Every Tackle and Bait in Stardew Valley – Explained

A skilled angler in Stardew Valley must know all types of Tackle and Baits, and we’re here to explain them in this guide!

Two chests filled with tackle and bait in Stardew Valley.
Here are all accessories you’ll need for fishing!

It’s no wonder that fishing is a popular hobby among Stardew Valley players because of the reward. Aside from game-changing profit that can give you extra seeds, the skill offers fun and enjoyment. Add in the vibrant landscape from Pelican Town or Ginger Island if that’s not enough!

But a pet peeve among skilled anglers in-game is why there’s not a single fish in the vicinity. What could’ve gone wrong? You’re familiar with the basics of casting a Fishing Rod to a body of water. You mastered every fish’s behavior/movement attitude. The mini-game doesn’t bring you challenges anymore – it gets you gold instead!

However, this time’s different. You need to check for Baits, but the item costs a burden to your profiting, opting you to equip Tackles instead. Fun Fact: They’re both useful! And we’re teaching all the nitty-gritty in this easy guide!

What is a Tackle?

A Tackle is a piece of add-on for Iridium Rod. No other fishing poles can equip them unless you have the highest tier upgrade. They’re good for 20 fishes until they’re worn out, but Junk Items, Seaweed, and Algae don’t count! 

Leveling up your fishing skill unlocks several Tackle crafting recipes – perfect for saving money. However, they’re almost everywhere, although there’s no 100% guarantee. It’s also good to know that they don’t stack in Chest or Inventory, so it’s good to bring resources instead of the final output.

Different Types of Tackle

Every Tackle in Stardew Valley is unique in terms of utility and appearance. Some look like any typical lure, while others outshine the rest. There are nine total tackles in Stardew Valley, and these are:

Barbed Hooked

The player holding a Barbed Hook in a Beach Farm.
One of the most common lures we recommend using.

A Barbed Hook costs 1,000g from Willy’s Fish Shop situated in the Beach Docks. However, crafting the lure costs a Copper Bar, Gold Bar, and Iron Bar with the requirement of reaching Level 8 in Fishing. The Traveling Cart also sells it for 1,500g to 2,500g if you’re foraging in the Cindersap Forest.

If your aim is catching low-difficulty fishes, this J-shaped lure is a preferable choice. That’s because it helps the fishing bar cling to the fish icon in the mini-game, making the process almost automatic.

There’s no need to control the fishing bar if the catching looks stable. Let the Barbed Hooked do its job because attempting to interrupt the lure might let your catch escape! Thankfully, it does an excellent job of locking the fish, making it harder for you to manipulate the bar.

Cork Bobber

It’s weird to look at this bobber because of its appearance.

This common lure has a 750g buying price from Willy’s Shop. It also has almost the same price as the Traveling Cart, except it can go higher up to 1,250g. In crafting the item, you’ll need Hardwood (5), Slime (10), and Wood (10). You should also reach Level 7 in the same skill to unlock the crafting recipe.

Cork Bobber’s function is straightforward: you equip it into the Iridium Rod, and you’ll get an increased fishing bar size. You’ll get an additional 24 pixels – an equivalent to +25% more if you have a maximum skill level.

Curiosity Lure

The player holding a Curiosity Lure in Stardew Valley.
On the hunt for Legend? Use the Curiosity Lure!

Curiosity Lure is one of two new additions after the 1.5 Ginger Island update. You can find them in different places, including the Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern, or Volcano Dungeon. It’s either a loot drop from killing monsters or breaking crates on mentioned locations.

Unfortunately, there’s no current option to craft it or buy it from merchants in Stardew Valley.

Once equipped, a Curiosity Lure renders you more chance of catching rare fishes, including Legendaries. But with its durability issues, attempting to fish with bad luck will guarantee less success.

Dressed Spinner

The player holding a Dressed Spinner in Stardew Valley.
It’s attractive!

If you feel struck by misfortune and no fish is biting, equip a Dressed Spinner. This Tackle increases the bite rate, generating more money in the end. It’s a better variant of the normal Spinner because of its 7.5 seconds reduction in nibble delay.

A Dressed Spinner has a market value of 1,000g from Willy’s but can reach 1,500g to 2,500g if you’re purchasing at the Traveling Cart. You can also make one using Cloth (1) and Iron Bar (2), but make sure you are Level 8 in Fishing.

There are other ways to get the lure. These are:

  • As a gift from Willy at the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Reward for finishing the Lake Fish bundle in the Community Center (Fish Tank).
  • First-time reward by placing first in the fishing competition at the Festival of Ice.

Lead Bobber

The player holding a Lead Bobber in Stardew Valley.
Its color is reminiscent of Iron Bar!

Many players in Stardew Valley discredit the Lead Bobber’s use because you can manually left-click before the bar reaches the bottom. In reality, it’s a huge help, especially when dealing with challenging fish to catch. As it adds weight to your Iridium Rod, the chances of the fishing bar bouncing are decreased.

You can’t craft this lure, but you can buy one from Willy’s Shop for 200g. Lead Bobber may also be in the Traveling Cart‘s inventory for 2x to 5x the price.

Quality Bobber

The player holding a Quality Bobber in Stardew Valley.
The best for profiting!

Sometimes, you need a selling boost for the most valuable fishes such as Lava Eel and Blobfish. Those types that belong to the higher tier deserve better quality. Silver? Gold? You won’t need all those as the Quality Bobber can offer you Iridium quality catches!

Use them at least during a Good Luck to make its benefits take effect. Moreover, cast your fishing line on bodies of water that makes sense, such as the Night Market and the Mines. Take note that you have 20 chances to use them. Follow the recommended requirements, and you’ll get rich within a season.

You can’t buy a Quality Bobber anywhere in Stardew Valley. However, it’s possible to craft them only after completing the “Juicy Bugs Wanted!” quest from the Town Special Order. Willy will give you the recipe as a reward, and you’ll need Copper Bar (1), Sap (20), and Solar Essence (5).

If you’re wandering the West side of Ginger Island, you might find one Quality Bobber for free! However, you’ll need to solve Journal Scrap #4, but its exact location is north of Birdie’s hut.


The player holding a Spinner in Stardew Valley.
It’s small but beautiful enough for unsuspecting sea creatures.

The Spinner works similarly to its Dressed counterpart, except this one has a nibble delay reduction of 3.75 seconds. It’s cheap to make – costing only two Iron Bars with its recipe available after reaching Level 6 in Fishing.

If it looks affordable to you, Willy has an unlimited stock for 500g.

Trap Bobber

The player holding a Trap Bobber in Stardew Valley.
One of the strange-looking lures after Cork Bobber.

Since every fish in-game wants to escape your Iridium Rod, it’s sensible to equip the Trap Bobber. This lure decreases the progress bar’s decline by 33%, giving you ample time to secure the catch. You can opt for this helpful tackle if you’re troubled about getting the Legend or Crimsonfish.

You can get it for 500g at the Fishing Shop, but you may craft it after reaching Level 6 in Fishing. To make one, you only need Copper Bar (1) and Sap (10).

Treasure Hunter

The player holding a Treasure Hunter in Stardew Valley.
Treasure Hunter is your best bet for recovering lost riches below the depths!

Treasure Chest is somewhat distracting when fishing in the waters once its icon pops up in the mini-game. A natural response would be diverting your attention to the valuables while keeping the sea creature in place. Thankfully, the Treasure Hunter lure will help you in securing both riches.

With the new attachment, you can freely collect Treasure Chests without the fish ever escaping. It’s best for Pirates who want to recover forgotten loot in the depths! Even better, if the fishing bar is aligned with the chest and fish icon, you’ll get the two faster!

There’s a 20% increase in finding valuables when this lure is equipped. For the best part, Willy has endless stock costing only 750g! If you want to save money and have Gold Bars (2), you can make one after reaching Fishing Level 7!

What is a Bait?

The player holding a regular bait at the beach farm.
The most essential item for catching fish.

A Bait is one of the most important staple items in fishing as it can increase the bite rate, giving the player more profit. Although they’re optional, they reduce the nibble delay by 50%, making a tremendous difference!

Only the Fiberglass Rod and Iridium Rod can equip Baits, so if you’re using a Training Rod or Bamboo Pole, consider getting an upgrade.

There are different ways to get them, but the most reliable method is through crafting. Some are also found in Fishing Treasure Chests, grown in a Worm Bin, random rewards, and merchants.

Different Types of Baits

Despite the differences, Baits achieves the same goal: catch more valuables in the waters. Here are all types and functions aside from the regular one:

Magic Bait

The player holding a Magic Bait in Stardew Valley.
Baits with different colors!

With the Magic Bait, you can catch any fish type regardless of season, time, weather, bodies of water, or location. Although it helps in out-of-season fishing, it has the same bite rate increase of 50%.

Reaching the Ginger Island will guarantee the Magic Bait’s recipe – but only if you impressed Mr. Qi in his Walnut Room. After gaining entrance, you’ll see it available inside the store, but you’ll get 20 Qi Gems for its recipe. While an individual piece costs 5 Qi Gems, it’s sensible to know its ingredients instead.

Speaking of which, you’ll need Bug Meat (3) and Radioactive Ore (1).


The player holding a Magnet in Stardew Valley.
It functions like a Treasure Hunter.

Although Magnet looks like an average lure, it’s a Bait in reality. Equipping this item improves your chances of finding Treasure Chests by 30%! On top of that, you can purchase it at Willy’s Shop for 1,000g!

But if you want to save money, strive to reach Level 9 in Fishing. Then, you’ll need one Iron Bar, which creates three Magnets! 

Other alternative methods of gaining the item are:

  • Purchasing from Qi’s Casino inside the Oasis for 1,000 Qi Coins. 
  • A reward for placing first in the Ice Fishing Contest at the Festival of Ice.
  • Gift from Willy at the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Appears at Krobus’ shop on Wednesdays for 200g.

Wild Bait

The player holding a Wild Bait in Stardew Valley.
That’s a big worm-like creature.

Equipping this special item in Stardew Valley can give you two catches under one cast of your Fishing Rod. With its more appealing look, the bite rate becomes slightly faster than its regular counterpart. 

You can’t find Wild Bait in stores in the game, but crafting them is possible. However, you should reach a four-heart friendship with Linus as he’ll give you the recipe. Afterward, you’ll need Bug Meat (5), Fiber (10), and Slime (5).

Unlocking its crafting recipe will enable you to find them from Fishing Treasure Chests. Artifact Spots in Ginger Island also offer massive amounts of the item, so pay a visit!

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