Museum Donations

Have you already met Gunther in Stardew Valley? What does he do in the game and what items should you donate to his museum and library? These and other questions will be answered in this Stardew guide below, so keep on reading to learn more about this interesting NPC with some great style!

Stardew Valley Gunther. Source: Reddit

Who is Gunther in Stardew Valley?

Okay, so, who is this fancy and stylish character in Stardew Valley?

First of all, Gunther is the curator of the Stardew museum and library! If you go there during the working hours, you will be able to find him right there whenever you want to talk to him or just give him a donation!

P.S. Stardew Valley Gunther will keep giving you rewards for these donations, so you are not just giving him items for free. Isn’t that nice?

What is Gunther’s Schedule in Stardew?

Alright, if you are trying to find Stardew Valley Gunther in the game, there is one rule that will help you do that.

Basically, if the museum is open, he will always be there!

That’s why you can go visit Gunther anytime between 8am and 6pm! Gunther might become a bigger part of you Stardew life once you start collecting various rare items and want to donate them to the museum.

Should You Give Gifts to Gunther?

Thankfully, this is one of the few NPCs that don’t care about gifts!

That’s why you don’t need to focus on creating a friendship with Stardew Valley Gunther! Of course, you can always stay on his good side if you just keep donating stuff to his museum.

Of course, the no-gifts thing also means that Stardew Valley Gunther is not one of the bachelors that you can choose from for marriage. As always, if you would like to learn more about the best bachelors in Stardew Valley, you can take a look at our Stardew marriage guides!

Stardew Valley Museum

Now that you know more about the Stardew Valley Gunther, let’s dive deeper into his profession and what you can do for the Stardew museum.

Of course, it will take a while before you will have all the items for Stardew Valley Gunter, but just be patient! It feels so good to have the full collection, so prepare that it might take you a while.

What Items Need to be donated?

While there are quite a lot of items you can donate, there is no need to get lost in that list! Here are all the items that you can donate to Stardew Valley Gunther:

ArtifactsMineralsGemsGeode Minerals
Amphibian FossilEarth CrystalAmethystAerinite
AnchorFire QuartzAquamarineAlamite
Ancient DollFrozen TearDiamondBaryte
Ancient DrumQuartzEmeraldBasalt
Ancient SeedJadeBixite
Ancient SwordPrismatic ShardCalcite
Bone FluteTopazDolomite
Chewing StickEsperite
Chicken StatueFairy Stone
Chipped AmporaFire Opal
Dinosaur EggFluorapatite
Dried StarfishGeminite
Dwarf GadgetGhost Crystal
Dwarf Scroll IGranite
Dwarf Scroll IIHelvite
Dwarf Scroll IIIHermatite
Dwarf Scroll IVJagoite
Dwarvish HelmJamborite
Elvish JewelryJasper
Glass ShardsKyanite
Golden MaskLemon Stone
Golden RelicLimestone
Nautilus FossilLunarite
Ornamental FanMalachite
Palm FossilMarble
Prehistoric AxeMudstone
Prehistoric RibNekoite
Prehistoric ScapulaNeptunite
Prehistoric SkullObsidian
Prehistoric TibiaOcean Stone
Prehistoric ToolOpal
Prehistoric VertebraOrpiment
Rare DiscPetrified Slime
Rusty CogPyrite
Rusty SpoonSandstone
Rusty SpurSlate
Skeletal HandSoapstone
Skeletal TailStar Shards
Strange Doll (Green)Thunder Egg
Strange Doll (Yellow)Tigerseye

As you can see, there are plenty of items to choose from! You probably already have some of these items in your collections, so just be nice to Gunther and share some of your inventory with the museum!

If there are still a lot of items that you don’t have in the game, there are a few spots where you can have a better look of finding useful items. For example, try to take a look at various artifact spots, fishing chests. You can also find artifacts while mining or killing monsters! Just choose whichever activity suits your game preferences better and have fun finding rare items for Stardew Valley Gunther!

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