Fish Tank (Reward: Glittering Boulder Removed)

river fish bundle

Items needed: 1x Sunfish, 1x Catfish, 1x Shad, 1x Tiger Trout

Reward: 30x Bait

lake fish bundle

Items needed: 1x Largemouth Bass, 1x Carp, 1x Bullhead, 1x Sturgeon

Reward: 1x Dressed Spinner

ocean fish bundle

Items needed: 1x Sardine, 1x Tuna, 1x Red Snapper, 1x Tilapia

Reward: 5x Warp Totem: Beach

night fishing bundle

Items needed: 1x Walleye, 1x Bream, 1x Eel

Reward: 1x Small Glow Ring

crab pot bundle

Items needed: 1x Lobster, 1x Crayfish, 1x Crab, 1x Cockle, 1x Mussel, 1x Shrimp, 1x Snail, 1x Periwinkle, 1x Oyster, 1x Clam

Reward: 3x Crab Pot

speciality fish bundle

Items needed: 1x Pufferfish, 1x Ghostfish, 1x Sandfish, 1x Woodskip

Reward: 5x Dish O’ The Sea

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My name is Nicolas and I have always been passionate about indie games. So when Stardew Valley came out, I was all the more excited and quickly realized that I wanted to create a fansite for the game. I've been doing that for a year now and it's still as fun as the first day!

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