Stardew Valley has plenty of great events that can entertain players, but the Stardew Valley fair stands out from the crowd! This Stardew Valley fair guide will provide an insight into the most important aspects of this festival and what you can do there.

The festival is an amazing addition to the Stardew Valley universe, so, of course, we wouldn’t miss out on it either!

Read more about this festival in our Stardew Fair guide below:

When is the Stardew Valley Fair?

If you’re already counting down the days until you can participate in this event, you will need to know when to go there! Well, that’s what this Stardew Valley Fair guide is for.

The fair will happen on the 16th of Fall. If you miss it one year, don’t worry because this event happens every year.

Time wise, it will take place between 9 am and 3 pm, and you can’t even enter the main part of the town (and of the fair) before that! Meaning, take some good sleep and prepare for the event while finishing all your tasks before leaving.

Stardew Valley Fair Guide: Location

Finding the Stardew Valley Fair won’t be difficult at all! The festivities take place in Pelican Town, so just go there from your farm in the morning.

Just keep in mind that all buildings will be closed in Pelican Town both during and before the event, so don’t forget to run all your errands before it’s too late and you’re in the mood to enjoy the festivities!

What to Do During the Stardew Fair?

This wouldn’t be a proper Stardew Valley Fair guide without an explanation of what type of activities are waiting for you during the festival!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A fortune teller

For the price of 100 gold coins, you can visit a fortune teller’s booth and hear more about what is happening in the Stardew Valley universe. For example, you can also hear more about various Stardew characters.

Just remember that you can only go to the fortune teller once because later she will tell you to leave!

  • Spinning wheel

While the price of this might vary, the entertainment is always the same! This activity depends on guessing whether the arrow will land on orange or green (you use star tokens to bet on it).

Fun fact, there is no guarantee, but players say that the probability of winning with green is 75%, so it’s a safer bet. If you manage to win, you will soon have so many star tokens that you will be able to buy anything from this fair!

Just try not to bet all the star tokens at once!

  • Token seller

If you’re planning to play the spinning wheel, then you definitely need to stop by the token seller’s booth! That’s where you can exchange your gold coins for star tokens.

It will cost you 50 gold coins to get 1 star token. Of course, this might not be the best way to acquire star tokens, but it’s definitely the easiest way.

  • Smashing stone

Would you like to test your strength? This activity is free, so try it out for fun!

The way it works is that you have to click the stone to make the bar hit the top. If you succeed, you will earn 1 star token. Of course, this method will take you quite a long time until you can be proud of tons of star tokens.

Then again, it is a great way to start the fair activities!

Stardew Valley Fair Guide: Tokens and Items

Just like any other Stardew event, this is a great time and place to get your hands on some interesting items!

For example, you can buy such things as dried sunflowers or a rarecrow to decorate your house and the farm in general.

Also, for 2k star tokens, you can get a stardrop! If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, how about a light green rug for 500 tokens?

Feel free to use those Stardew star tokens because you can only have 9999 of them can be kept by a player at once.

With this Stardew Valley Fair guide, you are more than ready to enjoy the festivities!

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