Stardew Valley: Fisher or Trapper


With this guide, you will choose a lot easier between Fisher or Trapper. For those of you new to the game, when you reach level 5 in a skill, you get the opportunity to choose between two different professions. Later on, when you develop your skill and reach level 10, you get another two professions to choose from. However, in this stage, these two new professions will be based on the profession you chose when you were level 5.

Fisher or Trapper Level 5 Overview

You’ve reached level 5, now what?

The main difference between these two professions is – fun. That means, if you choose trapper, you will have to check pots every single day, which might be boring and time-consuming. 

On the other hand, if you simply are not into fishing, then trapping is a logical choice for you. Like, don’t do anything you are not interested in, just because it might be more profitable or easier. (which we still have to evaluate)

Also, this piece of advice, our pearl of wisdom is fully applicable in the real life. Always follow your passion, even if some people think it is boring. 

In the end, you will be the one checking pots, not them.

Fisher or Trapper Comparison

Let’s say you chose fishing. Great, here is the list of benefits:

  • Fish is worth 25% more
  • Later on, when you reach level 10, you can become an Angler as your fish will become worth 50% more
  • Or, you can choose Pirate and increase your chances to get Iridium. Furthermore, a treasure is a perfect source of artifacts, so, this might be cool too.

Trapper, here is your list of benefits:

  • Level 5 – resources to craft crab pots are reduced
  • When you reach level 10, You might choose Mariner and your pots will never, ever get a trash
  • LureMaster will allow you to chill because you will no longer have to bait crab pots


Fisher – In the battle between Angler and Pirate, we will say Ayyy Captain! Being a Pirate is cool on so many levels, plus it is super helpful later on in the game. Being a Pirate, you get some decent early money along with amazing artifacts. As an Angler though, you will get more money early on and mid-game. So, if you are more into money, then, return that eye-patch we just gave you, and enjoy your Stardew Valley journey.

Trapper – Slow but steady. With enough patience and investment, this can be even more efficient than fishing. How? Well, with LureMaster you will save a bunch of time, and the saying „time is money“, applies to Stardew Valley too.

Our final choice would be – Fisher. However, that is because we are more into action. And, we obviously love Pirates.

However, if you like cooking and crab pots, and, don’t like fishing…Well, congrats, you became a Trapper, you will have a great time too!

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