Stardew Meteorite: Everything You Need To Know

Meteorites in Stardew Valley are very rare indeed. Have you ever woken up to the ominous “An explosion was heard in the night…” message. If yes, you might be wondering what that was, and we’re here to help! Read on to learn everything there is to know about Stardew Valley’s Meteorite random event.

A screenshot from Stardew Valley in which the farmer is inspecting a Meteorite on their farm.

What Is A Meteorite?

In Stardew Valley, a Meteorite is a special sort of boulder that you can come across. Instead of the usual dark grey, these hunks of stone are more purplish in shade and have small purple gems on all sides. These gem-like spikes are actually bits of Iridium! Indeed, upon mining a Meteorite, you’ll be able to collect Iridium, in addition to stone.

How To Get The Meteorite

Unlike the rocks and boulders in the mines, the Meteor will be hard to find. In fact, you can’t naturally find this stone anywhere in Stardew Valley.

So, how can you find it? Will the Meteor just drop from the sky one night and crash onto your farmstead? Sounds silly, but this is exactly what needs to happen. The Meteorite is one of several special random chance events that can occur overnight in Stardew Valley. Of these, there are two types:

  • Personal Event – There are just four personal events. In one, the NPC you married will ask if you want to have a child. In another, you’ll receive a cutscene of your child being birthed or delivered to you and your spouse. The other two involve animals: a wild animal attack can occur in the night, or a farm animal birth.
  • Farm Event – Listed below.

Farm Event In Stardew Valley

A farm event occurs in the form of an unskippable cutscene during the night. Most nights, nothing will happen, but each night there’s a small percentile chance that something exciting does happen! There are seven such events in total:

  1. Bundle Completion – This cutscene appears after you’ve completed a Community Center bundle or finished purchasing a Jojamart Development. It’ll show either Junimos or Joja workers laboring throughout the night.
  2. Earthquake – This event will always occur on the third day of Summer in Year One. It unlocks an area in the Mountains North of Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop, which contains the spa and railroad.
  3. Meteorite – There’s a 1% chance for this event to occur. When it does, you’ll hear the sound of an object crashing onto your farm. Read on to learn more!
  4. Strange Capsule – There’s an 0.8% chance for this event to occur. When it does, you’ll hear a strange sound, that may remind you of a spaceship or UFO. Look around your farm in the morning to see what the strange capsule is.
  5. The Crop Fairy – One of the few unequivocally positive random events; the Crop Fairy has a 1% chance to appear overnight. She will grow a bundle of your crops to maturity.
  6. The Witch – The Wicked Witch has a 1% chance to spawn overnight. She will either curse your Slime Hutch or Coop. If a Coop is chosen, you’ll wake up to find a Void Egg, which can be incubated to harch a Void Chicken. If a Hutch is chosen, you’ll be able to get your hands on special Black Slimes. Is it the same sorceress from the Witch’s hut?
  7. The Owl Statue – There’s a 0.5% chance for an Owl Statue to randomly appear on your farm overnight.

An Explosion Was Heard In The Night…

There’s a 1% chance you’ll get the random event that spawns the Meteorite. If you’re in that privileged 1%, you’ll receive the above message upon waking up in the morning.

In order to find the Meteor, you’ll need to look around your farmstead. The Meteor could fall nearly anywhere on your farm. The game will analyze your farm and choose a 3×3 location on the map. Within those 3×3 tiles, the game will try to center the Meteor on any 2×2 tiles that don’t have the following:

  • Water
  • Placed Objects (such as a Sprinkler, Scarecrow etc)
  • Buildings
  • Resource Clumps (such as Grass, bits of Wood, and Stone)
  • Farm animals

You’ll notice that in that list, we didn’t mention crops. Indeed, if there are crops within the 3×3 area, the Meteor will still crash, and may actually destroy the crops you’ve been toiling hard over!

If within those 3×3 tiles, there’s no 2×2 area that doesn’t contain one of those five things, the Meteor will not spawn on your farm at all.

An example of an area that might be chosen for the Meteor to crash into. The Meteor will not crash into the Fish Pond but can take up any other 2×2 space within the area.

I can’t find the Meteorite!

If you’re having trouble finding the Meteor or just want a shortcut, you can take a picture of your farm and view the file on your computer. To do this, head into options and scroll all the way at the bottom:

Click on the camera icon and you’ll hear a shutter sound. After that, you can click on “Open Destination Folder” to find every screenshot you’ve taken in this way. Find the appropriate file, open it up and scan the map for you Meteorite!

The Meteor is easy to find from a bird’s eye view!

How To Mine The Meteorite

Now that you’ve found it, it’s time to mine it. But, wait, did you get this message when you tried to do so?

Like other large objects (Logs and Stumps) Meteors cannot be broken by just any tool. In the above screenshot, I’m using a Steel Pickaxe, and this isn’t enough to break through the toughness of the rock. In order to mine the Meteor, you’ll need to have a Gold Pickaxe at minimum. To upgrade your Pickaxe, head on over to Clint’s Smithy with the appropriate metal bars and gold. Use this table as reference:

Use this pickaxe…+ these bars+ this money= to get thisCan it mine Meteorite?
Pickaxe5x Copper Bars2.000gCopper PickaxeNo
Copper Pickaxe5x Iron Bars5.000gSteel PickaxeNo
Steel Pickaxe5x Gold Bars10.000gGold PickaxeYes
Gold Pickaxe5x Iridium Bars25.000gIridium Pickaxe Yes

What You Get

Once you’ve got a Gold Pickaxe or better, you can finally take a crack at destroying the Meteorite. Even with this pickaxe, the stone is quite tough and will require several hits before breaking. Once it does break though you’ll get: two Geodes, six pieces of Stone, and six pieces of Iridium Ore. You’ll get these specific resources and specific amounts each time – there is no variation.

Your bounty!

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