Stardew Valley Fish Bundles

Are you on a mission to complete all Stardew Valley fish bundles? Then you are in the right place because we will go over all the information you need to gather everything.

No matter whether you’re more interesting in a lake fish bundle or an ocean fish bundle in Stardew Valley, you can find all the needed items below.

Take a look at our Stardew Valley fish bundle guide:

How do the Stardew Valley Fish Bundles Work?

The fish bundles can help you to remove all the boulders from the fish tank and make it look nice and shiny!

Once you complete all the Stardew fish bundles, you can be proud of a good looking water tank.

Of course, each fish bundle comes with a bit of challenge. For example, some fish can only be caught in specific places, during specific seasons, or, for example, when it’s raining!

What Type of Fish Bundles Are There?

  • River fish bundle
  • Lake fish bundle
  • Ocean fish bundle
  • Night fishing bundle
  • Crab pot bundle
  • Specialty fish bundle

These are the 6 Stardew Valley fish bundles any player should be aware of!

Let’s take a look at how you can craft when and what you need to do to find all the items for them.

Stardew River Fish Bundle

For this river fish bundle you will need to have sunfish, catfish, shad, tiger trout, and you will get bait after finishing this Stardew fish bundle.

Sunfish can be found in Stardew Valley rivers any time from 6 AM to 7PM during the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer.

Catfish can be found in rivers and secret woods until midnight. However, this will only work if it’s raining!

If you’re looking for shad, then go to the river during some rainy days too.

Trout, on the other hand, can only be found in the rivers during fall and winter!

Stardew Lake Fish Bundle

For this one, you will need largemouth bass, carp, bullhead, and a sturgeon. If you succeed, then you will received a dressed spinner!

Largemouth bass, carp, and bullhead can be found during all seasons in the mountain lake, while sturgeon can only be caught during summer and winter.

Stardew Ocean Fish Bundle

The ocean fish bundle will ask for sardine, tuna, red snapper, and tilapia. This particular bundle will give you a warp totem for the beach!

All of these items can be found in the ocean, so head down there during various seasons of the game.

Night Fishing Bundle

If you’re on a mission to finish the Stardew Valley night fishing bundle, then you will need to have walleye, bream, and eel. Once you finish it, you will receive a small glow ring!

The first two can be found in the rivers while the eel can be found in the ocean. Just keep in mind that both the walleye and the eel can be found only when it is raining.

Crab Pot Bundle

This is the biggest fish bundle in Stardew Valley! It requires such items as a lobster, crayfish, crab, cockle, mussel, snail, clam, oyster, and more! This bundle might take some time, so be prepared for some interesting gameplay!

All these items can be caught in a crab pot, so be prepared for some interesting fishing!

If you manage to collect everything you need, then you will receive 3 crab pots, which is quite nice.

Specialty Fish Bundle

This is definitely the most interesting bundle! You will need a pufferfish, ghostfish, sandfish, and woodskip to complete it.

The sandfish can be found in the desert, the woodskip can be found in the woods, and the ghostfish can be found in the mines!

If you finish this specialty fish bundle, then you will receive 5 dish o’ the sea!

This bundle should not be too difficult as long as you spend enough time all around the map of Stardew Valley. Well, at least this is a reason to visit the desert!

While you’re gathering items for all these bundles, take a look at our other useful guides for Stardew Valley:

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