Stardew Valley Dwarf Scroll 1: Location and Uses

Whether you’re on a mission to complete your donations to the museum or you just want the Stardew Valley dwarf scroll 1 for any other reason, this article will guide you for everything you need to know about this item!

Take a look at our Stardew Valley dwarf scroll guide, and learn more about this artifact:

What is the Stardew Dwarf Scroll 1?

Just like most magical items in the game, this counts as a Stardew Valley artifact.

There are 4 dwarf scrolls that you can come across in the game, and collecting all of them could be very beneficial for multiple reasons.

Where is the Stardew Valley Dwarf Scroll 1?

The easiest way to find the Stardew Valley dwarf scroll is by going to the mines as many creatures can drop them. Speaking of the creatures, you can be on the look out for bats, bugs, green slimes, crabs, and many more!

Just keep in mind that these creatures only have a 0.5% chance of dropping the dwarf scroll 1.

If you’re not in the mood to go to the mines, then you can also visit the skull tavern. No matter which floor you’re on, just try to tile soil and hope that it is your lucky day!

What Can You Do With the Stardew Dwarf Scroll 1?

Just like with most items in Stardew Valley, this one also has multiple uses!

Let’s take a look at the most common ways to use the Stardew Valley dwarf scroll 1 in the game.

Gift to the Villagers

There are two NPCs who will actually appreciate the Stardew Valley dwarf scroll 1 as a gift.

We’re talking about Dwarf and Penny. The first one is quite obvious, but the second NPC surprises many players.

All other characters in Stardew Valley dislike the scroll, so there is no need to use this as a gift in most cases.

The thing is, finding the Stardew dwarf scroll is not easy, so it might be better to find a different gift for Dwarf and Penny! If you need some ideas, take a look the Stardew Valley gifts guide!


The Stardew scroll is used in only one task. The ghostfish might ask for it if there is a need to increase the capacity of a fish pond. If you succeed to find the scroll, you can increase the capacity from 7 to 10.


If you have the Stardew Valley dwarf scroll 1, then you can use it to create the Gold Trimmed Shirt with the help of the sewing machine.

Donating the Stardew Dwarf Scroll

This is actually one of the items that the game hopes you will donate to the museum of Stardew Valley! If you manage to collect all 4, then you will get a reward from the Museum! The prize will be the Dwarvish Translation Guide.

It might take some time to collect all 4 artifacts, but now you will be able to understand what the dwarves are saying! Meaning, you can talk to the Dwarf in the mines or the one in the volcano dungeon. Finishing this task opens multiple interesting possibilities.

What Can You Do At the Stardew Museum

Donating the dwarf scroll seems to be the most common way to deal with the item. Let’s talk about why it’s needed in general and what are the most popular artefacts that can be donated.

The main part of the story is that the museum collection is empty in the beginning of the game. That’s why you will be asked to contribute all types of times to it.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to donate thousands of items, as only one copy of an item is needed. In total, there are 95 items that the museum is lacking. However, this shouldn’t take too long, as most items are not too challenging to find.

If you succeed to find all items that are needed, then you will receive such awards as starfruit seeds, a bear statue, warp totems rarecrows, and much more.

Fun fact, if you complete the whole collection (donate all 95 items), then you will get a stardrop for your hard work.

You are ready to start looking for the Stardew Valley dwarf scroll 1 and other artifacts in the game!

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