What are the Stardew Valley Villager Locations?

Have you ever thought that you just don’t know the Stardew Valley villager locations? Where are these NPCs and where can you find them?

This is crucial both for new players who just have to meet all the characters and more experienced players who are working on their tasks or simply trying to continue working on their friendships with various characters in Stardew Valley.

So, let’s take a look at the locations of different NPCs in Stardew Valley:

Most Popular Male Villager Locations in Stardew Valley

Whether you’re trying to catch up with some friendly NPCs or you want to discuss the possibility of marriage with these characters, here are where some of the most famous Stardew Valley characters can be found:

  • Alex

Stardew Alex’s location is usually at his house on 1 River Road. He can usually be seen playing with his dog outside or right next to Pierre’s General Store!

P.S Alex is one of the few characters that you can marry in this game, so his location might come in handy!

  • Elliott

There is no character in this game that is more mysterious than the one and only Stardew Valley Elliott. He is usually hanging out at the beach because that’s where his cabin is.

  • George

Mostly due to his old age, George doesn’t change where he is too often. If you’re wondering about Stardew Valley villager locations, this man can be found in the East Home with his wife Evelyn!

  • Gus

If you’re looking for Gus, then your best shot is to look at the Saloon! It’s right in the center of the city, so it’s quite hard to miss that building.

If you decide to take a late walk, then you might see him in or around the trailer to the right of the Saloon.

  • Lewis

You know that the Mayor can be found almost everywhere! He is a very busy man, but there are a few locations in Stardew where he spends the majority of his time.

For example, it’s either next to the General Store or at the Mayor’s Manor. Definitely go say hi if you see him!

  • Sam

As one of the most popular Stardew Valley NPCs, many wonder where they can find Sam.

Most of the time this character can be seen either at his home, working at Joja Mart or somewhere in the middle of the city.

  • Shane

Shane spends the majority of his time at Joja Mart or at the bar. He might look a bit mean at first, but he can be a great friend to many players!

Most Popular Female Stardew Valley Villager Locations

Now, it’s time for the ladies of Stardew Valley. Where can you meet them in the game?

Let’s take a look:

  • Abigail

While she might look a bit rude, Abigail can still easily become one of your closest friends in the game!

You can find her in Pierre’s General Store where she spends most of her time. If she’s not there, then your second lucky guess would be the beach.

  • Jas

Jas is one of the kids in Stardew Valley. She is usually either in Marnie’s Ranch or in the Museum where she goes to study.

  • Leah

If Leah is not in the western part of the map where her cabin is, she might be at the beach or at Pierre’s General Store.

  • Pam

When it comes to Stardew Valley villager locations, Pam is most of the time in her trailer. If she’s not there, then take a look in the Saloon because that’s where she likes to spend plenty of time!

  • Penny

There’s no way that we wouldn’t include Stardew Penny in this list! She is one of the most popular Stardew characters of all time.

This NPC can often be found in her trailer. If she’s not there, try to find her in the library or right next to Joja Mart!

Why Do You Need Villager Locations?

Being aware of where NPCs are can be very important for players!

Of course, maintaining your friendships is one of the main reasons for that since you might want to give them a gift for their birthday.

Also, this is very useful for all types of quests, even the first one where you need to meet all the NPCs!

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